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  1. A.rae

    The Homework Help Thread

    I got stuck in this really hard class and I can't get out it's a math/medicine class. I have no freakin' idea what I'm doing and I'm going insane trying to figure it out. Does anyone have any idea of how to do this? or any guesses? A 4 year old boy has entered the hospital for a severe sinus...
  2. A.rae

    Explaining Bad Grades

    How do you show your parents bad grades? More importantly, how do you prevent them from being insanely angry? I'll have about 2 B's and 3 C's in my classes after finals(hopefully) and I need to tell my parents and keep them from exploding out of anger. They tend to put a lot of pressure on me...
  3. A.rae

    Post Your Christmas List!

    So post all the game related stuff you want for Christmas here! Mine: Batman Arkham Orgins Blackgate Animal Crossing New Leaf Mario Party Island Tour Kid Icarus Uprising Starfox 64 3d Nintendo/game related shirts 3ds screen protector/cleaning cloth/Mario headphones bundle I know I'm...
  4. A.rae

    A Link Between Worlds Stratagey Guide

    Does anyone know the difference between the regular guide and the collectors edition guide? Is the collectors guide worth it? It's like $10 more at gamestop and I plan on getting one of them when I pick-up my pre-ordered copy.
  5. A.rae

    Gaming Set-up

    So basically you put a picture on here of where you play games at and your gaming set up. Mine: Yeah, I have a HD tv and only a ps2 hooked up to it, I used to have a Wii but my parents put it in he living room to watch Netflix :dry: might get either a ps3 or wii u, not really sure which...
  6. A.rae

    Spoiler 3ds Game Collection

    Make a list or post a picture of all your 3ds games! Mine: I also have the 20 Ambassador games A Link Between Worlds is pre-ordered
  7. A.rae

    General Art A.rae's Art

    I made one yesterday but it got deleted or something. Anyway this is a thread of drawings, i'm not the best but, im not the worst either. Feedback and/or advice is appreciated! Also if you want to look their is more on my DA account in my sig. Thanks for looking!
  8. A.rae

    Mega Charizard

    So now there are 2 charizard forms one for x and one for y. Here's the link:http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/10/02/this-is-what-mega-charizard-looks-like-in-pokemon-x-y Personally I prefer x's, but I already preordered y. -_- If anyone wants to trade charizardite x for my y that would be...
  9. A.rae

    Club Nintendo Rewards

    What have you gotten from here if anything? I have gotten the Super Mario shoelaces, black Wii remote holder, Zelda 25th anniversary 3 poster set and 2013 gold status calendar. NA doesn't really have good rewards hardly ever, but at least we have club Nintendo.
  10. A.rae

    Gamestop Pre-order Bonus

    When you pre-order X or Y at gamestop you will get a double sided poster. One side is the 2 legendries and the other is a map of the Kalos region.
  11. A.rae

    A Link Between Worlds Pre-Order Bonus?

    I shall eventually pre-order this game. Do you think this game will have a pre-order bonus? What would you like to see? Also, do you think they will make a limited edition version?
  12. A.rae

    Animal Crossing New Leaf Any Good?

    it gets high ratings but just looking at it it seems kinda lame like it wouldn't be much fun. i'm thinking about giving it a chance and buying it. so how do you feel about it is it good or just some crappy little kid game?
  13. A.rae

    Animal Crossing,mario Tennis or Kid Icarus

    I have a gamestop coupon for a preowned game which 3ds game shoul I gt animal crossing, mario tennis or kid icarus
  14. A.rae

    Gamestop Used Ps3?

    My parents wont allow me to buy a ps3 unless it's used even though I have the money:S because they view gaming as waste of time and I should do more of what they want me to do with my free time:( . Are used consoles from GameStop good and reliable? If not where's a good place to get a used ps3?
  15. A.rae

    New Swapnote Stationary Help?

    i read that u can get a new pokemon stationary on swapnote if u have black 2 or white 2, i have the message but it didn't give me the stationary. Any idea why? I haven't had swapnote very long so i dn't know if its me or the game? thanks
  16. A.rae

    Opinions on Theese Games?

    Kirby's Epic Yarn,Kirby: Mass Attack,Ōkamiden,Yoshi's Island DS. also any suggestions for good games? i have a wii and 3ds
  17. A.rae

    Remember Me Button Broken?

    so when i go to log in i hit the remember me button and where u type in ur info just disapears, has this happened to anyone else? cause i hate typing in my info every time i get on here.
  18. A.rae

    Internet Required for Wii U?

    do you have to have iternet for the wii u? i don't have it for my 3ds or wii. i want a wii u but i heard you have to have internet so do you? if you do can you use an ethernet cable or does it have to be wireless?
  19. A.rae

    Club Nintendo Codes???

    The Gold Nunchuk will return on 11/26! it costs 900 coins and i have 430. my nunchuck is starting to mess up and i have another that wont work at all and i need a new one, so if anyone has any codes they don't need ill be really gratefull if i could have them, so please?:puppy: so if you can...
  20. A.rae

    Cheat or Fail?

    i have a AP Physics class we have a project to build a rubber band car due thursday i've tried many times but cant make it im terible at building things ive looked up tutorials but just can't do it. i kid told me he would make 1 for me, but i would b dead if i got caught, so what should i do...
  21. A.rae

    Whats the Name of This Movie About Rock Collecting?

    It was a movie about 2 kids rock collecting and it had a bunch of songs and some people dressed up in rock suits. it was real people not animated. I've looked for it on google but can't find it. Here's the part of the lyrics to one of the songs: It was a sedimentary rock til it went...
  22. A.rae

    Wii U or Playstation 3?

    Which should i get for x-mas? should i get a ps3 or try for a wii u? right now i'm thinkin wii u probably... What do you think?
  23. A.rae

    Four Swords Adventures?

    Is it good even if you can only play 1 player? I don't have any one to play multiplayer so i want to know if its worth buying. And also is Link's crossbow training any good? Thank You!:)
  24. A.rae

    What Do You Get if U Beat All the Cabana Puzzles in Wind Waker?

    Ive beat the first ten, want to know if its worth it:)
  25. A.rae

    Wind Waker Help

    wheres the boss key in the forsaken forest?
  26. A.rae

    Do You Skateboard?

    i love skating, do you?
  27. A.rae

    Zelda 25th Anniversery Posters?

    does any one know when the new zelda posters will ship it just says order accepted backordered.
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