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  1. BoxTar

    Your Favorite Ganon Fights

    Alright, so I just wrapped up Breath of the Wild and was comparing several things about it to other games. One of the first things that came to mind: the final fight with Ganon. Note that I will be going into detail about the fight against Ganon in BotW, so if you haven't beaten him yet and...
  2. BoxTar

    Breath of the Wild confirmed as final game for the Wii U

    Well, I'm sure its no surprise to some of you, but I wanted to start discussion about this. Recently, Nintendo made the announcement that Breath of the Wild will be the last game developed, at least in terms of first party, for the Wii U. This comes as no surprise to most. Nintendo is gearing...
  3. BoxTar

    BoxTar's Abstract Trash Art

    I didn't wanna perform necromancy on my old art thread, so I'm gonna post it here instead. I make these with paint.net, sometimes with touch ups in SAI. They're fun to make. 43. More to come after I do some size editing. Apologies in advance for double posts.
  4. BoxTar

    Zelda I Soundtrack: Corrupted! + More

    I made this a while back and decided, hey, might as well post this for anyone interested. I was inspired to do this from watching Vinesauce Corruptions (if you haven't checked that out, I highly recommend them). The music would get so weird and distorted, and could become so funny to listen to...
  5. BoxTar

    General Zelda How Are Gorons Born?

    Seriously think about this. In OoT, Darunia apparently has a child. How? Did he have "special fun time" with a lady Goron? Are there lady Gorons? They all call each other brother, so...is that just a general term or is it an all male tribe? Do they tear rocks off their backs and wait for them to...
  6. BoxTar

    Have the Game Grumps Hit A Slump?

    So what do you think? Are they better than ever? Has their entertainment value plateued? Or are they completely uninteresting to you that you barely bother to watch them anymore? Myself I still watch them a bunch and they definitely still have their moments. I'm not talking about the same old...
  7. BoxTar

    Games Others Find Bad But You Still Enjoy

    Oh come on, you know you have at least one. That one game you grew up with and had no reference of whether or not it was bad, so it just stuck with you and you can still play it these days and find it charming in some way. Or perhaps it was a game that just appealed to what you liked, and you...
  8. BoxTar

    Games You Don't Like That Everyone Else Loves

    Yeah, they're out there. These games that people absolutely adore, but you just...couldn't get into them one way or another. I have a few myself, and was wondering...are there any games that you just couldn't get into, even though everyone else (your friends, gaming critics, etc) says they love...
  9. BoxTar

    Let's Make An Album!

    Hey there everyone! There's a game I learned from another forum that anyone can get into! I'll explain the rules: One person starts off with a theme, and lists a song that matches the theme. The next one to post must then list a different song that matches the theme. This will go on for ten...
  10. BoxTar

    Is My Wii/Wiimote Busted?

    Not sure if this should go here or Tech Help, but it felt more fitting here. For some reason, the cursor on the screen on my Wii is incredibly jerky. Like, annoyingly jerky. I try to move it anywhere and it jolts one place, then back. Its a bit hard to describe, really, but its twitchy when...
  11. BoxTar

    The Nostalgia Generation?

    Hello there everyone. Another thing has been on my mind that I would like to discuss with others. Recently I have noticed, in a lot of forms of media, there has been a lot of reliance on Nostalgia to pull in viewers. In movies, at least in the big blockbuster type movies, I see mostly...
  12. BoxTar

    YouTube's Content ID System

    Alright guys, I need to let off some steam here for a second... We're all pretty much aware of this by now, thanks to gaming critics on the internet. If you aren't, well, there are plenty of videos to help inform you (a warning that some may contain explicit language): Many different mediums...
  13. BoxTar

    General Art Nintendo_Master Makes Music!

    Hey there everyone! I've blogged this a few times, but I kinda just wanted a...well, a thread where I could dump some music for those who are interested. For those who are not already aware, one of my favorite things to do ever is make music. Whether it be acoustic music or electronic music, I...
  14. BoxTar

    General Art My MS Paint Nonsense

    Here's some stuff I make in MS Paint. If you came into this and this is different, I apologize, but the thread weirded out on me. Title: Kaleidoscope Title: Why Won't My TV Talk to Me Anymore? Title: Sundried I'll post up in a bit, didn't wanna overextend one post. Hope you enjoy! :)
  15. BoxTar

    Is The Wii U Worth It Yet?

    I've got a question for all you. I've been bouncing back and forth inside my head the idea of getting a Wii U. I'm wondering: is it worth it yet? By this, I mean, are there any REALLY good games on it that I just HAVE to have right now? The Wii U still costs, I believe, somewhere around...
  16. BoxTar

    General Zelda Backstories to Enemies

    Hey there all! Thought I'd come out of retirement and ask something I've been wondering about. The enemies of the Zelda franchise. They are certainly some of the most interesting creatures I have seen in gaming (Silent Hill included, mind you). Their design is one of a kind, their behavior...
  17. BoxTar

    General Art Nintendo_Master's Pixelated Animal Crossing Sprite...Maker...Place

    Boy, that's a weird title... Alright so I've put it in blogs, but I thought I'd make an actual thread where people can view stuff and request designs and such. Now here are the limitations of my abilities: 1) It MUST be pixelated. Don't ask for a state flag or whatever, unless its just...
  18. BoxTar

    Are Video Games Art?

    I watched this video and it made me really think about this question... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mVFgwFfKfw My opinion is yes, video games are art. They contain music, backstory, graphics, and overall stunning visuals (most of the time). They are visually, mentally, and emotionally...
  19. BoxTar

    Matt Smith Done With Being The Doctor? NOOOOOOOOO!

    BBC - Blogs - Doctor Who - Matt Smith announces he is to leave Doctor Who I am just...so sad right now...:'( But, at the same time, I'm sure they'll find another who is just as awesome. I didn't think it was possible when David Tenant left, but I stood corrected. Any ideas for who the new...
  20. BoxTar

    Charging to Subscribe On YouTube

    Now there's been some talk on some YouTubers getting fees put on their channels, making it so you'd have to pay a fee in order to stay subscribed to them. Most of the details, and where I first heard this information, can be found in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWYqIMFe5kY...
  21. BoxTar

    General Zelda War In the Overworld

    I wanted to share a little idea I had that would make the Overworld a bit more...exciting. Now, before I get into the idea, I just wanna say that I do like Zelda Overwolds. This big, expansive land where you can roam around, find hidden places, spot holes in the ground with treasures, and...
  22. BoxTar

    General Zelda Potions or Fairies?

    This question magically popped into my head... To me, personally, I've always found fairies more useful in terms of healing in the Zelda franchise. They heal a bunch and are used automatically if you fail. I hate being in a bind and not getting the chance to use a potion, especially in the...
  23. BoxTar

    Review This Song, Then Post Another!

    Alright, lets see if this works out. This is a fun way to share both music and tastes in music, as well as voicing your opinion. Don't take it too seriously, though. Alright, so here's the rules: This is where you can judge others for their terrible taste in music and then submit your own...
  24. BoxTar

    Sweet Victory!

    Just recently i attained the Legend of Zelda: ocarina of Time: Master's Quest. First of all, awesome game. AS a long time player of Zelda, and one who has virtually memorized every dungeon, every key location, and every little detail of every dungeon (yes, I'm bragging. so what?), this game gave...
  25. BoxTar

    A Slowly Grown Obsession...

    Over the years, I've noticed something: I love music. I'm sure everyone does, of course, as quoted in a movie I saw "Do you like music? ...Do you like breathing?" anyway, I look back and notice that this didn't just happen overnight. I bought my first CD (Carnavas, for those who are wondering)...
  26. BoxTar

    New Nintendo Console: Wii U

    Nintendo just announced their new console today: the New Wii U. Here's a look: http://e3.nintendo.com/hw/#/introduction Now, this may look crazy amazing, with a screen in a controller and everything, but...I dunno, doesn't it seem a bit complicated? with so many elements in a console, it can...
  27. BoxTar

    Modest Mouse

    ...Anyone? If you like indie music, you'd love these guys. Then again, they are solid in alternative too. Here's some samples for those who are curious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_hR5qv_osg Awesome and infectious hook http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RSO2nJx_tk Strange lyrics to think...
  28. BoxTar

    Favorite Title

    There are titles to things that are so evocative or interesting, they stick with you forever. Whether it's movies, music, tv shows, or whatever, tell us the greatest one(s) you've ever heard. My favorite titles: Good news For People Who Like Bad News. True Stories I...
  29. BoxTar

    The Tree On The Moon-MM

    I'm sure this has been posted a million times, but I need to get this solved. As we all know from MM, Link is sucked into the moon for the final battle with the Majora. Seen inside the moon is a single tree in the center of the field. Now, I am not heavily religious, or religious at all for...
  30. BoxTar

    I Need A Little Help...

    Okay, so I have gotten the mask of the Zora in Termina Bay, and I have made it into Zora Hall. The bass player of the Indigo-Go's keeps playing a riff on the bass I have to complete, and I have no idea what to do. What do I have to find out to continue?
  31. BoxTar

    The Oocca...

    Ah, yes, the Oocca. One of the most infamous, of course, is Ooccoo. At the first go through, I thought they were just some race, like gorons, or Zoras. But when I did further research, I realized they were so much more! I studied my surroundings. In the room that originally held the cannon to...
  32. BoxTar

    Nintendo_Master's Revised Timeline

    Okay, I'm sorry, but the directions for making a timeline are a little confusing. I am going to try to make this the best I can... I was born in the 3-D Generation, so I am afraid I only know the games from OoT, and so on, including LttP. Okay: Child Timeline: OoT.....MM--TP Adult...
  33. BoxTar

    Transformers 2

    A lot of critics have been saying that this movie was terrible. I disagreed. It was boring in some parts, but otherwise was a great ovie. Opinions, anyone?
  34. BoxTar

    Your Top 3 Artists and Songs

    I thought I would update this subject. So, as the title suggests, what are the top 3 artists and songs you have ever heard? My Top 3 artists include: Red Hot Chili Peppers Pearl Jam Foo Fighters My Top 3 Songs Include: Black (Pearl Jam) Everlong (Foo Fighters) By The Way (RHCP)
  35. BoxTar

    Good or Evil?

    I have heard of a game called Infamous recently and thought the concept was pretty cool. You get to choose whether or not to be good or evil. Now, I applied this to myself, and wondered to myself "if I got this game, would I be good or evil?" So, I thought about it, and eventually chose evil...
  36. BoxTar

    Mario & Sonic

    Should Mario and Sonic do another collaboration? I think they shouldn't, but if they did, I hope it would be an RPG instead of some kind of sport game. If there is one in the process, feel free to tell us about it.
  37. BoxTar

    OoA Ricky Flute...

    I have looked for this thing forever! I know how to get Dimitri, but I have never found the flute for Ricky yet! Is it even possible?
  38. BoxTar

    Favorite Song in Ocarina of Time

    This can be any song, from Ocarina to background music. Mine was the Lost Woods theme. It always made me dance in place, and I'm glad they brought it back in Twilight Princess for the Sacred Grove.
  39. BoxTar

    Heart Containers...

    Look, I know heart containers are a type of reward from beating a boss...but isn't weird how it always manages to come out of their eye, head, or other weak point? why would an evil creature hold such a useful tool?
  40. BoxTar

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Yeah, they are my favorite band. Anyone else agree with me?
  41. BoxTar

    Majora's Mask First Save Point

    I know that you have to find an owl satue and talk to it to save, but I can't seem to find him in castle town! Where is the owl?
  42. BoxTar

    Evolutions of Enemies

    Okay, I know Zelda is a complete work of Fantasy, but what if the enemies had actually eveolved from animals in our world today? What would those animals be?
  43. BoxTar

    Link's Birthplace?

    i wasn't born in the NES or SNES generation, so I don't know ALL of Link's history... But I want to know where Link's actual birthplace. As memory serves, Link was born in some town in Hyrule...it might have been specific...I can't remember...but then he was put into Kokori Village by his...
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