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  1. Neil Almack

    Choice bound game.

    Do you think the Zelda series would ever make a choice bound game like an Elder Scrolls game? Maybe not specifically about Link and Zelda, but something in that universe that is between incarnations of the hero that flesh out some of the timeline gaps. I think it would be pretty cool to play as...
  2. Neil Almack

    Timeline Shenanigans

    Just a question: Do you think that they developers will ever create a game (maybe even BotW) that either A. serves as a loop in the timeline that is both after one of the split timelines while simultaneously being before SS, or B. serves as a bridge that is simultaneously in more than one of...
  3. Neil Almack

    Old Man alternate (although implausible) identity in BotW

    I'll start this by saying that though I've been a lifetime fan of the Zelda series, I have not played all the games, nor do I claim this to be my belief, but more if a thought exercise. As stated above, I've missed some games (mostly the handhelds). I don't remember another game where Link...
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