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  1. Linkanon

    MM-3DS Bottle Disappeared & Can't Get It Back!

    Im typing this on a cracked iPhone, so apologies beforehand for typos/mistakes. So I was playing and have already beaten the swamp temple, and got the bottle from the potion dhop and everything. My SD card couldnt be read in the middle of a playing session, and I didnt notice anything weird...
  2. Linkanon

    General Zelda Egoraptor's 'Sequelitis: A Link to the Past Vs. Ocarina of Time'

    PART 1 Welcome to my thread on Arin 'Egoraptor' Hanson's newest episode of Sequelitis, a series where he compares two games in a series in many different ways, each episode is a bit different. In this episode, he compares A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, and to a lesser extent, the...
  3. Linkanon

    Ocarina of Time Egoraptor's 'Sequelitis: A Link to the Past Vs. Ocarina of Time'

    PART 1 Welcome to my thread on Arin 'Egoraptor' Hanson's newest episode of Sequelitis, a series where he compares two games in a series in many different ways, each episode is a bit different. In this episode, he compares A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, and to a lesser extent, the...
  4. Linkanon

    TIME TO CHIT-CHAT!! (also Mwahaha, I've Done It! XD )

    I've done it! I've taken over the morning threads! (not that hard to do) I don't even know I just wanted to open up a thread for talking. So, uh... how was your daaaay? Good, good. I'm well, thanks for asking. How're the kids? ANYWAYS. So I want you guys to just TALK. Just like... I don't...
  5. Linkanon

    Zelda Art Profile Picture: Help Wanted!

    Hey guys, I have a task for someone. :3 I've been wanting a new profile pic for lots of sites, and I can't do very much with my computer art abilities (I suck at PC art :xd: ), so I want to get in touch with someone about a new profile pic. Here's the requirements: -Must be at least...
  6. Linkanon

    Pokemon Art Pokemon: Opal Version *FAN-FIC*

    PROLOGUE Hi, my name's Opal. I live in Goldenseed Town in the Osaka region. I'm 14 years old, and my dream is to become a Pokemon Master; to find every single Pokemon in the world and capture it... and today's the day I get my first ever Pokemon!! I get dressed as fast as I can, brush my...
  7. Linkanon

    Adventure Time Vs. The Legend of Zelda

    I'm prepared to go all-out nerd in this. I like the show "Adventure Time" on Cartoon Network. It's got kid humor, adult humor in there, some pretty sweet music from Rebecca Sugar, like "What Was Missing (My Best Friends In The World)" and "Marceline's Fry Song." I like the "Legend of Zelda"...
  8. Linkanon

    IGN's Top 10 New Zelda Characters

    In January 2010, IGN posted a thread on the Top 10 New Zelda Characters. Click this link to read the first article: A decade in Zelda: top 10 new characters: SPOILERS BELOW | IGN Boards . Now, more recently, they've posted a Top 10 Favorite Zelda Games (according to someone at IGN...
  9. Linkanon

    Spoiler The Future of Zelda (in My Opinion)

    Have you seen Axle's article on the future of Zelda on the home page? All of us have debated about the timeline, how half of ours make sense, the rest doesn't. We're all wondering how the series will turn out. My best friend is even making some sketches on his idea for a new Zelda game, where...
  10. Linkanon

    General Art Linkanon's Official Art Thread

    I finally have some art to show! Yay! ^^ So, yeah, this is the thread where I MAKE YOU ALL LOOK AT MY ART, OR ELSE YOU WILL DIE!!!! Just kidding! :xd: So here's my first piece of artwork, colored and uncolored. Personally, I like the original version better. (they're REALLY big... so...
  11. Linkanon

    Spoiler Linkanon's Updated Timeline Theory

    Now that I’ve seen everything in Skyward Sword ( http://www.youtube.com/user/gloverrandall/ ), I’ve put together my very own theory that proves my timeline theory I posted a month or two ago. This is what I started with...
  12. Linkanon

    The "Official" The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Favorite Game Tournament

    Hola, peeplz, I've decided to do a contest to see which Zelda game is most people's favorites. Here's how things'll go down: ~The contest will start on December 10th. ~I'll post the starting thingy later on in this starting post, then continue on with the results of every round seven days...
  13. Linkanon

    Spoiler Skyward Sword: Before and After (MAJOR SPOILERS)

    So I've been watching gloverrandall's Skyward Sword walkthrough before I get SS on Christmas (we already got it, I just have to wait till Christ mas to get it, don't ask), and I wanted to make a sort of before I play it and after I play it review, I'm actually curious to see what has changed in...
  14. Linkanon

    Twilight Princess Top 10 Twilight Princess Songs

    I'm not sure if this should belong in another thread, but I'm gonna put it here since it's about TP. I want to discuss my top 10 Twilight Princess songs, and I want you guys to post yours, and maybe even an audio track or a Youtube link/video. Here goes! ;) 10 "Link is Coming." This is...
  15. Linkanon

    Who Likes Harry Potter?

    Well, I do... yeah, I saw the Goblet of Fire tonight on ABCFamily, and my mom and I just kinda started talking about it, as we are the only ones in the house who really like the movies/books. My dad is on #3 and has been since about 2 years ago, and my sisster AND dad boht watch the movies, but...
  16. Linkanon

    General Art Legends of Carabu: Attack of the Bulbins

    You know what? Here it is, about twenty daya early!! Legends of Carabu: Attack of the Bulbins! Here's the prolougue: enjoy! :) Prolougue They all arived in Takami in seconds. Aconar and Zelda Hunter said their goodbyes and walked on home. Then they all transported to Sela's house, where...
  17. Linkanon

    Zelda Art Legend of Three

    Hey, all. I'm taking a break from Legends of Carabu, like how you have to wait like a year for the sequel to a book. Speaking of books, you know that Zelda fan-fic that was released last year, "Silent Hero?" Well, about a month or two after that, I started my own Zelda fan-fic that I plan...
  18. Linkanon

    What Do You Think About Fi?

    Like the title says, what do you think about Fi? Personally, I'm gonna like her. I mean, she calls you "Master" instead of "b***h" like Midna calls you!! (Youtube video, you wouldn't get it unless you saw it...) I like her for these reasons (so far): ~Ghostly character ~Calls you "Master"...
  19. Linkanon

    Twilight Princess What do you Like/Hate about Twilight Princess?

    Hey All, I just beat Twilight Princess!! Here's my "Special Thanks" to those of you who helped me: Caleb Simpson ........yeah, I used ZD's Video Walkthrough, so he's the only one who helped, really... hmm... maybe that wasn't nessecary... well anyways, I hope that makes you all warm...
  20. Linkanon

    Twilight Princess Is This a Save Date Issue? Do I Have to Beat Ganondorf AGAIN??

    When it said "The End" I waited for a bit, then pressed "-" to see if it was frozen, and it said "- Can't Skip", so I knew it wasn't frozen, but then I waited a minute or two, then pressed "A+B", then swung the Wii Remote. To my surprise, it worked. It went to the title screen, and I started...
  21. Linkanon

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3D Review Pt. 1 and Bonus Pronunciations

    Kokiri Forest/Inside the Deku Tree I'll start off by talking about the Kokiri Forest. I like the opening scene, especially in 3D. Wonderful addition, great new character designs, like Link not having those dot-eyes, he has those awesome huge anime eyes (go anime!! :clap:). When Navi comes...
  22. Linkanon

    Twilight Princess Do YOU Hate Twilight Princess??

    Earlier today(September 20, 2011) , this article was posted on the home page: How Could Anyone Dislike Twilight Princess?September 20th, 2011 by Mases This question was recently brought up by a commentator of a Kotaku article and it became front page news over at the gaming site. It’s a...
  23. Linkanon


    Hey everyone, this is a thread where I post old things that I remade, and this is for people who want to see how bad I wrote the originals. :lol: Well, here's my 1st original that I remade, Chapter 2 of Legends of Carabu: The Original. Actually, here's Chapter 2, I tried to work it out so...
  24. Linkanon

    Zelda Art The Curse of Majora's Mask

    THE CURSE OF MAJORA'S MASK: FOUR CHILDREN. ONE GAME. ONE CHOICE. PART 1 Four children by the names of Joey, Ryan, Savannah, and Erika were at a house. Joey decided to invite Ryan, Savannah, and Erika over for a party-sleepover. They all came: and it was a mistake. They partied all night...
  25. Linkanon

    Spoiler Linkanon's Legend of Zelda Timeline

    http://i1083.photobucket.com/albums/j385/Linkanon/ZELDATIMELINE.jpg Before you go "Oh no, another timeline with no proof...", well, I HAVE PROOF. Not much, but I have proof. Let me start off by explaining the Adult Timeline, as it's the shortest. We all know Skyward Sword comes first, and...
  26. Linkanon

    General Art Legends of Carabu By, Linkanon

    Hey guys, this is my new story. Hope you guys like these! ^^ LEGENDS OF CARABU: PROLOUGUE: JOEY AND SAVANNAH One fine, summer day, a young boy of 13 named Joey sat in the fields of his hometown, Carabu. The lush, green fields covered a large area of the world he lived in. This world isn't...
  27. Linkanon

    Legends of Carabu (sign-ups)

    Legends of Carabu (care-uh-boo), my 1st works of fiction on ZD. Please support me in this! :) To start off, I'm gonna need application forms from people who want to be in this. This is what you need to have: Name: Age: Race(Carubian,Takamian, or Xionian, zee-oh-nee-uhn, or come up with...
  28. Linkanon

    Please Help Me! I Need It SOOO Bad and Fast!

    I need some MAJOR help. My birthday's coming up, right? And I REALLY want a 3DS... but I don't know which color to get, that's the problem. So I set up a poll for you guys to decide if I should get the Fire Red 3DS, or the Aqua Blue 3DS. The deadline is September 9th, because thats the day the...
  29. Linkanon

    A Story of Hyrule (!!!!!!!!VOTING ENDS AUGUST 15TH!!!!!!!!!)

    Ok, before I start, ther are a few rules...: 1.) Don't be nasty!!(like, perverty) 2.) Don't swear!! (cuss/curse) 3.) Be nice!! (unless it's absolutely necessary for the game) and most of all... HAVE FUN!!!! (yeah! XD) Alright, the characters are as follows: Benett (Me, Linkanon)...
  30. Linkanon

    Majora's Mask Ikana Castle

    I'm in Ikana Castle, the door to the right of the entrance. It has a floormaster in it, I defeated it, and the roo mhas absolutely no light in it for me to reflect, as the walkthrough says it does. Any thoughts?
  31. Linkanon

    Majora's Mask Heart Piece #5

    I can't get into the post office! (see this: http://www.zeldadungeon.net/Zelda06HeartPieces.php#05)
  32. Linkanon


    Do you guys think that Zelda Dungeon should do a Video Walkthrough for every game? I don't want to rush them on Majora's Mask or Any other thing for the site, but how about some suggestions? I'd like to give them to ZD, and maybe ask if they can do them. So, here's mine: (1= most needed,7= least...
  33. Linkanon

    Twilight Princess TP e/e10

    Do you guys think there's ANY way to get Twilight Princess rated E or E10? Just wondering!:)
  34. Linkanon

    Majora's Mask Progress

    I was playing Majora's Mask one day, and I beat Snowhead Temple. I did some stuff after that, and quit. I went to an owl in Clock Town, I think, and saved. Then, the other day, I started playing, and all of my progress was gone! No profile!:( I was SO mad, because I had put so much work into all...
  35. Linkanon

    Scariest Zelda Game?

    Here's how this is gonna go down: I give you a few choices, and you decide which one is th scariest game. You vote, and once you guys vote, let's say, 100 votes, I change the subject. The game with the most lovey-dovey stuff in it, the game that was the best, the worst game, the saddest game...
  36. Linkanon

    Four Swords Adventures Death Mountain Help!

    I've put out all of the fires, and I really don't know what to do with those 2 triangle things, near where you get rocs feather, but what about those 3 black and 1 white pots at the top of the mountain? They have ropes coming out of them...:) Help would be great...
  37. Linkanon

    Giant Cyclones

    How do you find the cyclones with the frog in them? I need to find one to get the Ballad of the Gales or whatever it is!:(
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