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  1. The Dashing Darknut

    Do many songs you like give you goosebumps?

    How many songs give you goosebumps, or all at? For me, lots of times I’ve had big goosebump moments Lots of the soundtrack from Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, especially C-R-O-W-N-E-D and Aurora Area, and a lot of Twilight Princess music too gave me pretty big goosebumps combined with the...
  2. The Dashing Darknut

    [MM] Who do the Deku worship/do they worship?

    It’s been on my mind for a while The Woodfall Temple is implied to be a place of worship This implies that they do worship. The question is who? If it’s the Deku it could be the founders of the Deku palace who are Deku, but then again, it could be Oldalwa, but the question is, why is he...
  3. The Dashing Darknut

    Gorman: An underrated and interesting character

    Majora’s Mask has a lot of good npcs, like Kafei and Anju, Darmani, Romani and Cremia, etc. But one that isn’t talked about as much is Gorman. Gorman is the leader of Gorman Troupe, along with the Rosa sisters, the twins, and Guru-Guru. Wanting to perform in the concert on the day of the...
  4. The Dashing Darknut

    Eularia: World of Soul Searching

    Chapter 1: Ala, a god that regrets Ala art made by @Fraxinus Ala was Eularia’s god, creator, and the one the beings of her world worshipers. She created a world of many wonders and surprises. One part was filled with a permanently raining town for those who did their harvest and those who...
  5. The Dashing Darknut

    Kirby drawing prompts

    I wanted to do this cause I’m on a bit of a drawer’s block, and as a Kirby lover, I wanted to do this I’ll draw any Kirby copy ability Or a fan version of your choice Some might take long cause my memory can be a bit poor but I’ll try to do them all Request as much as you like, but only one...
  6. The Dashing Darknut

    Favorite level/levels in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

    Kirby and Forgotten Land has been out for a while, and I as a big fan of the series and as someone who loved the game, I wanted to know your favorite levels in the game For me all of Wondaria Remains was very good, but I especially liked Welcome to Wondaria and Circuit Speedway, and both...
  7. The Dashing Darknut

    Creepiest game over in any game you’ve played

    Was there any video game that had a game over that scared you, as a kid or adult? Which one was the creepiest for you? For me it’s got to go to Metroid Prime 2 In Metroid Prime 2 you see that Samus has died of cardiac arrest with constant beeping in the background and it’s disturbing, along...
  8. The Dashing Darknut

    A character you like from movie/book/show/video game that you don’t like

    Is there any kind of fictional character that you like from something that you don’t like? A character that’s really funny or endearing that’s a part you like in a piece of media you don’t like?
  9. The Dashing Darknut

    Is there more meaning behind some of the masks in Majora’s Mask?

    I’ve been curious about this for a while. In the game, there are some masks you collect through sidequests, and I was wondering about something. Some masks, such as the Deku, Goron, Zora, Gibdo, and Kamaro’s masks are obtained by healing someone’s soul with the Song of Healing, and others are...
  10. The Dashing Darknut

    Cutest video game characters

    Post characters from video games that you find cute or adorable. I’ll start with Penny from WarioWare. I find her design to be really cute
  11. The Dashing Darknut

    Do you ever dance to music?

    Do you ever unintentionally just dance to a song you’re listening to?
  12. The Dashing Darknut

    What Wii game would you play first?

    Similar to the thread about what N64 game would you play first, I wanted to ask what Wii game would you play first. The Wii was the console I grew up with, so it’s pretty hard to choose, but I’d say Super Mario Galaxy. It’s just such an incredible game.
  13. The Dashing Darknut

    Your least favorite SpongeBob episode

    I, like most people, really enjoy SpongeBob. It’s just a very entertaining show. However, there are also some episodes that I just really don’t like. I wanted to know what your least favorite episode of SpongeBob is. My least favorite episode is SpongeBob, You’re Fired. The episode just drags on...
  14. The Dashing Darknut

    Post of an image of something that is the opposite of the person’s username above you

    The rules are simple. Post a image of something that is the opposite of the person’s username above you. It could be anything, from a simple word in the username to the whole username. It just has to be the opposite. Start with me first.
  15. The Dashing Darknut

    Subspace Emmisary

    So, I just wanted to ask. What do you think of Brawl’s story mode? I really liked the cutscenes, and it had some really funny humor at times, but the gameplay was just pretty boring and repetitive, the levels minus a few looked boring, and I just wasn’t an overall huge fan of it. I loved it when...
  16. The Dashing Darknut

    A Link to the Past or A Link Between Worlds: Which do you prefer?

    I just wanted to know. Of the two games, which one do you prefer? I prefer A Link to the Past because I just generally prefer having a magic meter and getting items in a dungeon over the item stamina and rental items mechanics in A Link Between Worlds. I also just overall find A Link to the Past...
  17. The Dashing Darknut

    Favorite smell?

    For me, I just love the smell of vanilla extract.
  18. The Dashing Darknut

    When it comes to Heart Pieces

    So, as we know, Heart Pieces are items that can help extend your life, and when you get four (five if you’re playing Twilight Princess), you get a new heart to your life meter. What I wanted to know is what do you do when it comes to these items? Do you avoid them, collect them all, or does it...
  19. The Dashing Darknut

    The Hero’s Misery-Twilight Princess Fanfic

    Part one: Telma’s Bar Link, at Telma’s bar: Telma, I don‘t know what to do. Maybe I shouldn’t be a soldier for Hyrule. Telma: Honey, why wouldn’t you wanna be one? Danger always lurks around here, and the soldiers of Hyrule are mindless, pathetic cowards. You, on the other hand, are brave and...
  20. The Dashing Darknut

    What is a dungeon in the Zelda series you find to be overrated?

    For me, I think the Sandship In Skyward Sword is pretty overrated. It looks cool, but in terms of gameplay, I just wasn’t a huge fan of it. I think the Time-Shift Stone gimmick was done better in Lanayru Mining Facility, and I would’ve rather had it be separate Time-Shift Stones than just one...
  21. The Dashing Darknut

    Which fictional character do you think is the most overrated in your eyes?

    There are characters that get so much praise, wether it be humor or their development or something else. Who do you think is most overrated fictional character in your eyes?
  22. The Dashing Darknut

    What is a moment in life you would most want to go back to?

    I’m sure we’ve all that those moments before in life that were so wonderful and nostalgic. Sometimes, we just wish we could go back to those moments. What I want to know is if you could go back to just one moment in life you treasure, what would it be?
  23. The Dashing Darknut

    If there was just one more thing you could add to Skyward Sword HD, what would it be?

    So, Skyward Sword HD is now out. It added a few changes, but what I wanted to know is if could change or add just one thing, what would it be?
  24. The Dashing Darknut

    What Zelda game has your favorite enemy design?

    Hey. I wanted to know what game has your favorite enemy design. I would pick Twilight Princess because of how awesome some of the enemies look (especially the Darknuts, which is my favorite enemy design of any Zelda game), but the muddy and pretty ugly graphics can make the enemies look pretty...
  25. The Dashing Darknut

    Favorite voice or voice clip in Zelda?

    I like Midna’s the most. It’s just a very cute and pleasant voice to hear, and it fits her well. I also like Fi’s. It fits her computer like personality and is also very cute. Another one I like is Link’s little “Come on!” in Wind Waker.
  26. The Dashing Darknut

    If you were the sidekick to a Zelda character, who would you be the sidekick to (can’t add Link)?

    So, let’s just say you were in a Zelda game, and you were the sidekick or best friend to a Zelda character. Who would you be with? Link can’t be an option because I think it would be more interesting to do someone other than him. It also has to be a hero or a character that isn’t a villain. I...
  27. The Dashing Darknut

    Most nostalgic cartoon show?

    Hey. I just wanted to know what your most nostalgic animated cartoon is or was.
  28. The Dashing Darknut

    Favorite or most nostalgic 2000’s YouTube video?

    My most nostalgic video is the muffins video from February 5, 2007 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tcR19y7GPM
  29. The Dashing Darknut

    If you could change the writing of any character in the Zelda franchise, who would you change and what would you change?

    Me personally, I would change Ilia. She was really boring to me and I would’ve given her more personality. I would also make her not have the memory loss thing and would make her be more important in the plot. I would also change her weird hair. She just felt like a boring and cliched character...
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