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  1. Crono

    Doctor Who Season Finale

    Who else was disappointed by the outcome of this episode?
  2. Crono

    New Dragon Ball Z Movie Releasing 2015

    a new DBZ movie is being made and set to release in 2015. It will be a sequel to Battle of Gods, more details here: http://dragonballzkai.net/new-dragon-ball-z-movie-announced/
  3. Crono

    DBZ Battle of Gods Releasing in English

    FUNimation has announced that the new DBZ movie will release in English in the United States and Canada in over 350 theaters this August. Details here: http://dragonballzkai.net/dragon-ball-z-battle-of-gods-coming-to-america/ Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKyVL_Twueg
  4. Crono

    Sonic Lost World : Zelda DLC

    Nintendo has announced that there will be free Legend of Zelda DLC for the game Sonic Lost World tomorrow. IGN has released some gameplay http://www.ign.com/videos/2014/03/26/sonic-lost-world-the-legend-of-zelda-zone-developer-commentary-video Source...
  5. Crono

    Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission 2 (3DS)

    The trailer has released for the upcoming Dragon Ball game for the Nintendo 3DS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBhEIeN9mog
  6. Crono

    New Screens - Weird Demonic Area

    Found some new screenshots of Skyward Sword. Awesome new shots of Lake Floria, ancient Cistern and a new area that was only shown a few times before. Zombie enemies, seems like some demonic type area. Check the rest here at this site...
  7. Crono

    Create Your Own Items

    Came across something interesting today. Nintendo has revealed more info on the upgrade system and Link will be able to not only upgrade shields, but other equipment and weapons as well along with the ability to create brand new items from the materials he finds through his adventure. This is...
  8. Crono

    Name That Zelda Quote

    Pretty simple really, someone posts a quote from any Zelda game, the next person guesses which game its from, person with the correct answer will then provide a new quote. I'll start it off. Spectacle Rock is an entrance to death.
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