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  1. TwilightDeku

    Some Ranting About the Contests

    In my eyes, the April contest was a disaster. Some other members and I have agreed that the contests need to stop. Why? Let me explain: Problem #1: The objective From what I understand about the contests, they are designed to attract new members to the forums. I will agree that lots of new...
  2. TwilightDeku

    You Die Game

    Okay, so I have this idea for a game that may/may not fail. Here it goes: Come up with a ridiculous prediction for how the next person to post is going to die! The person under me is going to die by falling off a speeding narwhal.
  3. TwilightDeku

    Amazing Progress on LEGO: Zelda (3/4 Mark)

    Alright, less than a month ago, I posted a thread on LEGO: Zelda for its half way point. On April 11th, we were at 5,000 supporters (We need 10,000). The project had been up for about five months. I had estimated that we would get about 2,500 supporters every three months... and the project...
  4. TwilightDeku

    Zelda Art Twilight Deku's Wind Waker Drawings.

    Hey guys, I have just discovered that I am not absolutely horrible at drawing after all :D! I found that I really enjoy drawing Anime/mega style. And Wind Waker is the closest to manga that the zelda series gets! So I tried drawing some characters, and I enjoyed it. My style fit perfectly with...
  5. TwilightDeku

    Second Majora's Opera Demo!

    Okay, so some of you might remember a little while back that the ZD front page had a post about a "Majora's Opera Demo". Well that was the first demo in the series and the second demo has come out today!:clap: The Majora's Opera people plan to create a whole opera about the game...
  6. TwilightDeku

    Does the Imprisoned Have Bad Breath?

    Does the Imprisoned have bad breath? Think about it... he is a monstrous creature of evil that has not taken a breath mint for centuries. I think because of all the evil and horrible things that the Imprisoned has consumed... it must have bad breath. What do you think? Should the Imprisoned...
  7. TwilightDeku

    Parrying in Zelda

    After completing Skyward Sword, I concluded that I was very pleased about the motion controls. Back in the LoZ, we could only do a foward slash. In OoT we had more sword strikes that we could do depending on what buttons we held down. In TP we had to shake the Wii remote. Finally, in SS we got...
  8. TwilightDeku

    Funniest Moment in Zelda? (New Version)

    I found that, after playing many Zelda games, Nintendo has put a lot of humor in the games. What is your favorite hilarious moment in Zelda? Mine: 1) In WW, Link's expressions when he is about to get launched into the Forsaken Fortress. 2) In OoT, if you put on the goron mask and talk to Talon...
  9. TwilightDeku

    LEGO Zelda Released December 2012???

    Good news! For whoever has been following the LEGO zelda project on LEGO cuusoo, WE ARE HALF WAY THERE! For those of you who don't know, LEGO Cuusoo is an official LEGO website for fans to post their LEGO ideas. If your idea gets 10,000 supporters... it will become an official LEGO product. Fans...
  10. TwilightDeku

    Guns in Spirit Tracks

    After playing Spirit Tracks for a little while. A question formed in my mind. "Why is there a train here, but no guns?" Acording to the timeline of Earth, Guns were invented several hundred years before trains. I think I have a reason for this. So buckle up your seatbelts…. or horse saddles…...
  11. TwilightDeku

    Who is "evil" in Zelda

    I found an old post from 2010 which argued about wether Gannondorf was really pure evil. Now that SS has come out, it is time to bring up this topic again. Except this time, it could apply to all the villains in the zelda series. Buckle up your seat belts… or horse saddles… cause here we go...
  12. TwilightDeku

    Bring Back Zelda TV???

    I know that there has been discussion of the Zelda cartoon in the forums before, but I would like to give off my ideas on it. First off, I will admit that the cartoon was horrible. However, I actually enjoyed it for its occasionally funny line or decent plot. But what if we were to bring it...
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