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  1. pokemonclub

    NBA Videos

    Heres mine, post yours and check out NBAPRO2012, an amazing Youtuber who posts awesome basketball videos, and MrNBAPRO2012Awesome. NBAPRO2012's channel: NBAPRO2012 - YouTube MrNBAPro2012Awesome's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrNBAPro2012Awesome?feature=mhee...
  2. pokemonclub


    THIS VID IS ALSO ON SuperCheatmaster's youtube channel:lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_1lVHWyrxs&feature=colike PLZ ALSO WATCH ON YOUTUBE HERE IS THE LINK TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperCheatmasters?feature=mhee check out my epic vids...
  3. pokemonclub

    Music Video Thread

    i looked around and i couldnt find a thread already like this, so i made one. this is where you post music videos. like your favorite video. or least favorite video. or you could post the video you think is stupidest. ANY VIDEO YOU WANT TO POST, YOU CAN! i'll start it out by posting the video i...
  4. pokemonclub

    General Art Pokemonclub's Siggy Gallery

    NEW! Pokemonclub Now Makes Siggys i can make siggys (signatures) for $100 (just kiddin). u ask, i make right here, and if i dont get to u with in 3 days, you can private message me and i will be sure to get back to u soon. u can ask if u want to see a specific photo on ur siggy or if you want...
  5. pokemonclub

    Wind Waker - Saving on WII

    i bought wind waker for gamecube, and i used it in my wii, i got to Valoo's Mountain, and i couldnt save, even with my sd card in. i had to shut the system down so my sister could play wii. i just went on wind waker today to check it out, and it said, "there is no memory card inserted in slot A...
  6. pokemonclub

    Who Likes Miis

    if u like Miis (on the wii + 3DS), than u should join gabesawakenings MII club. its very fun, we have a contest every month to see who can make the best mii under a certain subject. have fun, please rate, and enjoy! :zora: :deku: :goron:
  7. pokemonclub

    Zelda Icons :zora:

    here are the ones i know post the ones you know just type in (exampe for :zora:you would do : z o r a : without spaces) : z o r a : = :zora: : g o r o n : = :goron: : d e k u : = :deku: : o c t o r o k : = :octorok: : m a s t e r s w o r d : = :mastersword: : s w o r d : = :sword: : s h e i l...
  8. pokemonclub


    Who likes Celtic plz post what you think of them. thx -pokemonclub
  9. pokemonclub

    Websites That You Made or Own!

    i have made guest.portaportal.com/pokemonclub and many websites on webs.com (if you make a site, use webs.com)
  10. pokemonclub

    What Country Do You Live In

    i was wondering what percent of ppl live in certain places!!! (i live in the U.S.A):yes:
  11. pokemonclub

    Who Likes Justin Bieber?

    i want to know who on zeldadungeons likes Bieber. or has the fever. i do not like justin bieber. hehe
  12. pokemonclub

    Who is Your Favorite Singer/Band?

    I personally like Jason Derulo, i want to see what you like. thx.
  13. pokemonclub

    What is the Hardest Game You Have Played or Beat?

    The hardest game I have beat was majoras mask!
  14. pokemonclub

    What is Your Favorite Pokemon Ever?

    Everybodys answer will be different on this question because there are so many great pokemon!
  15. pokemonclub

    Have You Seen the Elusive Yeti Zombie in Plants Vs. Zombies?

    I have seen the elusive yeti-zombie. Tell me what you think about him. Thx! [email protected] ;)
  16. pokemonclub

    Majora's Mask What is Your Favorite Mask?

    I personally love the all-night mask, and the zora mask.
  17. pokemonclub

    General Classic How Many Girlfriends Do You Think Link Has in All of the Classic Games?

    We all know Zelda, but don't forget about Malon! Plz respond, ZELDADUNGEONS ROCK! P.s give a list of all of the crushes link has had in all the classics!
  18. pokemonclub

    Majora's Mask How Old Do You Think Tingle Is?

    I think this question is impossible to answer unless you are the creator of the game (shigeru miyamoto)! Plz answer with details and thank you!
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