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  1. Locke

    Zelda's Blessing and WW's missing hero

    -Zelda, BotW (translation source: myself with help from a few others) With this bond between the hero and the sword in mind, let's re-examine a few quotes from WW: -Laruto, WW (translation source) -WW intro (translation source) I believe we finally have a definitive reason why the hero never...
  2. Locke

    Windows 10 Privacy

    I'm surprised we don't have a thread for this yet. Several concerns have risen around the internet regarding some of Windows 10's new privacy policies and features. Might as well just lump them into one thread. First off, we have this little claim in the services agreement (covering use of...
  3. Locke

    Tabula Rasa

    Gisey (Last Exile - Fam the Silver Wing) as an inkling: Lana as an inkling: And some of my older stuff for good measure: Pretty simple, really. Hitomi, obviously. Quote's from Wolf's Rain. Tap on it on your 3DS to see it in 3D! (or go to the following url...
  4. Locke

    Windows 10 Mascot: Touko

    https://dspwindows-10charanaming.azurewebsites.net/ From Microsoft partner in Japan, Windows Navi+ Windows 7 also had a mascot (Nanami) and Windows 8 had a pair of mascots (Yuu and Ai).
  5. Locke


    ^What's That Acronym? DWSK
  6. Locke

    Capture a Moment with Song

    My memory is best stimulated with sound. Listening to a game's soundtrack brings back the same feelings as when I was actually playing the game, if not stronger. Whenever I listen to a particular artist or album, I'm brought back to the point in my life when I first discovered it and spent a lot...
  7. Locke

    Hyrule Warriors Endgame Weapons

    What skills do you look for in an endgame weapon? Tier 3, 5 stars, 8 slots are givens. I finally got around to creating the Smithy page with the list of weapon skills. Important notes: you can only have one SP skill, but you can have both AUG skills (v1.5). From the new AUG skills, Hasty...
  8. Locke

    Geography Comparisons

    lolgeography, but whatever, it's fun. I don't feel like drawing circles to match things up, maybe I'll do that later when I'm bored. First, we have LoZ, upon which this game is based. The coastline is similar, but that's about it. ZWU has two lakes in the same orientation as LoZ's...
  9. Locke

    Hyrule Warriors Update 1.4.0

    HW will be updated on the same day as the TP pack releases to accommodate amiibo and a few other changes: raise max level raise max held materials (i.e. past 99 of each material) new potions in the apothecary one new medal amiibo support I hope the new potions improve super-rare...
  10. Locke

    Hyrule Warriors Warrior Tips/Guides/Strategies

    There's a lot of this sort of discussion going on in the Adventure Mode thread and I think it deserves its own (if not one for each warrior). Post your tips for using certain warriors/weapons here. W = Weak Attack (Y for Warriors controls, B for Zelda controls) S = Strong Attack (X for...
  11. Locke

    Hyrule Warriors The Infinite Combo

    Volga: dodge-strong-weak-strong-weak-strong-weak... It's too bad his element is fire, not lightning. This combo keeps the target in the air and completely defenseless for as long as you want. It's quite possibly the best way - at least with Volga - to dispatch those pesky commanders, apart...
  12. Locke

    ZD Forum Rules

    All of the rules below pertain to posts made within threads as well as any content displayed elsewhere on the forum. Treat All Members With Respect New, old, ranked, unranked - all members shall be treated with the same respect. Insulting or Flaming Another Member: Talking down to another...
  13. Locke

    HW Timeline Discussion

    I hate to be that guy but, "yes we all know HW isn't canon and it's more like an alternate reality pulling in elements from the canon universe, but can we derive some more definitive ties to the canon universe?" There's much to be discussed regarding what's said while the warriors are...
  14. Locke

    Hyrule Warriors Which Control Scheme Do You Use?

    I was originally planning on using Zelda since I'd never played a Warriors game before, but once I actually looked at them, I decided that Warriors made more sense to me.
  15. Locke

    Hyrule Warriors Balance

    Comment on game balance - warriors, stages, items... I'm pleasantly surprised at the intricacies of warrior balance. There are so many variables, even minor ones. For example, not only does warrior speed vary, but so does the time it takes to start sprinting. Not only do warriors have...
  16. Locke

    Warping and Environmental Presence

    First, read this: Look Before you Warp My article on WW's and SS's overworlds is also relevant: Journeys Through Sea and Sky: Environmental Presence So, Zelda Wii U promises an "open world", whatever they mean by that. Aonuma specifically emphasized the ability to enter an area from several...
  17. Locke

    Hyrule Warriors Weapon Swap Glitch

    source via pics Instructions: 1. Have P2 join 2. Select player one's character and weapon. -The character must have more than one weapon available to enable the weapon select screen. -The selected character will be the one using the different weapon. -It doesn't matter what weapon you pick at...
  18. Locke


    Several people now have expressed interest in adding a clan system, but I never quite understood what that meant. Please use this thread to clarify for me, discuss benefits, implementation specifics, etc. Thanks.
  19. Locke

    Rethinking the Conventions of the DGN Forums 1: The Admin Gets All The Credit

    In order to eliminate certain pain points causing stress on the forum, there has been a lot of discussion both in the suggestions forum and behind the scenes about some of our most deeply rooted conventions. Many of these discussions still have a long way to go, but I want to start rolling out...
  20. Locke

    Resolved Bowob Chat

    The general consensus is that it's awful, but I want to be sure before I remove it. (I'm not even going to bother adding an "It's great!" option to the poll. If you do like it for some reason, just choose "It's better than nothing.") Keep in mind that if it's removed it's unlikely that it'll...
  21. Locke

    Hyrule Warriors Who's the Mage?

    Who's that on the right? A new character? Nayru? Seres? Post-mind-control Cia? Regardless, I'm maining her.
  22. Locke

    DGN Open - Mario Kart 8 Tournament Every Weekend

    name: DGN Open code: 0228-3844-0220 when: friday evening through sunday evening chat: http://paradoxirc.net/chat Choose a nickname, then type "/join #dgnmk8". I suggest you "register" your nickname with "/register password email" (replacing "password" and "email" of course). miiverse communty...
  23. Locke

    If You Had to Change Your Forum Username...

    ...to that of a Pokémon, what would it be? Mine would be Absol.
  24. Locke

    How Many Times Do You Read Your Posts?

    Including the act of composing the post, I read them three times. Once as I'm writing of course, once after I'm done but before I submit (sometimes I just skim), and once after I've submitted (again, often skimming). You'd be surprised how many typos make it past two rounds of scrutiny. Though I...
  25. Locke

    What Do You Value in Music?

    There are many aspects of music that make different songs unique. Some stand out more than others to different people. What stands out to you and makes you like certain songs or certain types of song more than others? For me, the top two things are rhythm and instrumentation. I enjoy unique...
  26. Locke

    Mario Theme-Park

    Interview:ABC March 21st 2013 - Zelda Dungeon Wiki Miyamoto says a Mario theme-park is a possibility. What kinds of attractions do you think it would have? Should it be limited to the Mario franchise or all Nintendo IP?
  27. Locke

    Sacred Flames

    So, how about those Sacred Flames? Who made them? When? Perhaps the Triforce wasn't the only thing they left behind? Then, what's the difference between the Triforce and the Sacred Flames? Assuming the Triforce, Force Gems, the Light Force, etc. all contain this same "Force" energy, what...
  28. Locke

    Flygon/Salamence Mishap?

    I think the pokemon below was supposed to or at least should have been named Flygon. First, the names line up better: Bagon Shellgon Flygon Second, the whole story behind Bagon is that it has strong dreams to fly. Hence after going through its Shellgon stage, a metamorphosis during...
  29. Locke

    General Zelda Action or Adventure?

    Zelda is usually described as an "action/adventure" series, but which is more important? Do you prefer more frequent and detailed battles, or more exploration, puzzles, and discovery? Feel free to frame your response in how you think they're doing right now, but please try to avoid straw men...
  30. Locke


    One thing the Hyrule Historia didn't bother to explain is the many wars that are only briefly mentioned in a few games. Wars of relevance here are: The "prolonged wars" mentioned in TP The interloper conflict described in TP The "fierce war" mentioned in OoT The unification war mentioned...
  31. Locke

    Does Zelda Exhibit Orientalism?

    Background reading: Tucker; Consalvo (at least read Tucker. It's fairly short and interesting.) In short, Tucker claims that in addition to Western games depicting Eastern cultures as "exotic" (called orientalism), Japanese games take advantage of this "fetish" and internalize the exoticism...
  32. Locke

    Fi Vs. Monita

    So who's your favorite AI guide? Fi from Skyward Sword or Monita from Nintendo Land? I think Monita is hilariously ironic, using such exciting language with a monotonous voice. Fi's just annoying. "Shazam."
  33. Locke

    Brain-Computer Interface: The Final Frontier

    A while ago I brought up the Wii U's potential to increase immersion by pulling the gameplay outside the game, synchronizing it with the real-world actions that players perform. While this may be premature given that the Wii U isn't even out yet, I just read an interesting study and I thought it...
  34. Locke

    (Least) Favorite Game, Character, Item, Dungeon, Etc.

    Since these topics are very popular, please check if one already exists before creating one, to avoid cluttering the section with redundant polls. Here is a list of existing threads: Favorite Zelda Game Least Favorite Zelda Game Favorite Zelda Character Least Favorite Zelda Character Favorite...
  35. Locke

    Your Triforce Virtues?

    If you were to create a Triforce, which three virtues would it represent? Which three virtues do you think partition the world, or which are the most important three? Or would it be a Tetraforce? I'd keep Power and Wisdom, but I'd replace Courage with Love. I think Love is a more general...
  36. Locke

    Zelda Art Out of Context: The Shackles of Freedom

    The mob suddenly halted and began to grow silent, starting with those in front who could see the man who stood before them. Others shifted nervously, unsure whether to make up for the sudden lack of rebellious spirit in the group ahead of them. "Is that Colin?" The shouting gave way to whispers...
  37. Locke

    Are We Playing a History or a Story?

    I never liked the Literal Legend theory. I preferred to think that the games are glimpses into different times in another world, only fictional in relation to our own. The title of the series, among other things, has led many to believe that the stories we experience are fictional in relation to...
  38. Locke

    Why the Newer Games Are Easier Than the Older Ones

    Please note that this is not intended to be a debate over which games are easier. If you disagree with that premise, please save it for a different thread. Assuming that the newer games are generally "easier" than older ones, why has this happened? Is it a good thing? I came to a...
  39. Locke

    Short OPs Are Better Than Long OPs

    (Please note that this is my own opinion and is not to be construed as a push by the moderation team to reduce lengthy posts.) I'm sure everyone who has taken the time to compose a lengthy and well-thought-out opening post has experienced the disappointment of a high quality yet short-lived...
  40. Locke

    Is It Too Late to Lose Confidence in the Hyrule Historia?

    Several pages in the Skyward Sword section of the Hyrule Historia conclude with brief speculative connections to other games. Glitterberri just posted a translation of (page 40), and it seems to confirm the suspicion - which I and several others that I've talked to have shared - that the Hyrule...
  41. Locke

    Spoiler Was Hylia's Sacrifice Worth It?

    So let me get this straight... 1. The Triforce can't be used by gods. 2. The Triforce was the only hope to defeat Demise. 3. Hylia became mortal 4. Link used the Triforce to defeat Demise. ...what does #3 have to do with #4? Couldn't everything have worked out just fine with #3 omitted...
  42. Locke

    Zelda Wii U Externalizing the Hammerspace

    Skyward Sword has started the Zelda series down an intriguing path toward immersion. The philosophy of this path is "Bring the players into the game by bringing the game out to the players." The first step was to pluck the sword out of the game and place it directly into the hands of the...
  43. Locke

    WW-Wii U Wind Waker Intro in 3D

    I've put together a 3D recording of WW's intro video that can be viewed on the 3DS. Download the video here. How to load it on the 3DS: 1. Power off the 3DS, then remove the SD card and load it on the computer. 2. Download the file and copy it to the SD card under DCIM/100NIN03/. (If you...
  44. Locke

    Zelda Theory Resources and FAQ

    Theories require evidence. To help promote the construction of sound theories, this thread aims to provide easy access to many types of resources and to answer some frequently asked questions. Hyrule Historia Translations of the timeline portion of the Hyrule Historia can be found at...
  45. Locke

    Zelda Theory Rules and Guidelines (Read Before Posting)

    Zelda Theory Rules (REQUIRED Reading) 0) All Zelda Dungeon Forum Rules apply. 1) Respect Others - No ad hominem attacks. Not only is this a logical fallacy (thus harming your own argument), but it is also against ZD rules. The subject of this section is theories, so theories are fair game...
  46. Locke

    Remember That "DODSING" 'typo'?

    ...it's actually not a typo. It turns out that the proto-Hylian alphabet only has somewhere between 20 and 23 different symbols, even though it translates directly into our 26-symbol alphabet. After seeing a "Gate Oten" repeated several times in Lanayru Mining Facility, it hit me that one...
  47. Locke

    SS Symbols - New Script?

    We've seen TP-Hylian on the box art, but there are several other sets of symbols that I don't think we've seen before. Surprisingly, none of these correlate to OoT-Hylian. None of them look quite like the Sky Language either. Here are a few to get a collection started... These all look...
  48. Locke

    "Something Important," and the Triforce's Different Meaning?

    I think we can get a lot of discussion out of these two topics from the Nintendo Power Aonuma interview. They're both new and very ambiguous, inviting many different paths of speculation. When I first read these, I thought they could be related, but I'm not really sure. Ocarina of Time 3D...
  49. Locke

    "Critical Detail" in New Trailer Should Put Some Minds at Ease

    The first image is from the E3 trailer, the second from the Comic-Con trailer. Can you spot the difference? Yes, the graphics are sharper (yay!), but I'm looking at something more specific. Can't find it? Hint: IGN made a big deal about this in their Rewind Theater analysis of the...
  50. Locke

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Design Changed on Official Artwork

    ZI reported yesterday that the artwork on the E3 pass has changed from the original. This image shows the official artwork on the left, with the artwork on the strap of the E3 pass on the right: Immediately after the GDC trailer when this new sword debuted I suggested that it is what the...
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