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    A Link to the Past Collecting the Crystals in Reverse Order

    I just recently played A Link to the Past and when I got to the dark world I just went and got the dungeon items and left the dungeon. After I got all of them it was fun to beat all of the Crystal Dungeons in reverse order. An interesting thing I found out is the when the 1st crystal was the...
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    Twilight Princess Who Are the Interlopers?

    My thoughts on this subject after recently beating this game is that the interlopers are the beginning of the Twilight people. I think a lot of the descendants of the Interlopers were the people of Twilight. Although I think that some of the people of Twilight are just prisoners. Tell me...
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    Twilight Princess Ordon Vs. Master Sword

    I am playing Twilight Princess again and I noticed that you can select the Ordon Sword instead of the Master Sword after getting the Master Sword. I was wondering if anybody else noticed this and if so did you use the Ordon Sword for more of a challenge? Or was it for some other reason?
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    Walkthrough Making

    I have a couple of thoughts on walkthroughs. I want to be able to make my own walkthroughs, but I am not sure how to begin other than playing the games over and over. Is there a way that is a good method for documenting or organizing a zelda game? Do people use walkthroughs for help...
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    Skyward Sword Minimum Items Required

    I have beaten the game almost 3 times now and I was wondering what would be the absolute minimum for beating the game would be. Is there a real need for a shield in the first place? Most walkthroughs I have seen are 100% walkthroughs or if they are not 100% walkthroughs they do some optional...
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    Zelda "dating" Site

    I absolutely love the Zelda series, but I want to be able to find some people locally to be able to play Zelda, discuss it, and things similar to that. Is there any place to go to find people nearby? It would be almost like a Zelda club that is not online. If there is not one there...
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    The Legend of Zelda 10th Enemy Has the Bomb

    I have searched online all over and people think that this is actually a mistranslation, but I personally think it means you have to kill 10 enemies and then you automatically receive bombs from that enemy. I think that some of the enemies do not count towards these 10 enemies. Does anyone...
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