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  1. PokaLink

    Are Dark Link and Shadow Link the Same Person?

    If your talking about OoT's miniboss you may call him "Dark Link," if your talking about Four Swords mischievous rascal you may call him "Shadow Link," And then there are probably some of you who never even noticed the difference. Some people will say say there completely different , some say...
  2. PokaLink

    Hyrule Universe Online?

    I was thinking, and there have been many succesfull game series that have turned into there own online game, like Elder Scrolls Online, what would you think of something along the lines of Hyrule Universe Online, were the charecter can level up and choose what race you want be, traveling...
  3. PokaLink

    Zelda RPG?

    With all this talk of More decisions, and choices to Customize Link i thought i would bring this up, what would you think of a Zelda RPG, lets say Nintendo let Bethseda have a spin on it and made it into a full on RPG? I know this is utterly impossible, but think about it, the whole purpose of...
  4. PokaLink

    Ghirahaim Sword Theory Busted?

    *SPOILERS FROM NINTENDO WII U BATTLE QUEST Although Battle quest may not neccacarily be a legitmate Zelda instalment, it is a game designed by Nintendo, the game contains no real storyline, and therefore there is no reason to consider it Canon, or persay, not-canon, similer to Links Cross-Bow...
  5. PokaLink

    19 Years Ago On This Day...

    19 years ago on this day two games changend how people would look at the Zelda Franchise forever, however it didnt start out well, thats right, Faces of Evil, and Wand of Gamelon, although at first the games were shuned as abominations and poor humilations of games, know they have given the...
  6. PokaLink

    Enemy Items?

    In Wind Waker certain enemys weapons can be stolen and used to defeat there own kin, i've always wanted Nintendo to utilize this effect, defeating a moblin and taking its weapon sounds awsome. In SS sadly enough when Link escaped and gathers his weapons he cant steal guards weapons, wich i think...
  7. PokaLink

    Game Help /Glitch (Majoras Mask)

    I recently decided to started playing Majoras Mask on the Wiis Virtual Console again. After saving outside of the forest temple via owl statue and turning the Wii off i found once turning it on my save hadnt shown up and it left me right before the Happy Mask salesman healed me of my curse. Any...
  8. PokaLink


    I cant post articles right know, and so i'm just pointing out Gamestop is offering a new rewards item, the collection of Legend of Zelda cartoons for 7,940 points. That is all.
  9. PokaLink

    Frame for History of Link Poster.

    So if theres one like this already i'm sorry, anyway i'm probably not the only one to frame there LoZ Club Nintendo History of Link Poster (Thats a mouthfull) and so you know that it has extremly odd dimensions, and i'm wondering were everyone else got there frames, keep in mind i'm looking for...
  10. PokaLink

    Minish Cap Misplacement?

    First i would like to apoligize if there is a prior thread on this subject, i've found it curious that the interior of Hyrule Castle in Minish cap is quite similer to A Link to the Past, also a trophy that Carlov made mentions Din being a dancer from Holdrum, wich makes me believe that they...
  11. PokaLink

    Linebacks Wish.

    In Phantom Hourglass the Ocean King grants Lineback one wish, the crowd knows that Lineback wouldnt be selfish and ask for gold after all this charecter devolpment, and so he asks for.... I'm not sure, at first once i beat the game once i believed he wished for another boat, moslty because...
  12. PokaLink

    Gauntlets: Customizable or Not?

    There have been a variety of Gauntlist throughout the series, some plain brown, some metalic, most of the time the only uprgades are to up your strength, to overcome heavy obsticales that block are heros path, would you like to see more customizable gauntlits in the future? More poweres? More...
  13. PokaLink

    Game Help Majora's Mask!! Moon?

    Soooooo... I was wondering when the moon starts coming down you should go to clock town, right? I let the moon come down in because i was in the middle of the first temple and had to restart from the beggining, can this be prevented by going to clocktown and fighting Skull Kid?
  14. PokaLink

    Zelda Stuff??

    I had no idea were to put this and this looked like the best place, i was wondering if there were any stores that sold Zelda merchandise, and by that i mean actual stores, and not an online store, i dont trust them, so any ideas were one could find Zelda merchandise thats not online?? Ps. Sorry...
  15. PokaLink

    Spirit Tracks ST Prequel?

    Its been a while since Spirit Tracks was released, so most of you should have played it by know, in it a man tries to Reincarnate Evil Demon king named Malladus, well then when was Malladus created in the first place? Would you like to see a prequel Sprit Tracks including king Malladus? And if...
  16. PokaLink

    Tunic Design?

    What kind of tunic did you like more the plain colered ones in OoT, or the Completely diffrent looking ones in TP? Or do you want tunic designs to go in a completly diffrent direction?
  17. PokaLink


    I wondered what you think would be acceptible to name, of course we want Link to be namable, but something weve only seen once is naming your animal, i enjoyed doing so and wish to see it in the future, i espicely wanted to name my Loftwing, you? Would you ever want to see your partner named, i...
  18. PokaLink

    Gerudo Men? Y U NO APPEAR?!

    For some reason even though a Gerudo male is supposidly an infamous special person the only one too be seen is Ganondorf. The Gerudos should be throughout the main Timeline and into the Child so were are the others? Did they just run away? Dies off in lonelyness? Did the Gerudo hide them away...
  19. PokaLink

    Gerudos Hiding?

    For some reason Gerudos didnt pay attention to the Timeline as they appear in OoT, MM disapear in TP and come back in FSA, were they in a region out of sight of the area Link searched? Or did they just go into hiding somewere?
  20. PokaLink

    Descendants Identical! Implausible!!

    So although there have not been many confirmed decandents there are some, such as Lineback and Lineback the third, and others i'm to tired to look up, does it ever bother you that they just reuse the same charecter designs when they should look doffrent? Or would you rather prefer it that way.
  21. PokaLink

    The Legend of Zelda: Valley of the Flood??!!

    So we all most likely remember a "supposedly," new Zelda game called Valley of the Flood in wich a boy pursues being a hero when in reality he is not, although Nintendo quickly shot this down as a fraud would you want it to be real? Although it probably wont happen what did you think of it...
  22. PokaLink

    Paradox!! Or Me Being Stupid!!

    My prevous thread made me wonder something. I noticed something that i never understood, on the split timeline supposidly Link goes back to his time leaving a Timeling without a hero, then Ganon is reincarnated and floods Hyrule, i always wondered if Link treveled forward then back were would...
  23. PokaLink

    Triforce's Forms?

    I've been wondering what forms the Triforce takes and why, at certain times and games you see the actual triforce or triforce piece or pieces, however sometimes the Triforce appears as a mark on someones hand. I've always beleieved the Triforce is passed onto future generations of Heros and will...
  24. PokaLink

    Are You Sad That the Shoutout Box Disapered?

    As of late the Shout out box randomly disapered. Will you live without it? Do you want it back? While it lasted was it something you used frequently?
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