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    Making Contests Better

    I was playing my pokemon ruby game one day and realized that they should make the contests like they are in the show. It would go like this: first round: Audience thing(don't know what it is called when the hearts appear above their heads). Second: Show off(you could make combinations of your...
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    Majora's Mask 3D Ideas

    NEVER MIND I DIDN'T REALIZE THIS HAS FAILED SO UNTIL I CAN GET THIS CLOSED PLEASE DO NOT POST ON THIS THREAD I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Here are some of mine: >The transformation masks should have their own buttons.(except the fierce deity) >Saving should be...
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    Majora's Mask The Octo Shooting Gallery

    I can not get the heart piece no matter how many times I try. I do not know how to beat it! Please help...
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    Who is the Goddess of Time In Majora's Mask

    First of all, I would like to apologize if there was already a thread on here addressing this issue I apologize for re-posting it. I personally believe that Nayru(the goddess of wisdom) is the goddess of time. I believe this for these reasons: 1) Nayru is associated with the color blue and...
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    Zelda Restaurant

    I got to thinking what a zelda restaurant would sell and who would work there. I thought this was a neat idea and hopefully someone will reply to this. I think it should sell lon lon milk for starters! :):):)
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    Spoiler (possible Spoiler)Theory About Spirit Tracks and Link's Awakening.

    I got to thinking and had the thought, that the ST link is the same as LA. Please do not make fun of me if this is stupid. I haven't played these games, and I just thought of that. If it is false, can you tell me why? Please have a mature discussion of this. ps I am new to this site.
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