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  1. PK Love Omega


    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, random topic. So yeah, liek post your remedies. You know, better hair stuff and stuff. OK, Time to stop trolling. POOOOOOST UR REMEDIES. Smoother skin: Cream (Food cream if that's all you can get, but anything like E45 has better results) Vaseline Water Baby...
  2. PK Love Omega

    Zelda Dungeon Big Brother Sign Ups - An Interactive Competition for 10 Wishes!

    For everyone wondering, Big Brother is a British TV show, where contestants stay in a house and get eliminated 1 by 1. This will be exactly like the show, but with some Survivor elements. This will feature many fun challenges, and the 20 contestants will fight for 1st place, making alliances and...
  3. PK Love Omega

    Zelda Art Midna And Skyward Sword Link Artwork: Made by Me and Used with a Wabcom Tablet

    :P I know it is a bit rough, but it was the first time using a tablet.
  4. PK Love Omega

    Chuck Norris In World of Warcraft Commercial

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arKpdxjHamI Yeah, I just saw it on TV here at the UK. When I saw him, I thought that it would be Chuck Norris, and the end clarified it :D
  5. PK Love Omega

    Learning the Keyboard

    Wow, we have only just got it out of the attic and I am pretty good at it. (For a beginner, anyway) So far, I managed to create from scratch what seems to be Ganons Theme(The theme he plays on his organ in OOT), the beginning of Mother 3 Love theme and I taught myself what seems to be Skyward...
  6. PK Love Omega

    Spoiler The Sheikah Girls Identity... REVEALED!

    Remember that mysterious girl that fought Ghirahim and went into that yellow light in many trailers? The Sheikah girl with blond, platted hair? Well I had just finished the Lanayry Mining Facility Dungeon and Zelda shouts out "Impa!" As she goes to fight Ghirahim. Who knew it would be her? :O...
  7. PK Love Omega

    Spoiler Zelda's Father

    OK, I am watching my dad play Skyward Sword, and Fledge(I think, who is Link's friend) said something about Zelda's pet Cat, Mia and her father, Gaebora. Don't believe me? Well Lol, just wait one week and be prepared to be proven wrong :) Oh, and there are stupidsave bird statues and feruit...
  8. PK Love Omega

    Jet Grind/Set Radio

    I have been dying to play this series for quite a while, but I was unable with my Dreamcast being sold only a few months back. Luckily, my dad actually had Jet Set Radio Future on the XBOX. I played it for one hour, and I really enjoyed it. The graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is fun and...
  9. PK Love Omega

    Sonic Generations Discussion

    I have it! I got it today! My camera is nearly charged, it's been charging for two hours, so hopefully it'll be done after my tea. I just unlocked the Dreamcast Era after facing off with the Death Efgg Robot, which is way more action-packed than the Sonic 2 version. Classic Sonic levels are...
  10. PK Love Omega

    Finished Twilight Princess!

    Yup, and only today I was on the City of the Sky. Now, I have beaten the final boss which was epic, tense and something I will replay. Now it's on the credits :) This makes the total three, The others being Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker. Also, I am on the Water Temple(Not sure of the exact...
  11. PK Love Omega

    What Starter Should I Choose for Kanto and Hoenn?

    So, I am wondering, what should I choose? I chose Cyndaquill, so I should pick a grass type and a water type. Should I get Bulbasuar/Squirtle or Treecko/Mudkip? Or choose the fire types instead?
  12. PK Love Omega

    Shiny Pokemon

    So, how many do you have? Are they cool? What's so special about them to you? So I was looking for a Ditto yesterday and I find a Shiny Abra. Quickly, I pull out my cam corder, get 15 seconds of it and several pictures. Then, when I press fight, It froze. And shiny rayquazas are epic *-*...
  13. PK Love Omega

    Black and White = Mother 3?

    Well, I have noticed how B/W are VERY much like Mother 3. Here are some reasons why: Story They are a like, a bit. N's Playroom, King P's bedroom, engrossing stories, N and Lucas awake a dragon, and the teams don't hang around at one place. (Sharks in the arcade, Team Galactic at a base...
  14. PK Love Omega

    See Yourself in 20 Years.com

    How will you be in 20 years? Looool
  15. PK Love Omega


    Anyone into this awesome RPG? I am currently playing B/W. I am dying for a Snivy, as I got an Oshawott to start off with. I can get any starter for you, but only on SS, were I have about 300 different pokemon. Either that, or a Darkrai or Arcues. Just as long as it is a Snivy at any level...
  16. PK Love Omega

    General Art Time - A Novel By Tony Kemp.

    Author's Notes: 'Kay. I am reallly bored so I am going to create my own Novel This is only the prologue. Anyway, I have the plot all planned and I am in writing mode :D Let's do this. Prologue In a small town far from technology, there were two twin boys. The younger, timid and shy brother...
  17. PK Love Omega

    General Art Art! Anybody Who Uses a Tablet/GIMP/Photoshop? For Anyone Who is Arty!

    So, I have been around the forums, and I haven't found any Tablet users. My dad bought it for all of us to use... but I am the only one making use of it. I have done a few works on it, but some I ain't happy about. Some of my bests ones include these two: As for Photoshop, I would say I am...
  18. PK Love Omega


    Random title, I know :P But yeah, I was walking down the road with my sister and dog, and it was raining. Yes, awkward =/ But anyway, a man pulls up and asks if we have saw a black and white staff dog. We reply with no, and he says "Oh, OK," and he drove off. So we walked on to the canal...
  19. PK Love Omega

    What is the Huge Game Coming Out on the 3DS, Announced at the Conference?

    Incase, you didn't know, there is going to be a conference on September 13th. They will discuss the new 3DS(-.-) and a new, 1st party core game. So, what do you think it is? Mario Could be possible... but we have MK7, SM3DL, and Luigi's mansion 2, so I doubt we have one in stock. The...
  20. PK Love Omega

    Total Drama

    The only good thing left that is left on Cartoon Network. Lemme say, I've seen all the episodes and seasons and I LOVE it. And we finally get the CAKE distrubition page!
  21. PK Love Omega

    Twilight Princess Temple of Time Help

    OK, so I looked at all the guides and walkthroughs, etc and it tells me to go to the top floor and collect a statue. However, the statue is covered by a bell. What should I do?
  22. PK Love Omega

    Series That Need More Attention

    Mother One of the best RPG's ever made and it is COMPLETELY underrated. I mean, seriously. It is a challenging fun series that, by far has the best story and is very emotional. But why is it underrated? They couldn't advertise for a toffee in America and they hated us Europeans SO bad they...
  23. PK Love Omega

    Animal Crossing

    Yes, I feel like a n00b creating this thread, but I am highly addicted to it and I am dying for the 3DS version. I ADORED WW, LOVED GC even more(More chars, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc) AND! I I loved CF. There is so much to do on the games! You wanna know what? Imma play the GC Version soon.
  24. PK Love Omega

    Video Game WereWolf!

    So, basically, you choose a character and put it on the list. It can be any character you want from any video game. Donkey Kong Jr. To Master Chief, you get it. So, once your registered and the 30 slots have been taken up, we shall begin! RULES! There will be one seer and three werewolves...
  25. PK Love Omega

    SSBB! Anything SSBB Related Goes Here! Talk and Get Friends!

    So, anybody else like this game(Sarcasm) Without it, I wouldn't of learnt about the amazing MOTHER series (Us EUROPEANS DON'T GET ANYTHING.) Anyway, I remember waking up that morning and playing it for 12 hours. I even made vids of me playing the Japanese version(Yes, I got the Japanese...
  26. PK Love Omega

    Cleverbot Knows BEN?

    http://i1234.photobucket.com/albums/ff415/potato40/omg.png http://i1234.photobucket.com/albums/ff415/potato40/omg2.png Omg xD Creepy D:
  27. PK Love Omega

    Annoying People =/

    Let me just say, I HATE them. I have some kid from my school who is the same age as me who SPAMS me on FB Chat. Reminds me of a play I did... Cinderella and Rockerfella. We decided the Ugly Twin sisters should be boys XD Flirting with a gay boy. (He even admitted it infront of the...
  28. PK Love Omega

    GBA, Anyone?

    The GBA was my first ever gaming system and I was ADDICTED to it. WarioWare, Super Mario World, Pokemon, etc etc. And now, I got the Japanese only Mother 3 :D So, what are your opinions on it? I think it is better than the DS (Quick message, on 3DS XD)
  29. PK Love Omega


    Anyone else love this series? I started yesterday, I am level 8 and I just learnt PSI gaming. This game is so awesome :3 I am at Giant's Step
  30. PK Love Omega


    One of my fave racers :P I have every single F-Zero, with the exception of GBA games. My fave is a tie between GX and X. I often main Captain Falcon, with the stats inbetween, but also use Samurai Gohon So, your fave chars and opinions?
  31. PK Love Omega

    Anybody else a 3DS Fanboy/girl?

    I know I am. Me and my dad got one each and stayed up until Midnight release. i got Nintendogs and Cats, he got Pilotwings. (We later on got Ridge Racer 3D, Super Street Fighter 4 and OoT <3) I love my 3DS, And I find it impressive Nintendo is reviving some series. (Kid Icarus, Luigi's...
  32. PK Love Omega

    Drama/Pantos/Plays Anyone?

    Ugh. I have a bad experience with them. I AM ALWAYS JESUS! And when I finally thought I was the star role, we had a panto. This was great! NO MORE HALO OR WHITE DRESS! But no, I lost all 3 male roles and instead, became the costume designer. So, your thoughts?
  33. PK Love Omega

    Video Game Collectiblez (figurines, Toys, Plushes, Statues, Ornaments, Etc)

    Worst positioning, basically a pokedex, Torterra trading card tin and the rare Animal Foreest Play set with five Wild World Houses. How about yours?
  34. PK Love Omega

    A Place to Get Friends/followers/subscribers for Websites.

    Basically what the title says. So anyway, Can people sub to me? I'll sub back. http://www.youtube.com/user/KoolKempster?feature=mhee
  35. PK Love Omega

    Your 3 Wishes.

    Whats yours? Mine are: To have the Wii U hacked To have the 3DS flashcart ready, working and finished. Enough said. To live in the USA. I hate being in the UK. Bad weather, annoying children, etc. Maybe I'm just... different? :P
  36. PK Love Omega

    Majora's Mask Link... the Murderer? (MM Easter Egg XDDDDDDDDD)

    There's a little easter egg were you can blow up Sakon the thief. All you need is a bow and arrow. Link shoots him, and he literally explodes XD Here's the source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHyZQpNiTwk Lol, he got what he deserved >:3 Granny
  37. PK Love Omega

    Spoiler Would Termina Really Be Non-existant in the Future?

    OK, So I'm just wondering... when your sent back in time in OoT, is Ganon still in Hyrule or in the Sacred Realm? If he is in the Sacred Realm, that would mean that Termina would be destroyed, right? But I'm confused... Link is in Termina in the sequel. It would make sense Ganon would be in...
  38. PK Love Omega

    The Photoshop Shop! I Change Your Hair Colour and Eye Colour at Your Demand!

    Well, as the name suggests, I use photoshop to create YOUR requests. I can handle anything you want. Eye removal? We got it. Changing hair? We do it. Want cel shaded graphics? We drawt it. Want avatars and signatures? It's just one of my special talents! And, I can transform you into a zombie...
  39. PK Love Omega

    Majora's Mask What is the Order of Your Favourite Transformation Masks?

    Well, we all know Majoras Mask for it's creepy masks and awesome transformations, but what is your FAVOURITE of Deku, Goron and Zora? Here's mine: 1. Goron Link: I guess I just love Gorons. And I guess I loved getting out of that Deku body that only shot bubbles. But with Gorons, you roll and...
  40. PK Love Omega

    Yes :D I Have the Official Zelda Soundtrack Ocarina of Time 3D!

    It just got posted through! Dad wanted to seal it and sell it, I didn't care, but it said "Not for Sale" So, We unwrapped the plastic covering it, gently opened it, put it in the PC, AND WOW! Amazing quality. It's like your playing the game at this very moment! It makes me want to pick it up...
  41. PK Love Omega

    Majora's Mask What's So Great About Majoras Mask? (Just Wondering)

    People seem to rave over it, and it seems like an OoT clone.I do play it, but what's so great about it?
  42. PK Love Omega

    Spoiler What Happened to the Six Sages? SPOILERS OF OOT

    OK, Quick post really. But I'd like to share something with you. Anyone wander what happened to the sages? Saria: No where to be seen in Kokiri Forest, Lost Woods, Forest Temple or Sacred Forest Meadow. Couldn't escape with moblins, the temple would be to powerful for her alone. Also, she has...
  43. PK Love Omega

    Zelda Art Some of My Artwork of Link and Etc.

    I've been bored lately, I've been playing lot's of Zelda, and when I get bored, I just draw :D So, I've drawn two pictures in the past three days. (Been planning to do one today). Anyway, I'll show you them now :3
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