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  1. Octo Rocked

    The "Official" Timeline and the Implications for Later Games

    The other night, I watched GameTrailer's "Timeline" episode on Zelda, and it made me think about a few things I hadn't really thought about before, and it got me wondering what possibilities this presents for future games. 1. The "Fallen Hero Timeline" First, let's look at the nature of...
  2. Octo Rocked

    First Shiny Pokemon?

    I had a shiny Magby hatch from the daycare egg in my Crystal game. Then I restarted the game because I didn't know about shinies >.< Although the next time I legitimately found a shiny, I ended up somehow finding two in the same day (Pidgey and Tentacruel).
  3. Octo Rocked

    Voice Acting--in Hylian?

    It wouldn't necessarily have to be full voice acting. After all, Zelda sang in Skyward Sword, but said nothing past that. It could just be certain parts of the game that were voiced, like cutscenes. Was Super Mario Sunshine "ruined" by voice acting? Also, SuperMetroid, that's a valid...
  4. Octo Rocked

    Voice Acting--in Hylian?

    Voice acting in the Zelda series has been a big debate for a while. A lot of people say that the series is behind the times for not including it. Others say that it would kill the series. Then there's the fact that any voicing would be done in Japanese, and a translation to English or other...
  5. Octo Rocked

    Do You Think a Steampunk Themed Zelda Game Would Be Good?

    I think that it could be amazing. I'm not saying that it would be amazing, but it could be. Final Fantasy was a medieval fantasy series, but started shifting to the use of more futuristic elements around Final Fantasy VI. VII was heavily steampunk in style, and the latest games are even...
  6. Octo Rocked

    Pronouncing "Onox"?

    There's a good chance the name is derived from Onyx, which I believe would be pronounced ON-niks. Although I think that the exact pronunciation of the second syllable, whether you use a short "I" sound, a short "O" sound, or even something similar a short "U" sound, would vary depending on dialect.
  7. Octo Rocked

    Majora's Mask Love It? Hate It? Love-Hate?

    Majora's Mask is my favorite game of all time, so obviously, I'm going to say that I love it. Yes, the save system is frustrating and the game is difficult as a result, but from an artistic and/or storytelling perspective, it's a masterpiece. It has some very deep themes and tells a story that...
  8. Octo Rocked

    April Giveaway Contest: Top 5 Favorite Video Games

    Hmm. This should be fun. 5. Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword (GBA) 4. Cave Story (PC) 3. Pokemon Crystal (GBC) 2. The World Ends With You (DS) 1. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64)
  9. Octo Rocked

    Which Ganondorf is Your Favorite?

    I personally prefer the Wind Waker Ganondorf, just because I always appreciate character development. The Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess Ganondorfs always seemed a bit too "evil just because" to me. Wind Waker Ganondorf had motivation and was actually a relatively sympathetic character.
  10. Octo Rocked

    Video Games As Art?

    I think that they're excellent examples of art. It's just that most people making them don't quite know what they're doing. The gameplay and story are often separate, and a lot of potential is wasted. Personally, a lot of small games are a lot more artistic. For example, check out "Today I...
  11. Octo Rocked

    Happy Meal Cost 28 Rupees?

    That would explain why Link's able to find so much money on the ground and lying around in people's houses--it's just spare change people have dropped!
  12. Octo Rocked

    Sexuality in Zelda

    In my opinion, the games are best as they are. There's already a ton of implied romance, and the wonderful thing about the series is that you can often read into a romance or a lack of romance yourself. It goes along with the "Link as a link between game and player" mindset that the...
  13. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Urban Legacy: Take 2 (fanfiction, PG13)

    Long time no see! Octo Rocked here! So, some of you may have read the original "Urban Legacy," which I believe is still linked in my signature. I'll link it here when I have a bit more time. Anyway, fans of it may be wondering where it went and why I stopped working on it. Well, I've...been...
  14. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art The MCC Week 2: Ocarina of Time

    I was going to submit a techno/a capella remix of Saria's Song, had I 1. had the time and 2. gotten it to sound good. Shame.
  15. Octo Rocked

    General Classic Which Classic Zelda Boss Do You Want To Return?

    I think that I'd have to agree with seeing Manhandla and/or Aquamentus in a 3D title. On top of that, I'd also like to see Gleeok (At least, more than just his heads like in Phantom Hourglass). Ghoma and Dodongo have been overused (there's usually some variation of one or the other in every...
  16. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art Zelda Let's Act: The Project Reborn

    I'd actually help out with any male part you need me to, since I've actually got a fair amount of time. I'll do some voice samples tomorrow to send.
  17. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art The MCC (Music Community Competition)

    Gah! I'd do this, but I only just saw it today and I don't have a quality microphone to record with! How sad!
  18. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art Zelda Let's Act: The Project Reborn

    This sounds fun. Put me down for a small male part, as I don't have the time (or a quality mic) to do anything bigger.
  19. Octo Rocked

    Spoiler Favorite Incarnation of Princess Zelda.

    I think that I liked the Twilight Princess Zelda best, design-wise. She just had this air of elegance, power, and wisdom around her, and was still fairly capable. OoT Zelda would probably be second, because she's Sheik. Sheik was awesome. I mean, she was a ninja. There's really not much of...
  20. Octo Rocked

    Are All Gorons Males

    You know, going off this, it's possible that the Gerudo and the Gorons...no. No, no, no. I'm not even going to think about that. But anyway, I like to think that the Gorons do somehow reproduce and don't just grow from rocks. I also like to think that the Gorons are the only ones who know...
  21. Octo Rocked

    Spoiler Saddest Zelda Moment?

    I think one that needs to be mentioned is in Ocarina of Time when Link leaves Kokiri Forest. Saria stops him, and there's no music playing, so you're fully focused on what she says to you. You feel guilty as you realize that you (as Link) were about to leave without saying goodbye. Saria's...
  22. Octo Rocked

    Composer Brothers: Mario and Luigi?

    I'm fairly certain that they were, in fact, a reference. For one thing, they do bear some resemblance to Mario and Luigi (if Mario and Luigi were pitch-black ghost conductors, that is) and even share a similar duo name (Mario Brothers/Composer Brothers). It is a bit of a stretch, but I'd say...
  23. Octo Rocked

    Marble Hornets/The Slender Man

    So, has anyone here ever seen Marble Hornets? It's a web series that features the Slender Man, a mysterious, malevolent, faceless figure with disproportionately long limbs dressed in a business suit. It's best described as "minimalist horror." Half the time you'll be asking yourself "what's...
  24. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Urban Legacy (fanfiction, PG-13)

    Hohohoho, time for Chapter 10, and the end of Act 1! This took a lot longer than I had hoped to write, because life got in the way. Anyway, after this, there'll be a brief interlude and a hiatus as I partake in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I'm TheNerdyNinja on there if any of you...
  25. Octo Rocked

    What Does Your Custom User Title Mean?

    Anyone who has seen "The Lazar Collection" or any of the sequels will know that my user title is a pun stemming from that. There's no way to explain the joke without just saying "look it up."
  26. Octo Rocked

    The Best in Each Regard?

    Okay, so we all have a favorite game. But we all like different games for different reasons. Sometimes it's because the gameplay was fun. Sometimes it's because of the story. And sometimes, the soundtrack wins its way into our hearts. While fans will be eternally arguing over which game is...
  27. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Urban Legacy (fanfiction, PG-13)

    Yeah, the irony is not lost on me. Anyway, while I am doing NaNo, It's not for another two weeks...plenty of time for me to write up an update I've been planning for for a while. It may not be all that long, but it's pretty important. Anyway, a few notes. First of all, Rauru being Link's...
  28. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Urban Legacy (fanfiction, PG-13)

    Am I updating again already? Yes. Yes I am. And you can expect the final Chapter of Act 1 to go up soon. Chapter 9: Bottom of the Well The ninja stopped outside of a well. He looked up at Link and Navi, then nodded down the stone shaft. “You’re kidding, right?”...
  29. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Urban Legacy (fanfiction, PG-13)

    Okay, here's Chapter 8. It definitely needs some work, but that's because it was rushed, but that's because there are only 3 weeks until National Novel Writing Month, and I want to be done with act 1 by then. Hopefully, the next 2 updates will come pretty quick because of that. Chapter 8...
  30. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Urban Legacy (fanfiction, PG-13)

    Yeah, I really do love working in as many references as possible. I really wanted to have Link say that he "can't wait to bomb some dodongos," but couldn't use it without shoehorning it in. Which is why I made that, and not "The Pendant of Power" the chapter title. On a related note, I...
  31. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Urban Legacy (fanfiction, PG-13)

    Well, it's been a while, and the thread has slipped to the second page. But it's not dead! No, really, it's not. It's just that I have about five projects (more, actually, I think) that I'm working on, and I don't have time for anything. Plus, college and cross country are getting in the...
  32. Octo Rocked

    Majora's Mask Some Interesting Majora's Mask Creepypasta

    ...wow, I...I should have caught that, since I'm in college. I couldn't make any sense of that and thought it was some sort of typo until I realized that "single" was just short for "single room." Holy crap. My theory is even more enforced by this. Though it got long enough for me to be able...
  33. Octo Rocked

    Majora's Mask Some Interesting Majora's Mask Creepypasta

    Ah, but the download in the link to the video came on September 15th; he said not to trust anything uploaded after September 12th. The short video almost seems like "Ben" uploaded it.
  34. Octo Rocked

    Majora's Mask Some Interesting Majora's Mask Creepypasta

    Spoilers follow: Yeah, um, did you actually read through the blog it was on before checking that out? Because according to that, you shouldn't download that file, because it will allow "BEN" to enter your computer. Not that I seriously believer that.... Actually, instead of making things...
  35. Octo Rocked

    Ocarina of Time Zora Tunic in OoT3DS

    Okay, um, you're assuming that the Kokiri are the only people who wear tunics...they most likely aren't.... Anyway, I think it would be nice to have a few redesigns of elements like that. However, I doubt that they'll use TP's model for an OoT remake. Perhaps they'll use something original.
  36. Octo Rocked

    Tri-Force Shard Hunt Revisited

    I personally despised the Triforce Shard Hunt. It was important, yes, but would have been better as a sidequest. In fact, it WAS a sidequest, and one that was required and forced you to cough up quite a few rupees to Tingle. Again, that wouldn't be so bad, but it was forced into the main...
  37. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Movie In Hollywood

    Ehhh...no. Majora's Mask had a great story and could probably be most easily adapted into a good movie if it weren't for one thing: It's the sort of story that can only be told in a video game. Groundhog Day had a similar concept, and there was only so much they could do with it. You'd be...
  38. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Urban Legacy (fanfiction, PG-13)

    Well, I think that this came relatively quickly, considering that it's quite a bit longer than my other updates. Four updates left until the end of Act 1, but this chapter packs a bit of a punch itself. But anyway, after Act 1, I'm going to be doing a bit of a Q&A/Behind the scenes, so if...
  39. Octo Rocked

    No Time, No Time, Who's Got the Time

    They're completely different because the endings are different? Listen, why don't you go watch a Disney classic, one that everyone knows how it goes. The beloved classic tales. Done that? Okay, now go read the source material. Or, since that will probably take too long, read this article...
  40. Octo Rocked

    No Time, No Time, Who's Got the Time

    Um, no. I'm not talking about gameplay here. Comparing gameplay is like saying "The games are all the same because in all of them, Link goes into dungeons and solves puzzles so he can beat bosses and get MacGuffins to face the final boss." That's gameplay. What I'm talking about is not exact...
  41. Octo Rocked

    No Time, No Time, Who's Got the Time

    Before I launch into this, I'll give my position on this whole matter. I'm positive that, until OoT, there really was no plan for a timeline, and that SS, OoT, MM, WW, TP, PH, and ST are the only stories that actually fit well into the timeline. I definitely do believe that there is a...
  42. Octo Rocked

    Which Ganon Is The Best?

    Wind Waker Ganondorf, because he actually feels like a character. Also, he seems to have some form of chivalry in that game, promising not to kill Link while beating him up (which he sort of goes back on after his plans backfire). Twilight Princess would probably be second.
  43. Octo Rocked

    Do You Use Your Name or Link's?

    I, like many others, use Link's name now, but used my own name in the past. Except when I was a complete newbie to the series and used "Zelda."
  44. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Movie In Hollywood

    I'm not sure Nintendo would ever approve, but I think that there is a ton of potential for a good Zelda movie. It would almost have to have an original plot, though it could definitely borrow elements from other games. An adaption of any single game wouldn't work, because (as much heat I'll...
  45. Octo Rocked

    No More 2D Zelda?

    I'll admit I've become a bit worried. You see, with all the graphical advancements that have been made in game systems (the 3DS graphics looks amazing!), will the 2D Zelda games phase out? I know that Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks have been called "2.5D" by some, indicating that they...
  46. Octo Rocked

    What Was the First Zelda Game You Played and Was It Good?

    While it's not my favorite, Seasons was my first game, and it still holds a very special place in my heart. In reality, since it was originally slated to be a remake of the original LoZ (fun little fact there!), I suppose I got a lot of the true spirit of Zelda from it, even though it's one of...
  47. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Urban Legacy (fanfiction, PG-13)

    Hey, everyone, chapter 5 is here! This is a landmark chapter for several reasons. First of all, it's halfway point to the end of Act 1. Second, it introduces two characters who I think people are going to enjoy (and don't worry...it's nt the first two introduced!). And finally, it's the last...
  48. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Urban Legacy (fanfiction, PG-13)

    Oh, yes, that's a typo. That's the sort of thing that you don't notice typing, so you don't notice rereading it, but everyone else notices. *is embarrassed* And yes, don't worry. Navi does stay in the story, and she does play an important role. If you hadn't caught on, she is his guide, so...
  49. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Urban Legacy (fanfiction, PG-13)

    Hohoho, new chapter! It took a bit longer than I hoped (because I went on a week-long trip, and then my lappy broke down), and this next chapter will take a bit longer than I'd like (because the county fair is next week), but enjoy this update for now. I really don't have a good "Legacy of X"...
  50. Octo Rocked

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Urban Legacy (fanfiction, PG-13)

    Thanks for the feedback, and so quickly, too! Yeah, I definitely am having fun both mixing and reinterpreting characters. Hopefully, I'll get at least one character from each game. Some MM characters are pretty important later on, and Cole and Vaati will appear fairly soon, sort of playing...
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