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  1. misskitten

    Anyone else feel the percentage calculation is skewed?

    So, I've completed the main quest, I have just 6 side-quests left, all shrines have been found and completed, I have all the gear possible to get outside of amiibo (I'm certain I am at least). And... my percentage currently stands at 36.06 % Yes, I have only found roughly 160 Korok seeds and I...
  2. misskitten

    The toughest shrines

    Do not give any solutions or hint at what the solution might be. I'm pretty determined to solve the shrines myself as I come across them, and most of the ones I've come across so far have been pretty simple to figure out so far. There was one shrine where I seemed to have taken the most...
  3. misskitten

    Gamepad connecting issues

    Since I bought my Wii U a few years ago it has been running smoothly, no issues whatsoever... until today. I'm suddenly getting problems with the gamepad losing its connection to the console, I get maybe a minute of playtime, then a minute of the pad not responding and the console letting me...
  4. misskitten

    Could you use your current PS3 hard drive in a new PS3?

    I've mentioned that I'm having issues with my PS3, the disc drive is having ejection problems, and I'm worried that this could disrupt games down the line. I would really like to get a new PS3, but I do not want to lose my downloads, installs, etc. And buying another PS3 with a larger hard drive...
  5. misskitten

    Most Memorable Thing That Happened This Holiday?

    Another Christmas-centric threat from me, but please have it apply to whatever you may be celebrating. Just wondering if anyone here had anything particularly memorable happen this holiday, anything specific that stood out, whether it was good or bad. For me, this Christmas will be a...
  6. misskitten

    What Was Your Favourite Gift This Year?

    I know some of you are still celebrating or waiting to celebrate and some may celebrate other holidays or no holidays at all. But for whenever you have celebrated any of the December-holidays this year, I'm curious to hear what your favourite gift was this year. With that I mean; what was your...
  7. misskitten

    Do You Need to Have Something in Common with Your Friends?

    I just have to ask; am I weird to believe that friendships need to be built on having something in common? I mean, I know I'm a pretty weird person, but I don't think that particular opinion is that weird - or is it? I mean, yes, the most important part of friendship is having someone to trust...
  8. misskitten

    A Link Between Worlds What Did You Consult the Walkthrough for (if at All)?

    While playing this game I was determined not to fall for the temptation to check any guide/walkthrough/help thread. I wanted to figure it out for myself, and for the most part I did (stayed clear of any topic related to this game while playing it). I found all the maiamais, beat every minigame...
  9. misskitten

    Microsoft Getting Verification-happy

    Don't get me wrong, I understand and appreciate the need for account security, but I personally think Microsoft is taking it a bit too far. So, I need to add a secondary e-mail to my e-mail account? Fine. It's pretty quick and painless and now I have another way to reset my password. But...
  10. misskitten

    What Would You Prefere? Unfinished or Never Made at All?

    I got a review on a story I haven't written on for five years (mind you, it's over 100 chapters long, so it's not like I threw out some unfinished piece of work and left it there, I dedicated two years of my life, fully indending to conclude it at some point), as much as I would love to continue...
  11. misskitten

    How Often Do You Complain?

    So, last night I was waiting for the bus, and while I was waiting, I was checking some things on my phone, but was standing in front of the bus stop. Then comes the bus, zooming past me, and I don't have time to look up, let alone signal anything to the driver until it's at my side, moving away...
  12. misskitten

    Testing/questioning People's Geekness

    Firstly I want to share this wonderful video I came across today called "Nothing to Prove" - the song speaks about the constant questioning/testing many people, especially girls face when revealing themselves to have geeky interests, and the video is a collection of "confessions" from a lot of...
  13. misskitten

    A Scary Microsoft Move I Wasn't Even Aware of

    So, apparently I'm very late in learning about this, but it seems back in November Microsoft filed a patent for using visual surveilance technology to monitor (and thereby dictate) the way us consumers use our products. I have no idea what has come of this since I have only just learned about...
  14. misskitten

    Eurovision Song Contest

    So, who else follow this every year? What are some of your more memorable entries? Which entries do you think stand a chance this year? Any favorites? First semi-finals have aired and only two entries caught my attention. Denmark because it was a song to my taste, and Ireland because of the...
  15. misskitten

    Board Games - What Are Your Favorites?

    So, after I joined a local board game group, I've been introduced to a lot of fun games and I know there are a ton of others out there just waiting for me, so I would like to hear what are your favorite board games, feel free to give a brief introduction if it is not that commonly known one :)...
  16. misskitten

    Just a Little Tech Humor

    Dunno how many of you have seen this, but I just keep cracking up whenever I see it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJFwVOW0Nww
  17. misskitten

    Nostalgia: What Game Are You Replaying Right Now?

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm in a huge nostalgia phase right now. I'm picking up titles that I loved to play in my childhood and teens that I haven't played in a while. Right now it's Donkey Kong 64. The graphics look very grainy on my current TV, but I honestly don't care. The...
  18. misskitten

    Have You Ever Paid It Forward?

    I don't mean necessarily the exact way it's done in the movie (where someone does something nice for you and asks you to pay it forward), but have you ever done something good for someone else that later on reminded you of something good that was done for you? Today, one of my roommates came...
  19. misskitten

    Anyone Here Play Dragon Age?

    I only started playing a few days ago and I'm really liking it. I'm currently playing Dragon Age: Origins and I have no idea what position it has in the series, so anyone who feels like enlightening me, please do, lol. I'd also be interested to hear how the different games in the series relate...
  20. misskitten

    Modern Zelda Fans' Take on the Old 2D Titles

    So, I wouldn't call myself a "latecomer" to the Zelda series considering I've been playing for half my life, but I never had any Zelda games when I had my NES and I never owned a SNES, so I wasn't introduced to Zelda before Occarina of Time. However as I've gotten into several Zelda titles, I...
  21. misskitten

    Good News for Those Who Bought Their 3DS Before the Price Drop and Forgot...

    ...to register at the eshop in time for the GBA Abassador. I just got a reply from nintendo after mailing them to ask if the titles were gonna be released for purchase for the rest of us, explaining at the same time how I purchased my 3DS in may and only registered it at the eshop a few weeks...
  22. misskitten

    Old Zelda Titles in the 3DS EShop?

    So, I bought my 3DS back in May in anticipation to get OoT 3D. Didn't really think about the eShop until this month really, and I find out that had I registered for it when I originally purchased my system I would've gotten the old Zelda games for free through that 3DS ambassador thingamajig...
  23. misskitten

    Comixed: Link, You Jerk!

    Thought it was too funny not to share: http://comixed.memebase.com/2011/10/11/koma-comic-strip-link-you-jerk/
  24. misskitten

    Ocarina of Time Get'em While They're Young

    I've just gotten my 8 year old niece hooked on OoT, shame she doesn't have a 3DS, Wii or N64 on her own, tho... Guess this will just be "our" thing for a while, meaning she plays the game with me sitting next to her, translating what people say (she's only just started to learn English) taking...
  25. misskitten

    Funny Mario & Zelda Rap: 8-bit Ho

    Tried searching to see if anyone else had posted this before me, got no results, so maybe not. I stumbled across this funny rap-song dedicated to the old Mario/Zelda games, lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=632k9-5OlD0
  26. misskitten

    Nintendo Showcasing SS at London Film & Comic Con

    Tweet from Showmasters (organizers behind LFCC): Anyone in the area going? Maybe report back to us about it on this thread?
  27. misskitten

    Ocarina of Time An Easier Way to Deliver Biggoron's Eye Drops

    I apologize for the horrible quality of my gameplay, but my camera sucks and I was filming my 3DS as I was playing this... One of my missions since joining this site (the first time) has been to add an easier way to do the last part of the trading sequence for the Biggoron's Sword to the...
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