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  1. linkypete

    First Person vs Third Person Camera

    What do you prefer? Personally, I prefer games with a third person camera because it allows me to see the character and I think it makes cutscenes more interesting. It also allows me to see from a wider perspective, seeing the character and the enemies around it. I think Metal Gear Solid 3 does...
  2. linkypete

    Does anyone do FIRST Robotics?

    I'm interested to see who on ZD does any FIRST programs. If so, Comment your team name and number! I'm a former member of Team 668, The Apes of Wrath, and I'm trying to start an FRC team in the new area I moved to.
  3. linkypete

    Does anyone do FRC? (Or other forms of FIRST robotics)

    Pretty much, who does FRC here? Comment team name and number I am in team 668, The Apes of Wrath.
  4. linkypete

    Nemesis System In Zelda?

    Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was released by Monolith last year, with several features that were best supported by next-gen consoles, one of which was the nemesis system. In the game, there were hundreds of different orcs, all of which had a different name, voice, appearance, and personality...
  5. linkypete

    General Zelda Zelda AR Cards

    Recently I wrote a letter to Nintendo of America, and in one portion of that letter I asked if maybe augmented reality (AR) cards for The Legend of Zelda could be a possibility in the near future for the 3ds. I eventually got a reply, and they said that they might consider it after reading my...
  6. linkypete

    How to Creep Out My Friends

    So I recently had a situation when a friend just came up to me, hugged me, then put her hands on my shoulders and told me that she was trying to make me feel as creeped out as possible. It didn't feel that creepy, to be honest, but now I want to show her how it is done. Any suggestions?
  7. linkypete

    Ask Ghirahim a Question

    Inspired by ask fi a question, now you can ask Ghirahim! Here are the rules. I start by asking a question, and you answer it, like you are ghirahim. Then you ask a question and the next poster answers like ghirahim, and so on.:ghirahim: EXAMPLE: ghirahim, why do you have a long tongue...
  8. linkypete

    Spoiler Favorite Chapter in Kid Icarus:uprising

    as the name implies, what is your favorite chapter? I am torn between ch.21: the chaos vortex and ch.25: the three trials, because I think the chaos kin is awesome (just look at my avatar) and I am very interested in what happened to gaol. she still has her cursed armor, but she also has her...
  9. linkypete

    Song of Storms Time Paradox

    In ocarina of time and majora's mask, there is a huge time paradox happening involving the song of storms. In ocarina of time,after you become an adult, Guru-Guru tells you that some kid with an ocarina came and played a song that caused a huge storm, making the windmill hut go out of control...
  10. linkypete

    Favorite Kid Icarus:uprising Weapon Type

    What is your favorite weapon type? For me, it depends on the situation.(free for all/light vs. dark or solo mode.
  11. linkypete

    Favorite Character(s) in Kid Icarus:Uprising

    What are your favorite Kid Icarus:Uprising Characters? My favorites are Dark pit because I love characters that claim to have no master, Hades because he is just awesome, Viridi because of her personality, Phosphora for the same reason, Pyrrhon because he is just plain hilarious, The chaos kin...
  12. linkypete

    Spoiler Favorite Moments in KId Icarus:Uprising

    What are your favorite moments in KId Icarus:Uprising? mine are when Dark Pit is created, when Hades suddenly takes over, when Pyrrhon enters, when there is suddenly total chaos when you wake up after 3 years as a ring, and then discover how palutena is being manipulated by the chaos kin. I love...
  13. linkypete

    Kid Icarus:Uprising Dialogue

    What is your favorite dialogue/conversation in Kid Icarus:Uprising? My personal favorites are Hades' opening speech after you defeat medusa, the pre-boss battle rallying cry when you are about to fight the chaos kin, and pretty much everything that pyrrhon says. What are your favorite quotes...
  14. linkypete

    Origins of the Rupee

    I was wondering what everybody thought about the origins of the very famous currency in zelda, the rupee. I had a dream recently (I know, a little weird) about the origins, and it all connects to skyward sword, the beginning of the timeline. Here it is. The first mogma to exist started digging...
  15. linkypete

    Next Zelda Game?

    What do you want the next zelda game to be and what do you want its story to be like? I would love a game that shows all the incarnations of demise's hatred and they are all back alive and working together to take over hyrule, and zelda is actually Helping! 'gasp' It would make an epic finale to...
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