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  1. masterSword2

    How Often Are You on the Forum?

    (I'm pretty sure this is a new topic, but if there's another thread like this, I apologize.) Until recently, I'd only just pop up every once in a while, lurk a bit, then leave. More recently though, I've become much more active, and thus spend a lot more time around here. I'd say I probably...
  2. masterSword2

    Claim an Anime Song!

    The rules are simple. You can claim up to 3 songs, and you can only claim one song per anime. Your are also allowed to claim songs by vocaloids The songs that are claimed will be listed in this post, so check it first so you don't claim a song that's already been claimed. My picks: Bleach-...
  3. masterSword2

    Game Grumps

    Do any of you guys watch game grumps on Youtube? It's a show in which two guys play random video games. I personally think that game grumps is the funniest YouTube Channel Ive ever seen. So what do you think about game grumps? Do you find it entertaining?
  4. masterSword2

    Stupid Things You Did While Playing Pokemon.

    When I first started playing Pokemon, I thought that the 6 Pokemon you carried with you, were the only ones you could get throughout the entirety of the game. Using this logic, I decided that I shouldn't catch any Pokemon now, and wait for stronger ones later on. So obviously getting past the...
  5. masterSword2

    Problem Posting Disscusions in Group

    Recently I was made the owner of a group called Twilight Princess Fan Club. It's previous owner transferred ownership to me, because of being unable to post discussions, and hoped it would work for me. After becoming the groups leader i tried to post a discussion myself, but encountered the same...
  6. masterSword2

    Any Fans of Fairy Tail?

    Recently i discovered the anime Fairy Tail. Within the first few episodes i was already really in to it. Out of all the anime I've seen, it is easily my favorite. The characters are great, the story is awesome, everything about this show is pure WIN. So I was wondering, are any other members of...
  7. masterSword2

    What if Link Was a Girl in the Next Zelda Game?

    If Link was a girl in the next game how would you react? Would you even care? Personally I wouldn't particularly care if it happened because Link never talks so I cant see it having a major impact on the game. That aside I think it might be interesting for Nintendo to do something new like that.
  8. masterSword2

    Not All Links Are Related

    i have heard a theory that all links are related in some way. some of them might be but some are not. i was recently replaying WW when i reached the part of the game when you get the pearl from Jabun. during the conversation between Jabun and the King of red lions, the king of red lions says The...
  9. masterSword2

    What Game Defines Zelda?

    which game do u think defines zelda? i personally would say oot.
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