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  1. CraptainFalcon

    Song of Storms cover

    So... I've been gone for a looooooooooonnnnnnnng time. Maybe some people remember me idk. And now that I've found out blogs have been removed I can't advertise there :( So to reintroduce myself to the forums, I have a cover I just made in Garageband. Hope y'all like it :)...
  2. CraptainFalcon

    Things That Creep You Out

    So, sorry if this thread or something similar exists but, what are things that creep you out or completely scare you so that you can't sleep at night. I for one, hate that feeling that when you're alone you feel the presence of something or someone with you. It's so uncomfortable. What about you...
  3. CraptainFalcon

    Zelda Art CraptainFalcon's Crap/ DRAWINGS!

    So... I decided to start my own art thread cause: -A lot of people are doing it -Cause I really don't have anyone to give me constructive criticism and review my work. So yeah, I think there are gonna be like 2 of these. One dedicated to Zelda art and another dedicated to general or...
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