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  1. jugglaj91

    Ocarina of Time OoT 3D Ending

    Put spoiler as it will obviously be the same as original. But I was wondering if you think they might clarify the split timeline theory, or debunk it in OoT 3D? Sorry if its been brought up before, or if it should be in theory forums but I thought OoT forum sounded okay. I honestly can't say for...
  2. jugglaj91

    Ocarina of Time Just a Port?

    I have seen many comments within the forums saying OoT 3D is basically just a port. While I am not sure if it is or not this has been said. Aonuma stated that - "Ocarina of Time 3D will be "different" and "unique in its own way" using the capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS. He also mentioned...
  3. jugglaj91

    Skip Tutorial/guide?

    I was just thinking about how in the beginning of most games there is a bit of a tutorial to get you used to the mechanics. What about a way to turn them off? What I mean is I was reading a post in another thread about Navi being helpful and I thought to myself "Yes she was, when I first...
  4. jugglaj91

    No Navi/Midna Type Character

    Sorry if this has been posted about before but it is something I have been thinking about for a while. What if there was no Navi/Midna character in the game? what I mean is a character that basically tells you where to go next. I believe if Nintendo didn't add one it would open up the...
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