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  1. Destiny

    Destiny's Trading Thread

    Allllrighty. This is basically what I can breed, offer, or what I want. Legenderies Cobalion - THAT 1 Ability: Justified Nature: Relaxed Level: 42 COOL / 51640 IVs (if applicable): Not sure EVs (if applicable): UT Moveset: - Focus Blast - Poison Jab - Iron Head - Volt Switch (I have no clue...
  2. Destiny

    The Gorons, the Zora's and All the Other Races: Where Did They Come From?

    We all know the possibilities of the Skyloftians migrating down to the world below and becoming ancestors of the Hylians, but where do the other races fit in? It would be pretty hard to believe that the Skyloftians also one day decided hey let's eat rocks and morphed into Gorons, or they spent...
  3. Destiny

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Girl's Possible Name.

    Here, I just got a bit of info from the Round table discussion. Provides lots of information. Discuss. It includes a few tidbits, but the most important I think is the Info about The SS Sword Girl. What do you think about the name? Were you expecting it? I think those Lava Race could be the...
  4. Destiny

    Zelda Art My Friend Strawberry's Art Gallery

    Well, my friend Strawberry decided she would make some stuff and wants to show people. But she's really stubborn and doesn't make much but here's the cool Zelda stuff I've kinda forced her to make. Master Sword! Green Rupee! Awesome Triforce necklace she made me~ Also my cat was being a pest...
  5. Destiny

    Pokemon Trading Request Thread

    I looked around and saw no thread like this. I figured it would be useful if we had a thread like this. So, post a Pokemon you really want and maybe someone has that Pokemon and will post on this thread. Don't forget to add your friend code and certain details. (i.e Shiny, Nature, Nature or...
  6. Destiny

    So What's Your Plan in the Event of a Zombie Attack?

    Well, mine would be to hole up in the nearest Wal-Mart. Gardening section to grow food if it runs out, and melee weapons although I live in Canada so there are like no guns. So what's your plan to survive? I probably wouldn't let other people in. Because adults would get all greedy and steal my...
  7. Destiny

    Whip or the Hookshot/Clawshot?

    Well, since we've seen the whip used in the upcoming Skyward Sword, they will probably omit the Hook/Clawshot. Which do you prefer? I personally don't like the whip that much. I'd rather the Clawshot, I think it looks better than an orange snake thing.
  8. Destiny

    Destiny's Graphics

    Well, I decided I'd try using Gimp, and so I did. Here is a thing I made today, my first two signatures. Tips would be helpful. Alright, so I decided I feel comfortable enough to do requests. You can request, anything you want, and if you don't like it, I'll make it again. Just be as...
  9. Destiny

    General Art Destiny's Amazing Portrait Request Thread.

    If this is in the wrong place, move it, I wasn't sure where to put it. So lately in the SB I've been showing off my ugly, dumb stick man drawings. What happens is you post a request it could be a portrait of what I would guess you look like, a portrait of you and someone else, or you doing...
  10. Destiny

    How Do You Interpret Link?

    We all know that Link is silent mainly for the reason so the person playing projects their own personality onto Link. Some people though, like myself, want to him to have his own personality. So how to you interpret Link in general? Do you think he's funny, or the strong silent type? (Haha). Or...
  11. Destiny

    What is the Meanest Thing That Someone Did to You?

    For me it was in middle school when everyone called me a weird cat lady. xD Seems dumb now.
  12. Destiny

    Which Will You Get? Pokemon Black or White?

    Which one and Why? I'm a bit indecisive myself. And which Starter will you choose? I can't decide between the Grass type and the Water type one..
  13. Destiny

    Nintendo States They Aren't Planning a 3DS Lite

    Yep, that's right, so for all you as well as I, who were planning on getting the 3DS once the better version came out, I guess we can say it's 'Safe' To get the 3DS. “The first thing (Nobuo) Nagai-san, who’s in charge at the Uji plant, said to me when he looked over the designs for Nintendo...
  14. Destiny

    Some Thoughts I Have on the Spirit of the Skyward Sword

    This has to do with mainly the entity that is supposed to accompany Link in some way throughout the game, and the resemblance to the design of the shields. Zordiana or Adelle, is the spirit of the Skyward Sword. My first thought is that this is an origin story since it has been said the Skyward...
  15. Destiny

    Link's Look

    Sorry if this is already a thread. We all know link has various looks through out the game, but which one is your favorite? Do you like like with Brown poofy hair? Or the more sleek Blonde Floppy hair with his ear pierced (My theory is Raru did it)? Or you might like his strangely layered...
  16. Destiny

    Would You Recommend Buying Link's Crossbow Training?

    I recently got a Wii, and I was just wondering, is it worth 25$? And is it a pretty entertaining game?
  17. Destiny

    Zelda Art Kaepora Gaebora is a Creeper. (Video)

    Here's a video I made. Enjoy x3
  18. Destiny

    Ocarina of Time Losing Its Popularity and Past Its Prime?

    As we all are very well aware of, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time was one of the greatest games of all time. Lately, Majora’s Mask has come to step out of the shadows, and reclaim a position people think it should have had a very long time ago. That in other people’s opinions and perspectives...
  19. Destiny

    Rito, Zora Or Somthing New?

    Well, as we all predict, the Rito evolved from the Zora in Windwaker. Assuming that Skyward Sword takes place before Windwaker or Ocarina of Time, what form of 'Zora's' Will we be seeing? For instance do you think it will just be the Zora still or a differnt race entirely, or perhapes the...
  20. Destiny

    Sheikah in Skyward Sword. Too Early?

    Well in OoT, The Sheikah were supposed to be rare and sort of on the verge of none existence. Could it be possilbe to see their origins in Skyward Sword or are we talking way to early in the Timeline? Discuss.
  21. Destiny

    General Art A Poem Dreading Back to School.

    I am lost in the sea of faces. The sea that runs in narrow steril channels. The smell of pencils will not leave my senses. All those faces smilling secretly judging. I am calculating again. Voices drone on all melding together. I should know this already. Jostling the channels are to small. I'm...
  22. Destiny

    General Art Start of My Story.

    Prologue Those that come to seek Accalia are either desperate, or brave. Mostly desperate, although some are differnt. Like this child standing bravely at the giant wolf godess's paws, her lips drawn in a grimancing smile. Accalia new, this dirty pesky human was not human. Humans were much more...
  23. Destiny

    The Wii Console.

    Okay so, I bought a Wii on Ebay but then it broke. So I'm going to get one for christmas but the question is.. Is nintendo going to ocme out with anything better soon? I do NOT want to have to buy another console after holding out on the Wii for so long. So buy it or wait?
  24. Destiny

    Princess Mononoke. Seen It?

    I personally Love this movie. It's really good and I find I usually compare the Main protagonist to Link. For some reason I think that's what he would act like if he could talk. This movie is really really amazing. Seen it?
  25. Destiny

    How Would You Like to See Hyrule in Skyward Sword?

    Forgive me if this is already a thread. Well, personally I think there will be no existing Hyrule and that is an overgrown crumbled old civilization destroyed by Evil and some how Hyrule is built from it? Do you think.. It is just Hyrule being saved from chaos. Hyrule doesn't exist yet...
  26. Destiny

    Ocarina of Time Saria Question?

    When you go defeat the Forest Temple Saira says, ' Thanks to you I was able to awaken as a sage' But.. Does that mean she was dead and therefore only live in spirit form as a Sage? Because I think all the other sages continued to live outside the Sacred real Exept Raru and Saria.
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