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  1. ZoraDeadpool

    Support Project X's Locallization

    First of all for those who aren't aware Project X is an upcoming crossover between Namco, Capcom, and Sega, it's a 3DS exclusive title and it will be a fighting RPG very similar to Namco X Capcom which I'm sure most Capcom and/or Namco fans have heard of but unfortunately, like Namco X Capcom...
  2. ZoraDeadpool

    Who Are Your Favorite Castlevania Protagonists?

    Castlevania is a rather interesting series, constantly changing it's main characters each game usually leading to new gameplay eliments we got, other playable characters count too like Sypha and Grant from Casltevania 3 my personal favorite protagonists are Alucard, Sypha, Shanoa, Richter...
  3. ZoraDeadpool

    Just Getting into the Series

    well ok it's more like i'm getting back into the series, i was a fan years ago, well sort of the Pokemon Stadium games were really the most i've played and i watched the anime up until whatever season it was when they first got rid of Brock, i've seen a few of the movies the last one i saw was...
  4. ZoraDeadpool

    What Sonic Games Have You Played and What Are Your Favorite Levels in Each of Them?

    the title says it all, you don't have to name all the games you've played if you don't want to Sonic 1: Star Light Zone Spring Yard Zone Sonic 2: Metropolis Zone Casino Night Zone Oil Ocean Zone Sonic CD : Tidal Tempas Star Dust Speedway Sonic 3 & Knuckles...
  5. ZoraDeadpool

    What Are Your Best Characters in Racing or Fighting Games You Play?

    this ranges from racing or fighting games really so what fighting or racing games do you enjoy playing most and what are your best fighters/racers/vehicals? fighting: Smash Bros. Brawl - Sonic Wolf, Toon Link Smash Bros. Melee - Ganondorf, Falco Smash Bros. 64 - Mario, Donkey Kong Street...
  6. ZoraDeadpool

    Mario Themed Items (not Meant to Be Taken Seriously)

    i was playing Dead Rising earlier today, using the real mega buster and i began to think, what if Nintendo did this sort of thing for a Zelda game? like get something from Mario and Zeldafy it, so post what you think would be a fun Mario item to be formed into a Zelda item, and make sure you...
  7. ZoraDeadpool

    Kinect Kinect Kinect

    Kinect people Kinect i keep seeing it everywhere is Microsoft really trying so hard to push it into us?, earlier today i saw signs advertizing Kinect at convenient store, how random really, as if they didn't mention Kinect enough during E3, Kinect isn't that bad but Microsft doesn't need to...
  8. ZoraDeadpool

    GENUIS! the Game

    this is just something i thought of while watching Brain Scratch Commentaries, come up with a stupid idea for anything, then at the end you type GENIUS! example: there appears to be a fly in the kitchen, i know! i'll blow up the kitchen GENIUS!
  9. ZoraDeadpool

    New Zelda Game Basic Plot Idea

    this is all i need to say, Ganondorf comes across the happy mask salesman and kills him for Majora's Mask, thoughts?
  10. ZoraDeadpool

    Have You Ever Had These Moments...?

    say you challenge yourself to speed run through a game and in the middle of your speed run you suddenly descover glitches you've never seen before, has this ever happened to you? this is something that always manages to happen whenever i try to speed run a Sonic game, in Marble Zone Act 1 in...
  11. ZoraDeadpool

    What Games Do You Feel Are Underrated?

    this is something to think about, there's a huge variety of games that the majority of the gaming community just throws to the ground and spits in it's direction, but there are some of us who enjoy those games they critisized, which are your favorites? mine are: Kirby Air Ride Sonic...
  12. ZoraDeadpool

    What Are Your Favorite Capcom Games of All Time?

    as the title says, what are your favorite Capcom games of all time? mine are: Dead Rising 1 Megaman 2 Megaman Maverick Hunter X Megaman & Bass Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Bionic Commando (2009) Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Devil May Cry 3 and i want to add...
  13. ZoraDeadpool

    Has Anyone Ever Played Games That Most Gamers Don't Know About?

    there are a lot of games out there good or bad, and i'm sure most of us have once played a game that the majority of the gaming community isn't even aware of, so if you have what dd you play that most aren't aware of? and a description of the game would be good too one that i played is Space...
  14. ZoraDeadpool

    Anyone Have Any Interesting Beliefs?

    i'd like to know what beliefs you all have, they can be beliefs of anything, i won't laugh or look at the screen weird, here's one of mine the life of an animal to me is just as importent as the life of a human being, while we humans are animals our selves many of us are in denial about this...
  15. ZoraDeadpool

    Taking Fight Requests for Videos on Youtube

    hey there good people of Zelda Dungeon, i recently thought up the idea to have people request fights from the following games Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Super Smash Bros. Brawl (hacked) Dragon Ball Z Budikai Tenkaichi 3 Castlevania...
  16. ZoraDeadpool

    Ocarina of Time Who else Felt Nostalgic when Facing the Shadow Temple Boss?

    when i first played OOT i didn't expect to see what i saw in the Shadow temple, simply because of this, in Kirby Superstar there was a boss that is very similar to our friend Bongo of the shadow temple so when i first faced Bongo i instantly thought of that boss from Kirby Super Star, of course...
  17. ZoraDeadpool

    RPG Tips?

    i'm starting to get more into RPG's and i need tips on what would help me, if it helps, the RPG i'm playing now is the Mother series starting with the first one
  18. ZoraDeadpool

    Defeated the Game

    as the title says, i defeated the game. Lol ok but with all seriousniess though Defeated is a little game i play with my cousin when we're bored, you pick the most obscure crossover fights you can think of and when you pick the winner you explain how the character won, and you can pick any...
  19. ZoraDeadpool

    Does There Exist Any Zelda Manga That Isn't Based Off the Games?

    a while back i picked up the manga of MM, and i went online to look up other manga, and i noticed that there doesn't seem to be any manga that has it's own original story correct me if i'm wrong in that, and if it's a bad thing to expect an original story out of a Zelda manga i'm sorry but i...
  20. ZoraDeadpool

    An Interesting Idea for a Zelda Game

    this idea was braught to mind when i was beating MM again, a Zelda game that revolves more around the Zora race, the next Link descendant is raised in Zora's domain (same way how WW Link was raised at Outset, and OOT Link was raised as a Kokori, ect.) and as the only human, the Zora rais him to...
  21. ZoraDeadpool

    Mortal Kombat (2011) DLC Confusion

    as you Mortal Kombat fans are aware of, Neather Realm Studios has released a downloadable character on June 21st called Skarlet, and following the character came a compatibility pack so you can fight her online despite the fact that you didn't download her, and the compatibility pack came with...
  22. ZoraDeadpool

    What Are Your Thoughts on Kirby Wii/Mass Attack?

    as we all know, Nintendo introduced two new Kirby games, Kirby Wii for...well the Wii, and Kirby Mass Attack for the 3DS and i'd like to know your thoughts and/or expectations on one or both of them. i'm going with Kirby Wii only (i would talk about my thoughts on Mass Attack but i don't even...
  23. ZoraDeadpool

    Megaman or Kirby?

    just a for fun poll, now for those of you who don't know Megaman and don't understand this, or if you've only been introduced to the Zero, Legends and EXE games i did this because whenever Megaman or Megaman X defeats one of the bosses of their series, they can use the same abilities as the...
  24. ZoraDeadpool

    What is the Hardest Modern Game You've Ever Played?

    we all know that now a days, games are nowhere near as hard as they used to be, but some games still manage to get close to the sheer amount of difficulty the classics had, so what are the hardest of the modern games you''ve played? the hardest one i've played was the Bionic Commando...
  25. ZoraDeadpool

    Modern or Classic Sonic?

    with the new Sonic Generations coming out, which Sonic gameplay do you think you'll love the most?
  26. ZoraDeadpool

    Super Mario Bros. Crossover Dscusion

    this may or may not exist in the forums already if it does this can be deleted i don't want to spam anything, anyway, for those of you who don't know what Super Mario Bros. Crossover is it's a recreation of the original Super Mario Bros. where you can play as other characters from other NES...
  27. ZoraDeadpool

    Characters That I Feel Deserve Their Own Game or Game Series

    this is something i thought of just recently, there are certain characters that i feel are very desrving for their own game here's what i got Waluigi: i always felt that he could have his own series because, well why not, Luigi got two game, and one of them is now a series because it's...
  28. ZoraDeadpool

    May I Ask What the Appeal of Super Mario Galaxy Is? (the First One)

    i actually got to play through some of Mario Galaxy for the first time just recently and to be honest i don't get the appeal, i mean a lot of times to me it feels like some things off about the game that braught me to love other Mario games, i'll go down the list 1. the music, the music of the...
  29. ZoraDeadpool

    May I Ask What the Appeal of Super Mario Galaxy Is? (the First One)

    i actually got to play through some of Mario Galaxy for the first time just recently and to be honest i don't get the appeal, i mean a lot of times to me it feels like some things off about the game that braught me to love other Mario games, i'll go down the list 1. the music, the music of the...
  30. ZoraDeadpool

    I Made These if Any Sonic Fans Are Interested (Tails and Robotnik/Eggman)

    hey all, as i said before, here's Tails and Robotnik (i did what i could to get the quality as good as possible
  31. ZoraDeadpool

    I Made These if Any Sonic Fans Are Interested

    these are a couple of pics i made using Gimp i did it in honer of the new Sonic Generations coming out, i'm working on some more at the moment so leave a post so that i know you're interested and i'll make more
  32. ZoraDeadpool

    What Are Your Biggest Fail Moments in Video Games?

    what's the biggest mistake, failure, mishap you've had in a video game? be honest, i won't laugh mine was actually in Zelda OOT when i first faught the boss in the second dungeon as kid Link i was all out of bombs when i entered the boss room, so i let the boss kill me so that i can leave and...
  33. ZoraDeadpool

    Top 3 to 10 Video Game Songs

    drop off the names of your favorite songs from video games in a top (insert number here) format ranging from top 3 to 10 whichever of your choice. 5. Koopa Bros. theme (Paper Mario 64) 4. Sky Sanctuary Zone (Sonic 3 & Knuckles) 3. Crashman stage theme (Megaman 2) 2. Sonic 2's ending theme 1...
  34. ZoraDeadpool

    My Experience with Sonic

    i felt that it was appropriate to bring this up with Sonic Generations coming out this year and all, i want to express my experience with the series. a while back, my brother had an NES, a Super Nintendo, and a Sega Genisis, he gets married and moves out, before he moved out, he wanted me to...
  35. ZoraDeadpool

    Video Game Character Battles

    what video game characters have you wanted to see duke it out in an all out brawl? reasons would be great too i would love to read your choices and explainations, you can also add other fictional characters if you want since a bunch of movies and anime have their own video games as well one of...
  36. ZoraDeadpool

    Twilight Princess Back Again About the Blonde/brown Hair Descusion

    ok so i'm playing through TP again, and there was something i noticed along the way, when you come back to Bo and he has you do that little sumo mini-game Link's hair is suddenly brown again just like the beginning of the game before he gets the tunik
  37. ZoraDeadpool

    Another SSBB Hack Video Young Ganondorf Gameplay

    another hack, this one is a much younge Ganondorf, which i assume is a fan character unless i'm missing something from either the games or manga, and he's over Captain Falcon but i got an altered moveset for Falcon so it'll be somting new to see, if you're familiar with the Dragon Ball Z series...
  38. ZoraDeadpool

    OOT Link Vs. OOT Ganondorf in an SSBB Hack Match

    hey there, here's my first video showing some of the Zelda related hacks in action, as the title of this thread says it's OOT Link and OOT Ganondorf duking it out in Smash Bros. Brawl, i'm playing as Ganondorf though cause i wanted to show the new moveset i downloaded for him for you to see...
  39. ZoraDeadpool

    Name a Game

    hey guys, i've been on Capcom Unity for a while and one of the users there came up with a clever little forum game, one person names a game and the next person has to naame a game that starts with the last letter of the game the first person named, for example i say Rayman, then the next person...
  40. ZoraDeadpool

    Twilight Princess Is This Actually Official?

    for a while now i've been reading from either a certain source, or a post someone makes, it's about that knight that teaches you the hidden skills is it really officially Link from OOT? i mean i would understand why it would be a Link of the past but recently i had the feeling hat it's actually...
  41. ZoraDeadpool

    Ok So I've Just Started Reading My First Zelda Manga...

    so Link can talk in he manga, this braught up something to think about, what if Link was able to actually speak in the games? what personality would he have? all i have is the manga for MM so i already got a good idea of what young Link of OOT would be like but how bout the other Links? They're...
  42. ZoraDeadpool

    You Ever Wonder if Zero from Megaman X Could Be Closely Based Off Link?

    i've been recently playin a little more of the series and i noticed many similarities between Link and Zero and thought that maybe he could be based off Link, for a while at first Zero didn't seem like much because he wasn't playable in the first two X games, then X3 came and you gt to play as...
  43. ZoraDeadpool

    What Are One of the Most Random Names You Gave Link in the Games?

    just a thread to have fun with, you can also add what you named Epona in TP if you want to in OOT i named him Ziggy and Dr Mario out of boredum in TP i named Link Error and i named Epona Nimbus
  44. ZoraDeadpool

    Who Would You Like to See Link Cross Over With?

    i'm a big fan of crossovers so i thouht this would be pretty cool so pick anyone from a show, movie, or even another game series that you think he sould crossover with, here are my choices Dante (Devil May Cry) well why not? they both have some pretty legendary swords and the're both...
  45. ZoraDeadpool

    If You Got the Chance to Live Anywhere in the Zelda Series Where Would You Live?

    personally i prefer Zora's Domain, i enjoy being around water
  46. ZoraDeadpool

    Favorite Zelda Race

    which of the following race is your favorite? (i know those races don't really exist but it still feels racist opening a thread like this)
  47. ZoraDeadpool

    Human Ganon Vs. Beast Ganon

    which do you like fighting most thoughout all the series?
  48. ZoraDeadpool

    OOT Link Vs. TP Link

    this is something i thought was a good idea a series of voting threads, this isn't fight based, just popularity based which do you like more?
  49. ZoraDeadpool

    Come Up with the Weirdest Zelda Story

    my idea is simple....Error takes over the world
  50. ZoraDeadpool

    Who in the Zelda Series Would You Like to Play As Other Than Link?

    i was thinking about this, i understand that Link is the primary main character to play as in the series but it's just a question of fan servace, who would you like to play as other than Link, it could be anyone from the Zelda series, a certain villager, a Zora, Goron, heck you can even throw in...
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