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  1. Dracoburn

    Next Transformation

    Perhaps some sort of mode that he enters at low health, "Desperate Mode" or "Adrenaline Mode", maybe, where his attack power and movement speed are boosted, but he becomes unable to use items(barring healing potions) and spells until his health improves.
  2. Dracoburn

    Spoiler Final Boss Battle Done the "hard" Way

    Fi told me not to try Skyward Strikes, but when I saw Demise charging one, I figured it wasn't fair that he could do them and I couldn't, so.. I tried, and was successful. Actually, when I battle Demise, I don't use the lightning-charged strikes to hit him as much as I use them just to counter...
  3. Dracoburn

    Spoiler Was Anyone Else Disappointed With The Demise Battle?

    Honestly, I thought the Demise battle was easier than the third Imprisoned battle. But that's not to say I was disappointed in it at all. Actually went back and did it again today. Honestly, I think the epic graphics were enough to keep it pretty awesome. Of course, it was just like battling...
  4. Dracoburn

    Favourite Trainer Battle Theme

    Hmm.. Probably the Kanto trainer battle theme, but from GSC. So refreshing after spending so much of the game in Johto and getting used to the music there.
  5. Dracoburn

    Did You Choose Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan?

    Hitmonlee because of the higher offensive stats, though I never used/use him. I go through the Fighting Dojo just to level up before the Saffron Gym, so whichever Hitmon' I choose just ends up rotting in my box between Ch'Ding the Farfetch'd and that Lapras you get from the whiney guy in Silph Co.
  6. Dracoburn

    Favorite Thing to Do in Pokemon Snap!

    I always gather as many Charmander in that big group as I possibly can, then make them dance, knock them out, give them food, etcetera, just to get pictures of many, many little Charmander being cute.
  7. Dracoburn

    Spoiler Did You Know who the Imprisoned Was?

    I figured it out before the second battle against him, actually. I didn't know what Demise looked like, or what his name was, but I quickly realized that the giant spike sticking out of the Sacred Grounds held the ultimate boss. Seemed pretty easy to me, just based on trends throughout the series.
  8. Dracoburn

    Which Order Did You Get the Triforce

    Wisdom, Power, then Courage, I -think- But it was awhile ago.
  9. Dracoburn

    Pokemon Theory: Mixed Up Evolutions

    It makes sense that some Pokemon look like they could be related to others in RBGY. The games had limited graphics and even more limited color abilities. Though Butterfree and Venonat look strikingly similar, I think the Pokemon were supposed to be in the evolution chains that they're in...
  10. Dracoburn

    What Was Your First Zelda?

    Not sure how to answer that question. My first Zelda game was technically Oracle of Seasons, but I was pretty young and never really got into it. The first Zelda game I ever -beat-, on the other hand, came about six to eight years later in the form of Twilight Princess on the Wii. I loved it...
  11. Dracoburn

    Spoiler Favorite Glitch in a Zelda Game

    Early Master Sword glitch in TP. I was once playing OoT(N64) and was going through the Deku Tree. I sneaked up behind a Skulltula and prepared to do a jump attack from a ledge behind it. When I hit it, it didn't register the damage against it, but it dropped down on me as I fell off of the...
  12. Dracoburn

    Spoiler What Do You Think SS Was Missing?

    I hated The Imprisoned, but was fine with the other bosses.
  13. Dracoburn

    Facebook or Youtube?

    ..But they aren't comparable in terms of genre..
  14. Dracoburn

    Favorite Game Genre

    Zelda, Pokemon, Spyro.. Guitar Hero. "One of these things just doesn't belong here." Really, though, I'll give anything a fair chance BUT FPS games. Can't stand 'em.
  15. Dracoburn

    Worst / Most Annoying Video Game Music

    The dungeon music in some of the 2D Zelda games actually depresses me. Like, if I get stuck in an Oracle of Seasons dungeon for too long, it puts me into a bad mood.
  16. Dracoburn

    Favorite Sword?

    Biggoron Sword, or any upgraded sword, really.
  17. Dracoburn

    What Does Your Team Comprise Of?

    Usually has mostly attacking force. My best teams often feature a Gyarados as a physical sweeper, preferably with Moxie.
  18. Dracoburn

    The Most Annoying Pokemon Ever!

    Any kind of wall like Blissey or Ferrothorn. I hate them because they mess up my Moxie sweeping strategy!
  19. Dracoburn

    Favorite Legendary?

    Rayquaza, but with its name spelled correctly. It's a giant effin' dragon. That controls the weather. And I love its cry.
  20. Dracoburn

    Hottest Guy in Skyward Sword? (BESIDES LINK)

    Ghirahim reminds me of David Bowie from The Labyrinth XD
  21. Dracoburn

    Favourite Skyward Sword Feature

    I liked stunning an evil night Remlit and throwing them off of cliffs or into water because they hover back to your position with demonic looks on their faces. Can never stop finding that entertaining.
  22. Dracoburn

    Sheikah Stone: Thankful or Exasperated?

    I just ignore them for the most part. Though I -did- use it for one of the sidequests to try to figure out where the stupid birds nest was the first time.
  23. Dracoburn

    Ballad of the Goddess

    You might be able to find online tabs for guitar and bass, but they'd likely be homemade and it would be difficult to determine their credibility.
  24. Dracoburn

    Toon Link, Adult Link, Kid Link, or Adolescent Link

    I think Link is at his best when he's older and can use real, powerful weapons. I mean really, how do you go about killing something with a slingshot or a boomerang, realistically?
  25. Dracoburn

    The Game You Were Good At.

    The first one I ever beat was Twilight Princess. It was hard the first time, but I've gotten really good at it since.
  26. Dracoburn

    The Kokiri (Can They Die from Ageing)

    The way I see it is that they die when, like, their tree dies. Like, they're connected to the trees in the forest, and they die when certain trees die. Hence why they live so long and why there were so few of them seven years after the Deku Tree's death.
  27. Dracoburn

    Do You Stick With Your Starter?

    The whole game, yes, but I rarely use it competitively.
  28. Dracoburn

    Pokemon Theory: The Player Kills Blue's Raticate

    And he loved his Raticate so much that it evolved before it was supposed to. Oh, and the Raticate dies because it gets trampled by Red on the way off of the ship. I love this theory.
  29. Dracoburn

    Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Remakes on DS or 3DS?

    No idea if they will or not. I think it'd be cool if they did and pulled it off as well as FRLGHGSS, though.
  30. Dracoburn


    I liked the bird statues because they allow you to resurface in a point that can actually be useful without requiring you to wait until you get the song/spell/strange, bird-like creature. Plus, it works in the overworld, too. I HATE how in Ocarina, you always wake up either at the beginning of...
  31. Dracoburn

    Skyward Sword FYI a Game Breaking Glitch Has Been Discovered

    Thanks for the warning.
  32. Dracoburn

    Whats Your Favorite Type of Music?

    Alternative. How is that not an option?
  33. Dracoburn

    This Pokemon

    Original series. Actually, I think the series lost its merit right about the time Ash got his first voice actor(well, actress) change.
  34. Dracoburn

    What Do You Think About a Legend of Zelda Game with 2 Playable Characters?

    I think it would be plausible if done like Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, where Spyro had a female counterpart(Cynder), where the two could both be optimized and could be used either seperately(with the unused one acting on its own, but the possibility of switching being available) or used...
  35. Dracoburn

    King Dodongo VS Scaldera

    I think Scaldera's battle was more fun and challenging. I liked King Dodongo as a character better, though. The latter also made more sense to me. The dungeon was full of Dodongo bones and younger Dodongos. The Earth Temple, on the other hand, is decorated with dragon paintings, statues, and...
  36. Dracoburn

    The Next Link's Hair Color

    Dirty blond, like in TP. I don't think it really makes a difference, though, but the dark blond hair goes really well with his striking blue eyes.
  37. Dracoburn

    Most Attractive Character in The Legend of Zelda

    Link, from Twilight Princess. GREAT eyes. Ghirahim isn't really hot, but he totally reminds me of David Bowie from The Labyrinth XD
  38. Dracoburn

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Hmm.. Impossible to decide, so I'm just going to throw out one of my favorites that is less likely to have been chosen by other people. Valoo. He only shows up in one game, and only a couple of times in that game, but he's a dragon. A non-evil one, at that. Named a Charmander in my fan fiction...
  39. Dracoburn

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    This is so not going to make me look good, but.. I don't much care for the traditional top-down games, at least not as much as I love the 3D games. The first Zelda game I ever played was either ALttP or OoS, but I was, like, five and didn't get it. But the first Zelda game I ever beat was TP...
  40. Dracoburn

    Spoiler Zoras Aren't Mentioned Anywhere!

    Considering the entire timeline, and theory on how species' evolve in this series, it would seem that the Zora race has a very adaptible genetic structure. The race began as Parella, and by the later games in the timeline, such as Wind Waker, have evolved into Rito.
  41. Dracoburn

    Skyward Sword Disappointing????

    I never really expected it to be as good, in my eyes, as Twilight Princess or Ocarina of Time. Groundbreaking, sure, but not legendary. The motion controls looked glitchy, Silent Realms looked frustrating, and the items and techniques looked too complicated to provide a really fun and...
  42. Dracoburn

    Most Unattractive Pokemon

    Drowzee, Garbodor, Canklederp(Nintendo insists on calling it "Conkledurr", but really, "Canklederp" fits rather well..) are all far from aesthetically pleasing.
  43. Dracoburn

    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    Hmm.. So far, probably BW2. I like to stay up-to-date on my Pokemon games.
  44. Dracoburn

    OoT-N64 Where Did Jabu Jabu Go?

    There's a Heart Piece accessible as an adult at the bottom of the fountain. Maybe he died and left it behind. Though it would be ironic that Barinade, a mere tumor living inside of the whale, would leave a bigger prize than its host..
  45. Dracoburn

    Links Age in Ocarina of Time

    Ten and seventeen. I assume they call him "Adult Link" not because he's over eighteen, but because it's easier than saying "the Link that is now seven years older, yet still an adolescent". Fits better on a trading card, doncha think?
  46. Dracoburn

    Pokemon Black and White 2

    *snickers* I think they didn't make gray/grey because they wouldn't know which spelling to go with. More seriously, though, I just hope they don't simply sponge off of the BW design and go "Oh, well, same story, just now Kyurem has forms. Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck." I think the only thing more worthy...
  47. Dracoburn

    Starter Type

    Impossible to decide. Really more based on the region. Kanto- Charmander Johto- Cyndaquil(60%) or Totodile(40%) Hoenn- Treecko(40%), Torchic(40%) or Mudkip(20%) Sinnoh- Piplup, probably. Unova- Oshawott. Maybe Snivy. Never Tepig.
  48. Dracoburn

    Capturing Method

    I like putting Pokemon in balls that sort of suit their personalities. Like, for example, if I'm catching Pokemon in the Entralink Forest, when it's a sure thing, I'll catch dark-types in Dusk Balls, water/bug-types in Net Balls, etcetera. My event Zorua was in a Dusk Ball, and it's cool having...
  49. Dracoburn


    This also works really well with Ninjask, because it has Speed Boost, Protect, Double Team, Hone Claws and Substitute at its disposal and you can make something that would normally be REALLY slow, squishy or just anything that would need additional backup to work to its max extremelly difficult...
  50. Dracoburn

    What is Your Birthstone?

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