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  1. Zelda-Rocks

    Musical Instrument? Thoughts?

    I think a string instrument would be great on the gamepad. I'm adding more to my previous statement. I think an Ocarina would actually be awesome on the gamepad. you could actually finger the holes and use the camera on it to purse your lips or something to blow.
  2. Zelda-Rocks

    Which Terrain Are You Looking Forward to in ZeldaU?

    I want like a swamp sort of thing where it's all water but you can stand in most of it and plants grow out of the water and stuff.
  3. Zelda-Rocks


    Yeah, racing, archery, swordplay... Oh and I really like the STAR game from TP. It was really fun.
  4. Zelda-Rocks

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

  5. Zelda-Rocks

    Good Bad Worse

    Good:It starts to rain 100 dollar bills.
  6. Zelda-Rocks

    Say Something Nice About the Above User!

    Has an awesome signature.
  7. Zelda-Rocks

    Males Vs Females Game

  8. Zelda-Rocks

    General Zelda The Stupid-looking Characters of Zelda

    This has been a thing that bugs me the most about Zelda. Most of the NPCs look terrible. Link, Zelda, and a few others look normal, but then there are the ones who are abominable and not at all realistic. Like the potion brewer from SS, the huge-headed bald guy from WW, Groose was pretty close...
  9. Zelda-Rocks

    General Zelda Consequences for Our Actions

    Absolutely. I loved breaking that guys pots in WW. And that lady's antiques in SS.
  10. Zelda-Rocks

    General Zelda More Humor in Zelda?

    I think that as long as they did it well, it could be good.
  11. Zelda-Rocks

    General Zelda Bosses: Making Them More in Your Face

    That would make the games so much funner.
  12. Zelda-Rocks

    Ho-Oh or Lugia?

    I like Ho-oh. It helps that i only have Pokemon Gold, but i think it's cooler. Plus, Lugia is Flying/Psychic type yet it lives in the sea. I always thought it was a Flying/Water type. It is in the card game.
  13. Zelda-Rocks

    What Is Your Signature Pokemon?

    Charmander. If it's in the game, I got it. I'm not really sure why. Charmander has been my favorite Pokemon forever. It's cute and it's a fire-type. And i am totally a fire-type trainer.
  14. Zelda-Rocks

    Transportation in Zelda Wii U

    Horse. Epona was the best mode of transportation ever. You could even use her in combat! Riding on the back of a loftwing was cool, but Epona was more useful.
  15. Zelda-Rocks

    Zelda Wii U- Why Would It Have "stolen the Show" at E3?

    Zelda Wii u is probably one of the most anticipated games Nintendo has ever made. And the Zelda games they were showing off at E3 were both essentially remakes. Personally, if they had shown Zelda U at E3 i would not even think of buying WWHD or ALBW.
  16. Zelda-Rocks

    More Aggressive Enemies

    That's a grand idea. Enemies do not attack enough. Especially bosses. There are times when i'm fighting Ghirahim and he just stands there, waiting for me to attack him. And i'm not talking about the first battle. Even Demise was not very aggresive, though he was probably the most active enemy in...
  17. Zelda-Rocks

    ZeldaU May Not Have Multiplayer

    I'm glad. If you want to play a multiplayer game, there are billions online. Zelda has always been a solo game, with the exceptions of FS and FSA. If it was multiplayer, i'm not sure i would buy it.
  18. Zelda-Rocks

    "Random Events" and Enemy Spawning?

    I think that would make Zelda a lot funner. Cause on thing a lot of people don't like about it is how the entire game is the rigged. If i filmed all of SS and compared it to this site's video walkthrough, the tapes would pretty much be the exact same. Random is good!
  19. Zelda-Rocks

    Do You Want ZeldaU to Be a Light-Hearted Game or Dark?

    I'm thinking dark 70% light 30%. Twilight Princess was an awesome game. Majora's Mask was maybe a little bit to dark in some areas. like that whole bit with skull kid 'disposing' of epona.
  20. Zelda-Rocks

    Minor Things You Do NOT Want in the Game

    Rupee and treasure notifications, unrealistic borders(Like how you can only stay in a tiny bit of hyrule field in wind waker), and useless, irritating companions like Fi and Navi.
  21. Zelda-Rocks

    To What Extent Should The Overworld Be - Scale Wise?

    I want a big overworld,preferably without those unrealistic borders in all zelda games.
  22. Zelda-Rocks

    General Zelda I Need Your Help, Zelda Duneoners!

    I am torn. i can't decide whether to save up and wait and buy a wii u and Zelda u or buy a sword and shield for my cosplay now. i will eventualy to both but i can't decide. You guys choose for me!
  23. Zelda-Rocks

    General Zelda When Will Potions Drain?

    Because its the newest.
  24. Zelda-Rocks

    General Zelda Changing Link's Attire

    No change whatsoever. Link looks bossome.
  25. Zelda-Rocks

    General Zelda When Will Potions Drain?

    One thing that really got me mad at SS was that the potions just stayed one color and then were empty. When will the potions drain like in real life?
  26. Zelda-Rocks

    Your Opinion On Facial Hair

    i'm fine with facial hair, as long as its not super formal, like french mustaches.
  27. Zelda-Rocks

    All Newtwo Speculations and News

    I think they should have stopped making pokemon at Pokemon Emerald. after that pokemon turned from animals to deities. Palkia and Dialga were unnatural god-like pokemon. and now look at some of the Unova pokemon! some are like robots, coffins, candles, VIRIZON!
  28. Zelda-Rocks

    Throw Something at the Next Poster!

    grabs bucket and fills it with lava. Dumps lava on NP
  29. Zelda-Rocks

    Would You Rather

    Halloween. would you rather live in the world of pokemon or star wars?
  30. Zelda-Rocks

    Should Legend of Zelda Be Remade?

    i think it would be cool as long as they added more story and characters.
  31. Zelda-Rocks

    What Items/characters Would You Like to See Return in Zelda Wii U?

    BOMB ARROWS!!!!!!!!! I was SO mad when they weren't in SS. And Light, fire and ice arrows.
  32. Zelda-Rocks

    Zelda Boss Ideas for Zelda Wii U

    Well, for a miniboss i think they should bring back the King Dodongo. But for an actual boss, i think they should do a real dragon. with wings, that can breath fire and stuff. the closest they have ever gotten to a dragon was the one from twilight princess and the Chinese-style dragon in ocarina.
  33. Zelda-Rocks

    General Art Against the Darkness, Book 1: The Sky Watchers

    Alright, here's a book me and my bro have been writing. it is the first of a quadrilogy and then we will write a sequel trilogy. and i will also include the cover art i drew with Gimp. Against the darkness Book 1 The Sky Watchers The Darkness "Hurry! They don't have much time...
  34. Zelda-Rocks

    Claim Your Zelda Characters III

  35. Zelda-Rocks

    Would You Rather

    ARBY'S! DO YOU HAVE TO ASK Who would you rather be, Spongebob or Rango?
  36. Zelda-Rocks

    Throw Something at the Next Poster!

    Awww, its so cute uses Pikachu to throw lightning at NP
  37. Zelda-Rocks

    Favourite Video Game Credits

    Its really close between skyward sword and the credits of ty the tazmanian tiger 2 for the gameboy because you got to just beat up the main bad guy the whole time.
  38. Zelda-Rocks

    Favorite Video Game?

    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
  39. Zelda-Rocks

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the psp.
  40. Zelda-Rocks

    General Art Courage (my Newet Book Attempt)

  41. Zelda-Rocks

    Should Legend of Zelda Be Remade?

    im back! but in reply to the topic, i think it would be cool, as long as the updated the story.
  42. Zelda-Rocks

    Pets: Do You Have a Pet?

    i have 3 dogs, a cat, a savannah monitor, a rose-hair tarantula, a bahama anole, a garter snake, 3 russian tortoises, a fire slamander, a red-tailed boa, a leopard gecko, 2 hedgehogs, a painted turtle and lots of goldfish.
  43. Zelda-Rocks

    Should I Rent or Buy This?

    Buy. 'Nuf said.
  44. Zelda-Rocks

    3ds Remakes!

    Monser Hunter Freedom Unite and the Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask.
  45. Zelda-Rocks

    Pikmin Returns!!! Woot!

    i cant wait for pikmin 3! New pikmin! YAY!
  46. Zelda-Rocks

    Rate the Siggy!

    6/10 a bit cluttered.
  47. Zelda-Rocks

    Rate the Avatar!

    7.5/10 pretty funny
  48. Zelda-Rocks

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but they are poisonus and you die once you eat them i wish for 1000000000 zenny(Thats currency in monster hunter).
  49. Zelda-Rocks

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    9/10 you post a lot in the forum games
  50. Zelda-Rocks

    Rate the Siggy!

    7/10 not bad
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