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  1. Escohobita

    Which Zelda Game Should I Play Next?

    After beating Ocarina of Time for the 5 millionth time and beating Majora's Mask for the first time in 10 years, I have to admit that I am rather stumped, Zelda Dungeon. I do not know which Zelda game I should pursue next. I can play just about every Zelda game out (except The Minish Cap...
  2. Escohobita

    Majora's Mask Some Interesting Majora's Mask Creepypasta

    An interesting little story someone posted on the internets about a possessed Majora's Mask game of sorts. The guy also has videos that sum up the story, too. I don't find it real at all but I do find it to be a very good story (kinda corny in some parts but still great). Plus, the videos add on...
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