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  1. Hyrulian Hero

    Link and The Portal of Doom

    This book is horrible but it's part of Zelda history so I read it to my oldest son. I don't suggest anybody else buy it but I'm glad I've got it anyway. Mine even had the wholesticker page intact! Now that page is a gem! Anyway, fun thing I figured somebody could correct me on because I couldn't...
  2. Hyrulian Hero

    How Zelda Used to Look

    https://bogleech.com/zelda.html Here's a fun little time machine I found a while back and have been wanting to share with you guys. Back in the wild west days of Zelda, there was less prejudice about the look and feel of the game because...well, there was only one game. No baggage, no lore...
  3. Hyrulian Hero

    The Perfect Visual Comedy

    I haven't been thinking about it long, but this strikes me as possibly the most perfectly comedic non-vocal scene in modern filmdom. The close-up of Sparrow's stoic face, the swelling music, the impeccable timing, everything was perfect. I'm sure there are plenty of other perfect non-vocal...
  4. Hyrulian Hero

    Which Enemy Ought to be Recognized as a -Blin?

    Goblin, Goriya, and Camo Goblin have been at the tavern, sitting around a table and knocking back a few ice-cold bottles of mind altering... Chateau Romani. Anyway, you've been minding your own business at the bar but the trio have been growing steadily louder. They're arguing about whatever...
  5. Hyrulian Hero

    Origins of Zelda Things

    So there are a lot of things in Zelda that people remember from certain games that actually had their origins in earlier games or media. What other sorts of iconic Zelda things had their origins outside of the game for which they're known?
  6. Hyrulian Hero

    Where Do We Go From Here?

    Smash Ultimate. The name itself implies finality. Sakurai gonna Sakurai. Everybody's here (except a certain debonair dastard). Nintendo doesn't always make choices that I like but they don't usually milk series 'till they're dead the way many other developers do so we may have seen the last SSB...
  7. Hyrulian Hero

    But Who Actually WAS Gustaf?

    I always felt that Gustaf was meant to play a larger role in the Minish Cap what with him being modeled and mentioned by name of the backstory and being dressed like Link but he didn't get much spotlight. Is there a significance to him being dressed in the green of the fields?
  8. Hyrulian Hero

    Best-Looking Console

    The Verge sucks but I skimmed an article today that got me thinking about console design. They pointed out that the original XBox had an eject button that sat higher and larger than the power button and was ringed by leds. They went on to say that the eject button becoming more obscure on...
  9. Hyrulian Hero

    Looking For Suggestions From Hard Core Tolkien Fans

    I want to try doing a hard-cover leather wrap for a set of LotR books for my wife at stone point since she's considering reading them for the first time. Of course, I've got the budget collection that came out around the same time as Peter Jackson's Fellowship but it's paperback, cheap, and a...
  10. Hyrulian Hero

    Zelda Music Covers

    (I'm sure this thread has been made a dozen times but I couldn't find one back through 2019 so I guess I'll stick a new thread here.) What are the best Zelda Music covers (or Zelda related music) out there? Do we all remember ZREO? that has an extensive and glorious project that really poured...
  11. Hyrulian Hero

    Zelda Multiverse Connections

    Found this this morning, had to pause my kid's show. What other universes can you cram into the Legend of Zelda?
  12. Hyrulian Hero

    Link's Awakening Switch Ten Notes?

    Arlo didn't mention it, Commonwealth Realm didn't mention it, Zeltic didn't mention it, GameXplain didn't mention it, I'm starting to wonder if nobody else is asking the question. The final moments of the trailer show us the year "2019" against a black backdrop and 10 notes, which are presumably...
  13. Hyrulian Hero

    Future SSB SSB2022

    Surely far too early for this but let's have a quick gasp of activity around this concept before the thread is inevitably buried before being replaced by a more timely thread in 2021 when we get our first teaser trailer. Anyway, I got to thinking about this after seeing the wealth of content and...
  14. Hyrulian Hero

    Jedi Knight

    So here I am, sitting on front of my newly- modded xbox (I've been told that we can't mention missing on the forums but I will continue to point to the fact that it's not illegal and not explicitly against the forum rules) and I decide to play Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast. Good times, right? Hold...
  15. Hyrulian Hero

    The Cutest in Zelda

    Characters, races, items, locations, moments? What are the cutest things in Zelda? Sure, it's not the kind of question a burly man like myself ought to ask but I was thinking about tokay tonight and decided they are a likely candidate for the cutest Zelda race. I love the anouki as well. And...
  16. Hyrulian Hero

    BOTW Timeline Confirmed

    http://www.siliconera.com/2018/08/05/the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-has-been-added-to-the-series-official-timeline/ I'm not going to say I told you so but...well, I guessed you so. It does make sense to me, it's a legend, there doesn't need to be a timeline, I couldn't have asked for a...
  17. Hyrulian Hero

    Farewell Mr. Kimishima

    https://kotaku.com/nintendo-is-getting-a-new-president-1825557273/amp Nintendo has a long track record of presidents who held the title for decades, a fact which I believe likely plays into their success as a company. When Kimishima became Nintendo's President following Iwata's passing, I was...
  18. Hyrulian Hero

    Ultimate Smash Bros 5 Joy-Con Multiplayer?

    Nintendo has been pushing their couch multiplayer with the Switch and a major first-party ip like Smash seems unlikely to pass up the possibility. The thing is, of course I don't want to have to buy a bunch of pro controllers for Smash, but I also don't want to play a version of Smash that makes...
  19. Hyrulian Hero

    What Are They Saying?

    Have you ever wondered what Fi or Midna are saying when they speak? Or perhaps you already know because you watch YouTube? Are there other sounds in Hyrule that are familiar or perplexing? I've got one: snapper. Yeah, the turtle from Majora's Mask. "@**-crap!" Right?! The last thing you hear...
  20. Hyrulian Hero

    Click Bait

    Express.co.uk is a web site that you've probably come across while looking for news about video games. I'll be honest, their articles aren't always worthless, they do latch on to real news when it occurs. Unfortunately, even their useful articles are made out of click bait. Every time I look up...
  21. Hyrulian Hero

    A Zelda Movie (don'tstopreading) Update!

    https://www.google.com/amp/kotaku.com/gkids-takes-over-u-s-studio-ghibli-distribution-from-d-1797730952/amp So Zelda's art style has historically been inspired by Studio Ghibli and Breath of the Wild's anime look was specifically inspired by Miyazaki. Speaking of which...
  22. Hyrulian Hero

    Hyrulian vs. Hyrulean

    I prefer the former but preferences have nothing to do with reality. I figure this is a great place to stick a comparison that you could find via a Google search since I can't find a break-down online. Let's break out the text dumps and look into this. LoZ: N/A AoL: N/A ALttP: N/A LA: N/A OoT...
  23. Hyrulian Hero


    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dérive This totally sounds like something Miyamoto would be into. I randomly came across this several days ago and immediately thought, "This is like the theory that spawned Breath of the Wild!" The exercise is performed as an exploration of the...
  24. Hyrulian Hero

    Sweet Wild of Mine

    https://youtu.be/xGi23M_5lXg 0:01 https://youtu.be/1w7OgIMMRc4 1:16 I can't unhear it.
  25. Hyrulian Hero

    Post-Apocalyptic Scenario

    Imagine for a moment, that the unthinkable were to take place. I hate to even consider the idea but suppose tomorrow, without warning, Nintendo gets bought out by Sony who immediately proclaims that, while they will be maintaining the trademarks and copyrights on the Legend of Zelda, they will...
  26. Hyrulian Hero

    Glitches? Exploits?

    Has anyone found any they'd like to share? Surely there will be at least minor SPOILERS involved so be aware that there may be SPOILERS ahead. I found a cute one. Sorry for the crappy picture. This is a door which is accessible when the body is titled 90 degrees. It's nothing special but it's...
  27. Hyrulian Hero

    Spoilers!!! A Certain Mission Within the Realm of A Certain Clan

    Again, *SPOILERS* herein lie spoilers for Breath of the Wild. There are Breath of the Wild spoilers in this thread. Do not read any further if you do not want to be exposed to SPOILERS for the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Seriously. No, seriously. Still...
  28. Hyrulian Hero

    Is Hatred of Four Swords Adventures Exacerbated by Lack of Multiplayer

    So I was considering today, I don't know anyone who has played FSA with four players and thought that multiplayer was a bad choice for the game. What I'm wondering is what your opinion of the game is and with how many players you have played the game through. I think this could be an interesting...
  29. Hyrulian Hero


    Why is it that we've never heard of Calatia in any of the games? It is said that Link actually originated there and it was a geographic orientation in comparison to Hyrule. I'm not saying that it's likely to come up again but I'm wondering why Nintendo didn't run with it when they had the...
  30. Hyrulian Hero

    Is Kaepora Gaebora Rauru

    Well that's pretty much it. All we really have as far as solid evcidence is a cryptic blurb from a gossip stone. There's plenty of circumstantial evidence, however, so tell me what you think!
  31. Hyrulian Hero

    If Kotaku Says It, It Must Be True

    https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-att-us&hl=en-US&oe=utf-8&safe=images&q=nx&source=browser-type&qsubts=1476924540468 Looks like the NX is breaking tomorrow. I feel like this deserves its own thread, since we're finally out of the realm of rumor (for now).
  32. Hyrulian Hero

    Help Everyone Find the Best Zelda Album

    So the other day, (having recently had a baby) I went out looking for good Zelda music. I have collected some throughout the years but I know there's more out there. I want to find more to put together a playlist where my child won't have to listen to the same exact song thirty times a night...
  33. Hyrulian Hero

    World of Hyrule - IC

    IC: Jerec Korak (The town of Mido, heavy rain, near sundown) "On your left!" Jerec cried, diving behind a fence. Two arrowheads tore through the planks just above Jerec's helmet. Kayn threw up his shield just in time, deflecting a flying dagger. "Thanks..." Kayn said something else but Jerec...
  34. Hyrulian Hero

    World of Hyrule - OOC

    This thread is the place to post anything regarding World of Hyrule that is not from a character's point of view (unless you are posting from a third-person omniscient point of view but let's not complicate things). There are no signups so do what you will, come and go as you please, and engage...
  35. Hyrulian Hero

    Hyrule Warriors Characters For Hyrule Warriors 2

    So Hyrule Warriors was such an acclaimed success that there will certainly be a Hyrule Warriors 2. Here's the thing, what characters will be in the second one? They've used many the richest characters from the series and some that weren't quite as rich (Agitha, Wizzro). I feel like many of the...
  36. Hyrulian Hero

    HH's Literary Repository

    I've stored my writing on other Zelda-themed sites but so many of them are devoid of active participants that I've been thinking I need to find a new place to store my writings. This seems like an active community (plus I've had my eye on it for years) so hey, I'm going to set up a cot here and...
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