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  1. enemytracker

    What's Your Favorite Ominous Quote?

    This thread is similar to the one Random Person started recently. But here the things work differently, you just tell your favorite ominous or intimidating quote. It doesn't need to be repeatable. Here goes: "This island is going to disappear... Our world is going to disappear... Our...
  2. enemytracker

    Rate the Title

    (I've got inspired with the other "rating" games, so I'll start this one.) In this game, you have to give a score between "0/10" and "10/10" to the title of the user above you. It's pretty simple. But since there's no member above me, it's your turn!
  3. enemytracker

    How Do You Pronounce the Username of the Member Above?

    Here you post how do you pronounce the username of the member above you.
  4. enemytracker

    The OR Thread

    Okay, I'll start(hehe, every forum should have this). Toon zelda or TP zelda?
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