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  1. Zelda's_Child

    The Band Thread

    Forming a Band I'm in the middle of a bit of a dilemma. You see, ever since I started singing, I've wanted to join a band. Or make a band. I wasn't fussed. I always thought I could team up with my friends and become a band and play some music, but it seems I've been left behind. My best...
  2. Zelda's_Child

    Hylian - A Way to Speak?

    So, this is something I've been thinking about alot. I recently became weirdly obsessive about codes and different languages (eg. piglatin orfay ethay inway!!) and looked up Hylian translations. It seems that all the games that have Hylian script in them apart from Twilight Princess are a code...
  3. Zelda's_Child

    Favourite/Eccentric Ways to Kill Enemies?

    So, yesterday I was playing Majora's Mask, and I just got to the Great Bay temple. You know the room with the big waterwheel? (I've barely started it, forgive my n00bish-ness) And you know the platform with the thirty two rupees on it, and the skulltula? Well, I was a' going to collect the...
  4. Zelda's_Child

    Downloading Things from YouTube?

    Hey ZD, I've heard a bit from around the forum about people who download things from YouTube. I found a video I want to download, and I want to know, a. Is this possible? and b. How do I do it? I'd appreciate if you could respond. :)
  5. Zelda's_Child

    General Art If Only

    Hey ZD!! Thought I'd show you some of my latest work. This was written as a task at school. My teacher got inspired by a writing competition, and decided that we would be tortured by it! In the end I entered it in the competition. I havn't yet got results, so we'll see how it goes. Note: There...
  6. Zelda's_Child

    Zelda's_Child Gallery...?

    Alrighty then. I'm in dire need of a new thread and a clean out. I've decided to do requests, but due to no one wanting anything, I'll just sit here waiting. ;) So, without further ado, here is the stuff I call art!! ^^ I was experimenting with GIMP, and I made this. Mah avy for a while...
  7. Zelda's_Child

    Spoiler Spirit Tracks?

    If this topic has already been posted before, please feel free to merge it, and if it is in the wrong spot, you're welcome to move it!! ^^ Alrighty then, so I had this thought on Spirit Tracks, and I wanted to see what you all think, so here we go! As far as I know, Spirit Tracks is set over...
  8. Zelda's_Child

    Zelda Art Epic Paint Pics!

    Hey all, Yes, I was bored. AGAIN. I decided I might draw some crappy images on Microsoft Paint. And to tell the truth, I reckon they turned out pretty good. So, here are the two I did today!! The first one I did - Of course Toon Link is epic. Do not insult my intelligence. My second one...
  9. Zelda's_Child

    Can Your Mom Talk Zelda?

    Hey all, This is a pretty random subject... (Please move this if it is in the wrong spot!!) but I was quizzing my mum on Zelda, and I am pretty proud of her. She knows a WHOLE lot of Zelda. Such as: Naming all the 3d Zelda games. Knowing all four colours of the Links in Four Swords...
  10. Zelda's_Child


    I once read a manga (in fact, it's still going on at www.howtodrawmanga.com ) It was called StepMania. I read it for the fun of it, but then on YouTube today I was looking up Caramelldansen, and found Stepmania options! I had no idea that it was a real thing!!! So, if you knew that already...
  11. Zelda's_Child

    Return to Hyrule

    Whoops, this is a SIGN UP thread. I forgot to say in the title! :( Okay, so despite me spending my time doing a Spirit tracks walkthrough for Zeldaquests.webs.com I have started a fanfic in my free time. This fanfic is set in Spirit Tracks, so I need names and personalities for some of the...
  12. Zelda's_Child

    Wind Waker Demo

    Does anyone know where I can find a playable demo of TWW on the net? I need a picture of the great sea, but in first person view, and I think the best way to do that is do it meself. Plus, I would like to play some of the awesome game! Thanks anyone who can help!!!!:):):D
  13. Zelda's_Child

    'Zelda's_Child''s Sig and Av Gallery+Requests

    HEY, everybody! Okay, so in my boredom one afternoon, I started making sigs. THEN one of my friends requested one. So, I am here today to show you my absolutely awful artwork! Okay, so that came out bad. It always goes worse on paint! Meh, alright. The requested one,I only added a name...
  14. Zelda's_Child

    Zelda Art Link's Life Story

    I started writing this story as a project for school, and I was quite happy with it. Please let me know what you think of it!!;) I have never played Wind Waker nor Phantom Hourglass, so tell me if I should make edits. Rating- well, I would put it about a PG or PG-13, because I don't know what...
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