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  1. shogun_zidane

    Which Do You Prefer, Villians to Be Mysterious or Have Some Sort of Backstory?

    So I got back in to my survival horror roots and have been playing Silent Hill and Resident Evil and I thought to myself, "wow pyramid head is terrifying". He just pops in at random and you have no idea who or what he is. Nemesis on the other hand has a little backstory, you know he is a Tyrant...
  2. shogun_zidane

    Super Mario 64 Paintings.

    So I was thinking this morning about the paintings in Mario 64, what are they? Are they wormholes or portals to a different region within the mushroom kingdom? Maybe they are something else but whatever they are, it is a mystery to me. Discuss what you guys think they might be.
  3. shogun_zidane

    Midnight Releases, Do You Go?

    I have only been to two, Twilight Princess and Resident Evil 4 (GC) but do you go to them regularly or occasionally? What kind of times do you have in line? What crazy stories do you have?
  4. shogun_zidane

    Resident Evil Mercenaries

    Okay from resi 3 to 6 which in your opinion had the best or replayable mercenaries mode? Which had the best unlockables and other things of the sort? For me I have got like 75 hours of gameplay in resi 6's mercenaries. I just love it that much!
  5. shogun_zidane

    Is Resident Evil 6 Really That Bad of a Game?

    I have heard nothing good about Resident Evil 6. I have been playing the series since RE2 and I have enjoyed every main game in the series, even RE5 despite it's flaws. I just took 5 for what it was and didn't try to compare it to older games, I still had fun with it though. I have been thinking...
  6. shogun_zidane


    Has anyone heard/watched FamilyJules7x on youtube? He does video game music covers, but this guy does them very good. If you haven't heard his music you should check him out. His Majora's Mask Medley put shivers down my spine!
  7. shogun_zidane

    Adventure of Link Getting Discouraged :(

    I want to beat Zelda II but it's sooo hard! Any tips, advice, etc? btw I am using a walkthrough.
  8. shogun_zidane

    VC Versions of Oot & MM

    So I own an original N64 with copies of both Oot and MM. I play through them since I got said N64 in 1998, and both of the games at each of their release date. Many years later the GCN Collectors Edition came out and you had to use the GC controller which in my opinion felt more precise as far...
  9. shogun_zidane

    Who Owns the Skyward Sword Collectors Edition Strategy Guide?

    I personally didn't need to use it but I do think it was well worth the rupees lol, it is fantastically made.
  10. shogun_zidane

    What Videogame Character Do You Share Personality Traits With?

    Im not sure if this has been a thread or not but what videogame character do you relate to on a personal level or look like or even share said personality traits. Mine is Zidane from Final Fantasy 9 because as I peaked my teen years I notice we share almost identical personalities for reasons i...
  11. shogun_zidane

    Cheating in Call of Duty Black Ops (wii Version)

    Ok so I used to play cod blackops on ps3 and would snipe, I got really good at it but got bored of blackops and started playing cod 4. Recently I bought blackops on the wii just to see what the controls would be like and then started using the classic controller pro because I hated the motion...
  12. shogun_zidane

    Skyward Sword Monster Horns

    I only need one more monster horn to upgrade to goddess shield. where is the best place to farm them?
  13. shogun_zidane

    Spoiler Great Bay Question

    If you get "lost" in great bay(by swimming too far out) then why when you beat Great Bay Temple does it stay the same. I mean Nintendo probably couldn't program the sea to be too vast because of the carts capacity, I get that but still... it doesn't seem you fix much by beating the areas temple...
  14. shogun_zidane

    Spoiler Termina

    If Termina is a parallel to Hyrule then how would it take place in a timeline? and if Link entered this parallel world through the bottom of the clocktower then where does he ride off to in the end?
  15. shogun_zidane

    Favorite NPC

    Who is your favorite npc including Kafei?
  16. shogun_zidane

    Twilight Princess Skull Kid...

    Is the skull kid in twilight princess the same from OOT&MM? He helps link find the master sword but is also a nuisance.
  17. shogun_zidane

    Ocarina of Time The Man Who Wants You to Sell with C

    In Ocarina of Time there is a man who wants you to sell him something. Depending on if you are child Link or adult Link he is either in Hyrule Town (child) or Kakariko village (adult). Has anyone ever sold this poor man an item?
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