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  1. Kafei

    Oh Dear!

    I'm positive this is the worst come. In no way am i excited for this game. At all. Srsly? a giant flying bird? Have they completely ran out of ideas? I think the they should finish up the series soon. all things gotta end sometime. They've reached a point where the plot has been shown enough...
  2. Kafei

    WW-Wii U Wind Waker Glitch Thread

    dont see one so this is where its at. Does anyone know if there is an ISG for wind waker? been looking for a while and i have a couple therorys but so far nada. if you find anything like that could you PM me or such? Thanks.
  3. Kafei

    Foreign Music

    anybody have any cool forighn rap/music in general? This is that most badass rap ive ever heard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYSteovsYVA
  4. Kafei

    World Con in Reno

    Anybody come to renovation (worldcon)? Im here now, but its the last day. It was great< movie premiers, lots of fantasy art, and very cool panels, along with the puppeteers from lazy town.
  5. Kafei

    General Art Photography I Did

    working on picture taking.. mostly nature because i like nature.. critique please? :) :yes:
  6. Kafei

    Ocarina of Time Zeldastep

    LISTEN! bumped this till my ears bled. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=iv&v=NU75uz0b8EU&annotation_id=annotation_519179 rap to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTfZQat7snY&feature=related This is dank. If only these were the real tracks.
  7. Kafei

    Pink Floyd, The Beatles YS, Etc.

    So what do you guys think of Pink Floyd, so far it's my favorable band right now and i really like the wall album, and am desperately trying to get my hands on the movie. The beatles! one of my favorable classic "pop" rock bands I personally love the yellow...
  8. Kafei

    My Theory.

    Well I'll start with OoT and MM. They are sequels, correct? So basically link kills Gannon in OoT travels back 7 years and becomes a kid again. But wheres Navi? Link ventures off into lost woods and "opens a door" into a paralleled universe with every Termnian character having there own Hylian...
  9. Kafei

    BEN Short Film!! *very Explicit*

    So wondering more about this BEN story of Majora's Mask, I came across a 30 minute short film by a collages student's perspective of if the story was really true. Somethings are a bit twisted, but this is by far the most brilliant peice of Zelda FanFic movie. (be warned that the end of the movie...
  10. Kafei

    GameCube VS Wii

    In my honest opinion, I havent enjoyed a single wii game except WarioWare Smooth Moves. Basiclly all my Wii is used for is Virtual Council, Netflix, and to play GameCube games. Now GameCube games, are nothing but pure amazingness. When it was made, it was when a brand new shade of 126-bit(?)...
  11. Kafei

    Ocarina of Time Wait, What?

    So.. I just realized something. Zelda is Shiek correct? So if she can manage to escape Ganondorf as Sheik, why does she go back every time? At the end Zelda is trapped by him, but why would she go just to teach a song to link then go back to evil Hyrule Castle? I'm not saying Link and her should...
  12. Kafei

    Is It Me, or is This a Bit Creepy?

    I just read a GREAT piece of writing. It's not real, the video that is. But this story crept me out a little. But who ever made this did a great job thinking of a weird story to go along with a weird game. You can read the article here The video of the story here and the "ben" data here. The...
  13. Kafei

    Ocarina of Time Running Man!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiCtAUrZbUk IS this real?! I believe so but, somethings are a bit weird. I'm not sure if its hacked, but i guess you guys can decide!
  14. Kafei

    Adventure of Link Why the Hell is Zelda 2 So Hard?!

    I can't even beat the first dongeon I cant even figure out to kill a stalfos!
  15. Kafei

    Deadpool V.S. The Punisher?

    I'm not sure if this has already been done by marvel, but if it has I'm pretty sure Deadpool would shove The Punisher's head up his own as*. or, *Deadpool can't die, but i'm talking a fair fight.
  16. Kafei

    Song of Storms FTW

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82NjJjhsHag this is explicit so don't be mean to me, lol. I reall do wish this played when i walked in lol! ♫First some wind, then some rain Then, a fu*kin' hurricane We're all gonna die, time to say goodbye Holy crap, what the sh*t I am 12 and what is...
  17. Kafei

    Drawn Together or South Park?

    Drawn Together is way funnier than south park! I'm positive it's every little kids dream is to be old enough were their parents let them watch south park lmao. :xd: I mean who doesn't like 1920's sex symbols!? :D Tough competitor *sarcasm*:dry:
  18. Kafei

    Fable II?

    Which is better, Fable II or III? havent played III yet but it sounds kind of stupid :/ fable II though is sick.
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