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  1. TheHeroofTime

    Nintendo Joycon Drift: Repair or Replace?

    A few months ago, my Joy-cons started drifting. At first, it was only the right Joy-con and it wasn't too much of a problem. I could still play games like Skyrim just fine. A few months later, and I was replaying Breath of the Wild, when my left Joy-con started drifting as well, to the point of...
  2. TheHeroofTime

    Does anyone else find A Link to the Past extremely frustrating?

    I'm playing A Link to the Past right now, and I've been having a really hard time with it. It was easy up through the Palace of Darkness, but once I got to Skull Woods, I started having real problems. Combat encounters are a huge problem for me, because there's basically no i-frames or knockback...
  3. TheHeroofTime

    Does anyone know how to play Four Swords?

    Does anyone know how to play any of the Four Swords games in multiplayer without paying the ridiculous amount of money required for GBAs, games, and link cables? I don't care if it's the original, either of the Anniversary re-releases, or Adventures for the Gamecube. I've tried way too many...
  4. TheHeroofTime

    SPOILERS Age of Calamity Story Theories (demo)

    SPOILER WARNING: This thread contains major spoilers for the Age of Calamity demo that released yesterday. If you haven't played it yet or want to wait until the full game comes out, please read no further. The demo for Age of Calamity came out yesterday, and as those who have played it know...
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