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  1. Starchain1

    Whats Your Mask???

    Say you can create a mask and you get to decide what it can do post back what your mask would do? Mine would be the mask of teleportion(can teleport wherever the wearer wants) UPDATEEE!!! Well i was thinking how mask have sidequest so if you want yoy could decide your own sidequest for...
  2. Starchain1

    Another Hidden

    All right another thing not many people know about is when fishing their is a secret fishing Lure you can find. I think you can only find it once per game. I dont know how to find it but I only did once (hence the fact I think you can only find it once). Well anyway the secret lure sinks to the...
  3. Starchain1

    The Last Boss Problem

    Dudes and Dudets Im not sure if any one else has problems with the last boss, but I have been trying to draw a hour glass for hours and have not succed at freezing time once. Reply if you have any problems to or if you have any advice. THX TO THE HELPER
  4. Starchain1

    Ocarina of Time Gold Spider Glitch

    a cheat to get all the gold spiders but it might take some time. As a child go to hyrule walls and check all the trees using a certain song( I think the Storm song) Youll envtually find a hidden hole where there is a cracked wall. Use a bomb and you find a gold spider dont kill it just yet. Take...
  5. Starchain1

    What The!!!

    Alright another weird thing I found out was that in the begining in the game when you first meet princess Zelda in the Hyrule Garden, you see the windows? I forgot how but hit one of the windows (I think with the sling shot) eiether the left or the right . Well one gives you mouny the other one...
  6. Starchain1


    Freaky! anserwd all right right so you know how alieans come to the farm?Before you do this try to help her and let the alieans take her.(shell return the next day) Well check this out its sometimes hard to do but try sneaking into the girls house on the last day right about the time when the...
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