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  1. BadRebelWolf

    Zelda Dungeon Logo Revamp: Opinions?

    Now. ---------------------------------- New? Thoughts?
  2. BadRebelWolf

    Zelda Art Skyward Sword Fi/Master Sword Piece (& Impa Piece)

    This is my art piece I made last week. Hope you guys like it.------------------------Also, this is my older sister's art: Also, I am working on a Link/Zelda piece right now. Follow me on Tumblr? Or Twitter?
  3. BadRebelWolf

    Zelda Reference in Nikita Episode

    Wasn't sure where to place this, but I thought it should be mentioned to LoZ fans that Zelda was referenced in the latest Nikita episode, "Intersection." (So was Star Wars :D) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VovA0t4d0I&feature=youtu.be
  4. BadRebelWolf

    Earliest Memory of Gaming

    What was your earliest memory pertaining to video games? (e.g. the first game you played, first time you saw someone playing a game, first purchase, etc.) My First Memory: I believe was in 1996, at the store with my Dad (and possibly my older sister), we were purchasing our first Nintendo 64. :)
  5. BadRebelWolf

    How/Why Did You Choose Your Username?

    I figured it'd be cool to learn the origin of ZD usernames. Didn't see a thread, so here! :) I came up with mine after watching Doctor Who and loving the Bad Wolf entity. Since the name "BadWolf" was always taken (in most places), I decided to add a word to it. I like the term "Rebel" (as...
  6. BadRebelWolf

    End of the World Poll

    Theoretically, let's say the world is going to end... If you were the only person able to stop it, but in order to save the world you'd have to sacrifice your life, would you do it? - Yes, of course, for the sake of human existence. - No. (In which everyone dies and you become immortal, living...
  7. BadRebelWolf

    Zelda Art Zelda's Secret

    Zelda's Secret by momentovitae (my sister). :)
  8. BadRebelWolf

    Disabled Gamers

    Are there other gamers out there (or in these forums ^^), who may have a disability that inhibits playing games as well as others? I am a gamer, and I play every video game one-handed (I even type one-handed). If you want to know more about my condition, feel free to PM me.
  9. BadRebelWolf

    Skyward Sword Countdown Screensaver

    Does anyone still have this screensaver and if so, would you be willing to e-mailing me the ZIP file? :)
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