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  1. Twili Kid

    The Universes Sense of Humor

    Have you ever had or heard of those times where something happens where the world just seems to work out in really ironic or humorous ways. For Example: Author, Douglas Adams died in a way where he was carrying a towel, something that was one of the more famous jokes in his books. He also...
  2. Twili Kid

    If You Could Have Any 3 Video Game Items

    The title says it all. If you could choose three video game items or abilites, what would they be and why. Mine would be: Sonics speed shoes(The Sonic games) : I've always like speed and track starts tomorrow. Claw/hookshot (some Zelda games): Wouldn't it be cool to just swing around the...
  3. Twili Kid

    Challenger Approachs: Console Wars

    Hmmm. I'm not sure how to address this. If There was one more company to enter the video game buiseness who would it be.
  4. Twili Kid

    Gold Cartridge for LoZ

    While roaming ebay for old games for my recently found NES I ran across the original LoZ w/ a gold cart. Even though I'm going to buy it no matter what I want to know: How rare it actually is. Is it rare enough to buy it because it is rare or should I just get it for the game and the novelty...
  5. Twili Kid

    The Power of Three

    Someone brought to my attention awhile ago that almost everything in video games comes in threes, and lots of things in real life even. So now I'm going to fully test that theroy and have all you guys try to find as much as you can in video games that come in threes. Example:3 starter pokemon...
  6. Twili Kid

    Name for Zelda Wii

    After seeing the picture many many times I started to wonder. What would it be named? Try to use your imagination. You have a .01% chance to be right.;)
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