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  1. timmy0929

    Knight Rider

    anyone out there like knight rider the old and new ones i am a big fan of knight rider my dad got me in to it the theme song is just so catchy and cool
  2. timmy0929

    Pirates Online

    any one likes pirates of the carrbbean online i like it i am tom goldwrecker level 50 mastered everything but grenade and potions so if you like the game please reply and if you play it post your pirate name a level
  3. timmy0929

    Goldeneye 007 Wii

    hey i want to know if anyone likes goldeneye 007 wii if you do give me your friend code i well post mine up in a few days so everyone knows
  4. timmy0929

    Links Abilites

    what link abilites do you like for me i like the jump attack and the thrust whats your favorites
  5. timmy0929

    WW-Wii U Wind Waker

    my friend and me are haveing trouble find maker on wind waker can anyone help us
  6. timmy0929

    Top Ten Zelda Games

    ok i start this thread to say i want to know what you think the top ten zelda game should be what you think would be at number ten nine eight seven six five four three two one i want to know what you think is the best zelda the game and the worst zelda game please comment and reply
  7. timmy0929

    WW-Wii U The Wind Waker

    does anyone ever get the feeling that the wind waker kinda looks like a sword i think in a way it dose look like a sword comment reply tell me why and what you think about it being a sword
  8. timmy0929

    If Link Had a Pet

    what if link had a pet what would his name be what pet would it be cat dog what you think please comment and reply
  9. timmy0929

    Majora's Mask Favorite Instrument

    what is your favorites instrment on majoras mask like i like the ocarina like my friend like the goron drums and so and so but i want to know what is your favorites please reply comment
  10. timmy0929

    Boss Battles

    do any of you guys think that like when they release the next zelda game not skyward sword the next won they should add like where you could do all the boss battles right after each other like queen gohma king dodogo and so right after beat them so like a boss run what you think please reply comment
  11. timmy0929

    Links Brother

    does link have a brother i think he should like in wind waker link has a sister and she gets captured by a bird controled by ganon i think they should make a game with link going on a adventure to save his brother please comment tell what you think about this theory tell likes and dislikes
  12. timmy0929

    Link Partner

    i was think like what if link had like a partner like to help him in zelda games like mario has a partner luigi you know link could teach him some moves i mean like i think that link should have a partner a live human other the taie and navi:)
  13. timmy0929

    What if Link Had a Gun As a Weapon

    think if link had a gun it would be so cool like you could buy it with rupees and then you can buy ammo and shoot the enemys like he could use both sword and bomb and gun
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