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    Poll: Should There Be a 'Zelda Day'

    I would really like a Zelda holiday, but I don't think it should be based off of different release dates. I think that since there is a lot of 3's within the games that it should be March 3rd. Then it would be the 3rd month on the 3rd day. Either that or just have the whole month of March a...
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    Adventure of Link Last Palace, Need to Vent... :)

    I understand what you went through. I got through the valley of death with my last life and just 1 or 2 hits left. I heard that you start at the great palace when you make it there, so I selected the save option and I was dissappointed that is started me at the North Palace. I guess I will...
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    2012 ZD Marathon Wrap Up

    I wouldn't mind doing this sometime, but I would want to do a marathon that is all Zelda games 100% completion whether the person playing is good or not. I would want comments during the marathon about the current game being played and what is going on and any extra neat little information that...
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    A Link to the Past Collecting the Crystals in Reverse Order

    I just recently played A Link to the Past and when I got to the dark world I just went and got the dungeon items and left the dungeon. After I got all of them it was fun to beat all of the Crystal Dungeons in reverse order. An interesting thing I found out is the when the 1st crystal was the...
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    What is Your Favorite Zelda Boss?

    I have been playing through Majora's Mask for the first time and I recently came across Goht. He is my new favorite boss. He may be pretty easy, but this boss is definitely the most fun for me. I just loved rolling around and mowing him down.
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    Ghirahim or Vaati

    I like both of those villains and it is really hard to decide Ghirahim: -I like how he uses his power -I like his skill at sword fighting -I like how he is similar to Fi -Conjure lot of enemies (horde battle) -Confident Vaati: -Great swordfighter -Sorcerer -Lots of room to grow -More involved...
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    Epona Vs Train!

    It seems like everyone is looking at Epona's side of "winning." I will present what good things the train has. 1) Can carry big loads 2) Shoots bombs 3) Has a whistle (fun to pull) 4) I like technology (especially the robots in Skyward Sword) 5) Link could build new tracks 6) The train...
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    Adventure of Link I LOVE Adventure of Link!

    This game is growing more and more on me as I play through. I am halfway through the 3rd dungeon and have not level grinded at all yet. I have found some difficulty in it but it has not been that bad. Bad aspects -Mainly just a fighting game Good aspects -Leveling up That is all I can think...
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    Adventure of Link Brutality...

    Right now I am on the 3rd dungeon of the game and have only died twice so far. I have gotten the item in the dungeon and now am just trying to find my way to the boss. I think this game is a little difficult for now, but I think I will get better as I go. I do love the slight challenge...
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    Adventure of Link Took Me 20 Years....

    I am currently working on this game and I have finally beaten the first 2 dungeons. I am on my way to the 3rd. I plan on beating it within this next year for sure. (I have a wife and child, so it is a little hard to put in the time). I will eventually beat it though. I am playing this game...
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    Some Ranting About the Contests

    I really love Zelda and I wanted to get more involved in the ZeldaDungeon community. I started to get into commenting on the forums and wanting to add more content. When the April contest came it just gave me more incentive to delve further into the Zelda series. I always try to make quality...
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    Zelda's Loftwing

    I never really thought about where the loftwing went. It sure seems like they could make a spinoff game where you are Zelda's loftwing and on an adventure or helping out Zelda. I have never played the tingle side games, but this topic makes me want to check those out.
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    Twilight Princess Who Are the Interlopers?

    It is only mentioned once in a cutscene.
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    Twilight Princess Who Are the Interlopers?

    That is what I thought, but I also think that it is a prison for anybody that disobeys Hyrulean Law.
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    Twilight Princess Who Are the Interlopers?

    My thoughts on this subject after recently beating this game is that the interlopers are the beginning of the Twilight people. I think a lot of the descendants of the Interlopers were the people of Twilight. Although I think that some of the people of Twilight are just prisoners. Tell me...
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    The Return of Magic in Zelda

    I like magic in Zelda games. In Twilight Princess I think it was suppose to have it. I think that Link should have had magic in Twilight Princess because Zelda was able to make light arrows and revive Midna, Ganon was able to control Zelda, turn into a beast, and overpower the magic of the...
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    Twilight Princess What Are Your Thoughts on Twilight Princess? the Good and the Bad.

    I have been playing Twilight Princess lately. It use to be on the bottom of my list of Zelda games, but now I don't think it is. I am starting to replay it on all 3 files trying to get my quickest time. It takes me so far about 50 minutes to reach the first temple. I will try at it till I...
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    Twilight Princess Ordon Vs. Master Sword

    I definitely like a challenge so maybe my next play through I will do those things that make the game even harder.
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    Twilight Princess Ordon Vs. Master Sword

    I am playing Twilight Princess again and I noticed that you can select the Ordon Sword instead of the Master Sword after getting the Master Sword. I was wondering if anybody else noticed this and if so did you use the Ordon Sword for more of a challenge? Or was it for some other reason?
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    What is Your Favorite Race?

    I like the robots the best because they are advanced and yet they are from the distant past. They have awesome technology. I would almost think that they are eternal because they have the timeshift stones and possibly stay at the same time period the whole time. The whole concept of the...
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    The Symbol of Legend of Zelda

    I would probably agree with most of the people posting in this thread and say that the hylian crest (bird with triforce above it) is the symbol I would use. Another suggestion I would say is the Gate of Time from Skyward Sword. There is a lot of symbolism in it. There is the triforce in the...
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    Phantom Hourglass: Did You Like It?

    I loved Phantom Hourglass. Awesome things: Sand Wand; The Ocean Temple (each time going through it there is a faster way); Ship Parts; Making notes with the stylus Something I wish they changed: Better rewards from ship parts other than your ship's health
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    Spoiler Who is Queen Rutela?

    I just played this part of the game in Twilight Princess and Queen Rutela was killed in the duration of the game. Although since we have seen characters living for a long time such as Impa from Skyward Sword or I am sure there is another example. If the Ancient Hero that gives you the hidden...
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    Link Vs. The Horde

    I at first did not like the horde battle and I found it to be hard at first. I stormed down the spiral and when I had to fight Ghirahim afterwards as well I just didn't prepare myself for 2 big battles. When I took the horde battle slow it was so easy. I didn't take it slow till my 3rd...
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    The Three Most Important Things in a Zelda Game.

    1. Puzzles - I love puzzles in a Zelda game even though most of them seem to be push a button or pull a lever. I would like to see them be more difficult. 2. Items - Plenty of items and some unique ones to make it interesting. There needs to be several staple ones like bombs, bow, and of...
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    First Time Zelda Experience

    My first Zelda experience was watching my neighbor play the original Zelda on the NES. It looked interesting, but I really didn't get into it till I saw the SNES Zelda being played at the same neighbors place. I wanted to get ahold of my own copy of A Link to the Past and to this day it is my...
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    Stop Complaining About the Tadstones

    I thought the tadtones were actually kind of cool I was able to find all of them on my first try, with using the dowsing on the lily pads. There really wasn't too much swimming so this was a nice little addition to the game. Even though at first I did not like it, the second playthrough was a...
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    What's Your Opinion on Upgrades?

    The upgrade system was unique for a Zelda game in the fact that there was materials needed to gather (other than the biggoron sword). I liked the upgrade system and there is probably more that could be done, but I think I might just wait and see what happens. My favorite upgrade was the speed...
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    Hyrule Historia English?

    Maybe they will wait till right before the next Zelda comes out so that another Zelda game does not have to be added. I would love to have an English copy myself one of these times and if not I will get the Japanese one and try to learn the language.
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    Favorite Ocarina Songs?

    The Song of Storms is my favorite "Ocarina" song, but I really like Gerudo Valley the best.
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    Does Writing Your Name Instead of Link Reduces the Epicness?

    I like to use Link if I am trying to document what is being said by the various characters so that it doesn't get mixed up. My second playthrough of Skyward Sword I used the name Groose and that got confusing at some points of the conversations. But, it really doesn't matter to me. There was...
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    How Did You Waste Time?

    On my 2nd playthrough (after I beat hero mode) I tried to get everything I could as early as I could get it. I spent a lot of time smashing pumpkins on skyloft to buy everything I could before the first temple. then I figured out on catching faron grasshoppers in front of skyview temple and...
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    Ruins of Skyloft?

    I am guessing that it could be the same, but I don't think the oocca evolved I think they are just a new race that inhabited skyloft not knowing what it was before and made their lives and called it the city in the sky.
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    Spoiler Now Kiss!

    There is always going to be a tease at the relationship. I think during an interview Myamoto doesn't want a romantic relationship between Link and Zelda, but he allowed the slight extra romantic scenes because he thought it wasn't quite too much. I don't think he wants it to go much further.
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    My Detailed Countdown

    I enjoyed reading your reasoning for the placement of your Zelda games. I recently made a list of my favorite Zelda games and I had a general feeling as to why, but not as much detail thought about the games when I made the order so it might change in the future when I keep track better of the...
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    Tri force choice poll

    I prefer Wisdom because I like the idea of figuring things out and that is what I like in the Zelda series. I think Courage is a given when you go out and explore. Wisdom is my favorite part in Zelda because of the puzzles that have to be solved. I like the more intricate puzzles that don't...
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    General Modern No Great Fairies!?

    Great fairies I think have been pretty cool. The game I grew up with, A Link to the Past, had them and it was interesting that you had to choose what to throw in the pond and some of them would be upgraded. I loved Skyward Sword, but A Link to the Past was above this one. I don't think that...
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    Twilight Princess Ganon and Zants Demise.

    Maybe Ganondorf influenced the way that Zant was and all of that was really how Ganon is, not Zant.
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    Twilight Princess Did You Like Wolf-Link?

    I liked wolf link for the most part, I just didn't like collecting all of the tears after the first time. The first time collecting the tears seemed kind of fun. It was a lot more fun once I could transform back and forth whenever I wanted to.
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    LEAST Favorite Companion?

    My least favorite companion was Ezlo because he was kind of a wuss. He just really didn't seem all that helpful.
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    Twilight Princess Who Was Your Favourite Boss?

    Twilit Fossil Stallord was my favorite boss in Twilight Princess. This boss game me the most oportunity to use the spinner in unique ways. By the way the spinner is my favorite item.
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    Twilight Princess Is It Worth Buying Twilight Princess?

    For me it was at the bottom of the list of my Zelda games. However, I do like every Zelda game. I think it is worth it, in fact I have 2 copies of it. I completely forgot I had a copy I loaned out to somebody till after they returned it.
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    The Legend of Zelda LoZ 3 Heart Challenge

    Although is it really possible to have only 3 hearts in LoZ? I thought that at the end of the 1st dungeon that there was only one way to get that piece of triforce and the heart container was in the way. I have not attempted this myself as I will probably try it on Skyward Sword first (or at...
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    General Classic Oracle of Ages Question

    I did the password thing, but I can't remember which order I did it. I know for sure I noticed some text changing, but other than that and the final boss fight I can't remember any other changes. I think it also might remember some of the rings you acquired in the other game. I will want to...
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    What Zelda Games Have You Beaten?

    I have beaten: LoZ AoL ALttP LA OoT Not MM TMC FS FSA OoA OoS TWW TP PH ST SS
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    How Long Did It Take You to Beat Each of Your Zelda Games?

    I have played all of the games at one point in time. The only one I have not beaten is Majora's Mask. I can only remember 2 games of how long it takes me. A Link to the Past: Most of the time I would play in one sitting for about 4 hours Skyward Sword: First time I played it took me 75...
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    What Systems Do You Play Your Zelda Games On?

    I use to own all of the Zelda game prior to Skyward Sword. Now I only have 2 Zelda games. Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess (2 copies of this one as I forgot a long time ago I loaned this one out.) I play both Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess on my Wii. I sure do miss all of the...
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    Zelda MMORGP: Domain of Hyrule

    I don't really like this idea whatsoever. This world would be based on the Zelda universe, but with multiple people being heros the role of the legendary hero gets downplayed. It would seem that heroic stuff would get done by the common people in this game idea. I don't like the fact of...
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    New Zelda Game?

    I don't really care about the enemies. What I would really look forward to is something better with the puzzle aspect. It could be a lot more similar to the Myst series. If you have not played any of those check them out.
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    Swordless Oot Run?

    At the 4:00 mark he gets the sword here. Unless there is some other glitch that gets you either past the kokiri gaurd or are able to skip the 1st dungeon I don't think it is even possible. You are forced to have a sword equiped before the first dungeon. Or at least need the sword to do some...
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