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  1. jugglaj91

    How many and which Amiibo do you own? And will you buy Amiibo cards in the future?

    I have Toon Link, Link, Pikachu, and Yoshi. I preordered Sonic and Shulk. I want to get Marth when he gets rereleased and i am definitely interested in those cards. I don't really want the figures for most of the amiibos but would not mind having the cards for them.
  2. jugglaj91

    What's Your Favourite YouTube Channel?

    Cinemassacre Optibotimus Rooster Teeth
  3. jugglaj91

    How to surpass OoT

    How to surpass OoT? Take off the nostalgia glasses. Same with FF7. It was the first big leap into something new and it influenced man games and still does. That being said it doesn't mean it hasn't been surpassed, just people tend to stick to it for the nostalgia it gives them. Until a few hours...
  4. jugglaj91

    Why Were Playstation 1 and 2 So Popular?

    PS1 was something new and had many games coming to it that looked interesting that weren't going to the N64. The PS2 had the fanbase already, and introduced a lot of people to DVD technology. Hard to believe only 12 years ago we were all still watching VHS tapes. And again it kept having the...
  5. jugglaj91

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    Level 9 from the original. It has so many hidden passageways and tricks it is easy to get lost.
  6. jugglaj91

    Portal 2 on Steam

    This was said sometime around launch of the game. And it only lets you do multiplayer with people on steam as well as PSN I believe. Nothing too spectacular but great of your friend is a strict PC gamer. Good luck in your quest to find someone to play with btw!
  7. jugglaj91

    The Wii U's Price

    Unless you have a Gamecube, your Wii may be the only way to do so in which case this would be a bad thing to do. Also the Wii launched in the US at 249.99 as well. More on topic - If the price is above 350 USD I am going to wait. Nintendo will shoot themselves if the price is too high...
  8. jugglaj91

    Portal 2 on Steam

    I do not, but it would be more helpful if you actually logged in and checked your account name. People probably won't look for someone who does not even know their own name.
  9. jugglaj91

    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

  10. jugglaj91

    Do You Like Durability on Shields?

    I play WoW too, and like you, may be why I take a little more care in my gear lmao
  11. jugglaj91

    Gaming Then and Now

    Being this seemed to be a year of remakes I have to say that some games are better now than ever before. I mean, who doesn't love packing everything up to go play at a party, or heading over to a friends house to play games. /sarcasm At any rate, just because games are getting repetitive...
  12. jugglaj91

    Skyloft At Night

    For the cat gremlins, I believe near the beginning of the game someone says something about them going weird or mean at night.
  13. jugglaj91

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Tying Up a Few Loose Ends, but Creating Way More?!

    Actually, It has been stated MANY times before, this game comes at the earliest point in the timeline so far. And it cannot take place after OoT otherwise no one would have known about the Master Sword, even with the messed up ending of time travel and splits. Besides, loose ends will ALWAYS be...
  14. jugglaj91

    Do You Like Durability on Shields?

    I can't really comment. I have upgraded the wooden all the way, only need 2more treasures and my iron will be fully upgraded, and I believe I have everything to make the sacred shield the next best, but not fully upgraded. To be honest I haven't broken a shield yet, but that is mostly because of...
  15. jugglaj91

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Tying Up a Few Loose Ends, but Creating Way More?!

    Well i am not so sure about the first of anything. The Legend of Zelda itself I thought came from a greedy sibling who put her to sleep. So unless this "legend" comes later (or sooner. No idea). Still there is still more to be had dealing with this. As stated by Nintendo this game is a...
  16. jugglaj91

    3Ds Vs Vita

    Everyone will want a 3DS at some point. The people that get a Vita will be the ones who clamor for "awesome graphics" and crappy gameplay. I do not doubt the Vita's power in any way, and I am sure it will do well. But with its high price point of entry, and necessary further 50 USD investment...
  17. jugglaj91

    Slightly Disapointed

    The only thing that disappointed me (so far) is the overworld/surface area. Making them out to be mini dungeons/puzzles just sucks all the fun out of it. Yes it is an interesting idea, and I liked it at first, but when it is done over and over again it gets tedious and tiresome very fast. I do...
  18. jugglaj91

    Spoiler So What is the Reward...

    Yes 80 it is. 65 from side quests, and 15 are just laying around to be found.
  19. jugglaj91

    Track List on 25th Aniversary CD

    Like FlatandSharp said is basically true. The track list was on an insert inside the game case. I have yet to listen to it, but i will shortly after I beat SS.
  20. jugglaj91

    SS Bundle Help

    I can't say for sure about the bundle. I would assume it was a limited run for it seeing as it was a limited/collector's edition. That is why as soon as I saw it announced I transferred my pre order to it from just the game. It also doesn't surprise me about them being sold out seeing as it is...
  21. jugglaj91

    Game of the Year Chances?

    To be completely honest, I think Skyrim has it. As much as I would love SS to win it just isn't feasible. The motion controls alienate a chunk of people from ever playing this game. That in itself is a big con toward winning GOTY. Which is also a con of mine. While the motion controls are great...
  22. jugglaj91

    Early Releases in America

    Wow, it is OoT3D all over again. A couple of my friends had gotten OoT3D early when Target had put them out on a tuesday and then subsequently pulled the remaining 2 copies from the shelf. Also, I am friends with Gamestop employees and no matter how much I beg I could never get it early. Shows...
  23. jugglaj91

    Bad News for Smash Bros. Players Who Use GC Remotes.

    I have always used the Wiimote and Nunchuk setup. SO long as that is a viable option I will be fine. If not then I guess tablet use will have to work I suppose. Oh well, not really planning on getting the Wii-U until Zelda anyway.
  24. jugglaj91

    Final Fantasy XIII

    I enjoyed it. The fact is that most people find it way to linear for a FF game, and they simplified a lot of things. If you have ever played an older FF you would know exactly what they mean why most everyone says it sucked. But as I said I enjoyed it and although I am in no high hopes for...
  25. jugglaj91


    Yes I know about this version, I played it as well and loved it all the same. But even still it looks a bit dated, although a lot better than the original.
  26. jugglaj91


    Remakes happen a lot. Generally with a good gap between them. I see no problems with them as I only get a couple. Also, generally speaking they come out cheaper because most of the work is already done, just needs touch ups and recoding for the new graphics/buttons. It is also good for people...
  27. jugglaj91

    Xbox or Playstation

    This has been brought up in other threads before. All it does is lead to fanboys being fanboys and getting worse. Also it would help if you had posted your thoughts on which you thought was better OP.
  28. jugglaj91

    3DS Ambassador Games Are Now Available!

    Undoubtedly it should come to be part of the free games. It is the year of Zelda. Nintendo said they had no current plans to release the GBA games to the public, so it had better come free to ambassadors. If it does not then I know they will be implementing a VC for GBA games and it will be...
  29. jugglaj91

    Spoiler Why Call of Duty Games Suck and Have Become Trolled by Us Zelda Fans

    I personally am not a FPS guy. I like games like Zelda and Fable, you know, games that take a bit before they are finished. Although lately I have been getting into them. For me it is just the satisfaction of completing something. I may be late to the party but I really only play the games for...
  30. jugglaj91

    A Dilemma

    Sounds like you want someone to say PS3. Everyone has said 3DS and you have shot them down. Why did you post if you already knew what you wanted, or rather, what you didn't want? I have both and I use them about the same. Seldom to close to never. All my friends are on Xbox more than PS so that...
  31. jugglaj91

    Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts?

    Older Final Fantasy games for me. Kingdom Hearts is good and all, and it incorporates FF characters but I loved the story and gameplay of the older FF over KH.
  32. jugglaj91

    Master Sword. POWER UP?!?

    Power wise, as everyone said, no. It needed the prayers of the sages to become the "true" Master Sword and have the "power" to repel evil and slay Ganon.
  33. jugglaj91

    Have You Ever Catched 'em All?

    Closest I got was Pokemon Silver for the GBC. With minimal trading, and no cheats/hacks, out of a possible 251, i had I believe 220-230.
  34. jugglaj91

    Who Owns A: PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox, PS, DSi, 2 Wiis, PC, and a Gamecube

    ^ ^Space after colon works. On Topic - I have an Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, PC, NDS Lite, 3DS. I do play GCN games on my Wii though, but I dont count as having one as I don't actually have one.
  35. jugglaj91

    Ocarina of Time Wait, What?

    Its about being a ruler. When you become a King or Queen, or say Captain of a ship, or even a sports team, you feel an obligation to do the best you can so others will follow you. Granted Sheik his his/her identity, but as future Queen S/he knew what s/he had to do for the people of the land. A...
  36. jugglaj91

    100 % Completion. What Does It Mean to You?

    I have 100% Mario Galaxy 1. And TP. For TP I used a guide to get everything, although now a days I can do it all from memory, no big deal. I am not a big completionist myself, only with games I actually have fun playing and don't want to end. And, yes I use guides, not only to check if I've...
  37. jugglaj91

    N64 help!

    I know i helped in no way but i am glad your 64 is working again. the 64 is my favorite console of all time.
  38. jugglaj91

    Which Would You Rather See a Zelda Game On, the Xbox or the Playstation?

    I was going to say Wii U myself. Not for the fact of it being more powerful, but because its the next Nintendo Console. And power means nothing when it is outdated in mere months.
  39. jugglaj91

    Fable II?

    I think you should experience them all. Fable/Fable: The Lost Chapters was amazing and revolutionary at the time. Sure the graphics are dated but so is OoT and I am sure that doesn't stop you from enjoying it from time to time. Fable 2 had so much back up and support because it was the first 360...
  40. jugglaj91

    Mortal Kombat (2011) DLC Confusion

    SO to get this straight, you didnt purchase any DLC at all? I know if you buy the Kombat Pass/Character bundle you get Skarlett and future DLC characters. It could be a mistake, or it could be a freebie from the developers for messing something up. Not sure, and too few details to know.
  41. jugglaj91

    Ocarina of Time How Many Stores Did You Go Before Finding It?

    I actually just went to my locally owned game store. Preordered there about a month and a half early and they got all their copies by friday so saturday night ha a midnight launch party. so just one store for me.
  42. jugglaj91

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina 3D - The 3D is Not Standing Out (Literally)

    As far as I knew the 3DS was always about DEPTH. There are occasions where there seems to be "popping out" 3D but its still a tweak of the depth. As stated previously I enjoy the 3DS and the feeling of it pulling me into the game, as opposed to backing me out of the game with "popping out"...
  43. jugglaj91

    Disappointment in Wii Virtual Console

    They layout of the buttons on the GCN controller could never match the layout of the SNES controller. Besides, the wii is programmed to read the buttons as they are on the controller, and would cause a lot of confusion in gamers if B were to suddenly be A or any of the other A,B,X, or Y buttons...
  44. jugglaj91

    General Classic Do You Think That They Will Make All of the Classic Zelda Games for 3ds?

    I would love for them to make the original LoZ as a 3D classics title. After playing excitebike on my 3DS (which is amazing I must say) I feel that a total revamp to add 3D would be amazing. As for making them all again for 3DS I hope not. There are already a few remakes announced for the 3DS...
  45. jugglaj91

    Ocarina of Time Watch the Trailer IN 3D NOW!

    I totally feel bad for you. The trailers are indeed amazing in 3D. Maybe once E3 is done they will upload proper videos of hem for you guys over there.
  46. jugglaj91

    Luigi's Mansion 2

    It would have been nice of them to put out the first one on 3DS. It was meant to be seen in 3D after all. Unfortunately Nintendo scrapped that idea for the GCN and no other titles were made in 3D for it.Well maybe if this game does well enough we may get our chance.
  47. jugglaj91

    3DS: Hit or Flop?

    Can't call it a flop. It is very successful. It is just that most people are waiting for that must have game. I wasn't going to buy a ps3 until God of War 3 came. Took me almost a year later but I got one. Its just a waiting game. A lot of people are also waiting on a price drop. 250 USD is a...
  48. jugglaj91

    Wanna Join?

    As intriguing as this sounds. I will have to pass. I don't have enough time to do so but if I happen across any Zelda fans with similar interests I will most CERTAINLY send them your way.
  49. jugglaj91

    Which One, the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3?

    Not nice to spread rumors or lies like that. The Xbox 360, no matter which model you get, original or slim will not play Blu-Ray discs. There was a recent update for a new disc format which added about a Gigs worth of space to current 360 discs, but it is not Blu-Ray. Just thought I would point...
  50. jugglaj91

    Super Mario 3DS: FLUDD or No FLUDD?

    I was not a fan of SMSS. The whole FLUDD thing turned me off to it. And Yoshi seemed to make little to no sense being there either. The game was good in its own way but I prefer Mario in all his platforming glory, no gimmicks like FLUDD.
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