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  1. Beeker

    Club Nintendo '14 Elite Rewards Are Here!

    If you're a Club Nintendo member and have earned at least 300 coins over the last year, you can now claim a reward for being an Elite(Gold or Platinum) member! The rewards this year? Games. They range from classic Virtual Console games to full retail releases. The list is as follows...
  2. Beeker

    Nintendo Digital Event at E3 and Smash Bros Invitational/ Smash Fest!

    Mark your calendars, everyone! Nintendo has announced their E3 plans today, via twitter and through this video. First off, Nintendo will be hosting a digital event on June 10th at 9 AM PT. Like last year's E3 Direct, it will be a video stream that will showcase both upcoming games for 2014...
  3. Beeker

    General Art Beek's Doodles and Stuffs

    Decided to make new thread for doodles and drawings and other things I've been doing. C: these are mostly messy sketches/coloured sketches, done a while ago. Decided to try drawing a Digimon in a Pokemon style. I loved how it turned out, and may do more. :3 [obligatory zelink here]...
  4. Beeker

    Donkey Kong Country Returns: Wii or 3D?

    I've had my eye on getting this game for a while since it looks so fun and challenging. It has a decent price too. But now, the 3ds port is out in addition to the Wii one so I'm wondering... which would be the better version to buy?
  5. Beeker

    Boss Key?

    Watching the direct feed that was on the home page as well as the GDC trailer, we see these doors in the dungeons. The ones with those odd holes where you use the WiiMotionPlus to turn an object to fit and open the door. GDC E3 Considering both these places have this door, in what looks...
  6. Beeker

    Kirby Wii

    So, it seems that the Kirby game that was mentioned a few months has resurfaced in the form of an E3 trailer and some screenshots. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjzXliq3R8Y It seems there are both old and new things in here. Some copy abilities have returned, like the sword, cutter, stone...
  7. Beeker

    Spoiler E3 2011 Discussion Thread

    I know there's a bunch of other threads about E3, but anyway. E3 has begun today, with some of the other game companies already finished their keynotes, though Sony and Nintendo have not yet. This thread is for discussing what was at these events. What announcements did you like or are excited...
  8. Beeker

    Heart Pieces and Heart Containers?

    An idea that sparked me the other day: Up to Twilight Princess, Heart Containers were created by four Heart Pieces. In Twilight Princess, this amount was upped to five. And in the DS games, you just earned full Heart Containers in sidequests. This got me wondering: how will we earn our Heart...
  9. Beeker

    Zelda's 25th

    Wow. Time's gone by fast! So, this Monday, February 21st, marks the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda being released for the NES in Japan. Do you have any plans to celebrate it? If so, what will you do? Do you think something should be done to commemorate it? Post any thoughts you...
  10. Beeker

    General Art Beeky's Doodles

    So, yesterday I was going through my room and decided to scan and upload some old pictures.And I realized I still hadn't made myself an art thread yet!:sweat: Most of the time I doodle fanart, usually for Zelda or Pokemon. Here are some things I've done, hope you enjoy! ^^ This was done...
  11. Beeker

    Completion Meter

    I had this thought today, and thought I'd like to share it. I've noticed that some games have some kind of percentage or meter on say, a file screen that gives an idea of how completed the file is, adding things like how far the story is and how many collectibles have been found. What do...
  12. Beeker

    A Link to the Past If You Fell Into the Dark World...

    If you've played A Link To The Past, you know that when someone travels to the Dark World, their form changes to whatever is in their heart, like how Link turns to a bunny,(until you get the Moon Pearl)or how the one guy turns into a ball and is getting kicked around by the bully. If you...
  13. Beeker

    Make Your Own Zelda Meal!

    It's simple, just make a meal or food out of your favourite Zelda games,characters, whatever! First off, we'll start with a Skyward Sword breakfast. =D
  14. Beeker

    Beeker's Treehouse of Graphics

    Welcome to the Treehouse! Here you will find an ever-growing collection of signatures, avatars, and all sorts of graphics! Here are some examples of work as well as some of my favourites~ I am also open for requests! If you would like one, please put: Type: What kind of...
  15. Beeker

    Majora's Mask Getting a Sword Back?

    Hey guys, Beeker here with a quick question I need to know. I've seen a bird like creature in Termina Field(it's name is on the tip of my tongue right now). If this creature attacks you, it steals your sword. Is there anyway to get this sword back?
  16. Beeker

    No Voice Acting: Happy or Dissapointed?

    Reading this news post on the home page,there is some new information about Skyward Sword.(from the upcoming Nintendo Power September issue) One of these points is that this game will not have voice acting, and that VA does not fit the Zelda series altogether. What do you think about this? Are...
  17. Beeker

    Concerts and Live Shows

    Have any of you gone to see a favourite artist/ band? If so, who did you see? How many concerts have you been to? Talk about your concert experiences here! I've only gone to one concert, but it was a great one. I went to see Rush about a week ago, and they're an awesome band live. The weather...
  18. Beeker

    Fun In Hyrule

    I've always had the odd thought about what people in Hyrule would do for fun. If you lived in Hyrule, what would you do? Go fishing? Play some games in town? Explore? Post any of those thoughts here :) Personally,I would go fising in Lake Hylia, then spend some money at the Shooting...
  19. Beeker

    What Are You Looking Forward To The Most From Skyward Sword?

    We've heard quite a few things about Skyward Sword already, and that some of them are shying away from the traditional Zelda formula. So, what are you most excited about? - How the controls will work with Wii Motionplus - The story of the Skyward/Master Sword and how it came to be - The...
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