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  1. Magatha


    Hello! I love poems, so this is a thread to post poems that you like. They can be your own poems or just poems you enjoy. I did a couple quick searches and didn't find any thread like this in the past couple years... 2X (by me, Magatha) I put it in a spoiler because it is a bit long. I...
  2. Magatha

    General Art Magatha's Art

    So I decided to start a thread to show you guys some of the art I have made. I hope to keep this thread updated, and I don't know if I will be taking requests... I like a lot of different kinds of art, so there will be a variety of work here. :) So to start this thread, here are a bunch of...
  3. Magatha

    Sign Ups for My Fantasy Story

    I have decided to try writing a story, and I invite all of you people to sign up. :) Prologue: Be careful what you wish for. My name is Magatha Stargleam and I live backwards in time. You probably won’t believe me, and I wouldn’t blame you if you stopped reading now. I never was that...
  4. Magatha

    Comic Books: DC or Marvel

    Do you like comic books? LOZ has Manga, but American Comic books are awesome too. My favorites are the Justice League of America. What is your favorite?
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