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  1. Din Akera

    Thank-you so much!

    Thank-you so much!
  2. Din Akera

    I miss you all too. I miss the community. I miss the playful fun. I miss the hysterical laughs.

    I miss you all too. I miss the community. I miss the playful fun. I miss the hysterical laughs.
  3. Din Akera

    My skype is out of date. So is my operating system... :(

    My skype is out of date. So is my operating system... :(
  4. Din Akera

    Tonight was passing through on a whim. Definitely. Seeing some friendly usernames that I know...

    Tonight was passing through on a whim. Definitely. Seeing some friendly usernames that I know makes me want to maybe drop in a little more often though.
  5. Din Akera

    Well thank-you. It was very fun to do. I have fond memories of it.

    Well thank-you. It was very fun to do. I have fond memories of it.
  6. Din Akera

    I'm sure mine would be too. If I actually sat down and made it.

    I'm sure mine would be too. If I actually sat down and made it.
  7. Din Akera

    Aww. Thanks Athenian. I miss alot of people from here.

    Aww. Thanks Athenian. I miss alot of people from here.
  8. Din Akera

    Good for you for going as far as you did. Math is crazy hard. Reconnecting is always a good...

    Good for you for going as far as you did. Math is crazy hard. Reconnecting is always a good thing. lol I feel you there. chatting with some people I know and remember has me smiling tonight though.
  9. Din Akera

    Oh my god. Hi my old friend. It's great to see your name pop up. I"m doing alright. Pretty good...

    Oh my god. Hi my old friend. It's great to see your name pop up. I"m doing alright. Pretty good. How are you?
  10. Din Akera

    Race Theory: A Study on Gorons and Goron Reproduction

    I have some of my own answers about this. I really enjoy these discussions and I would love to check back on this thread. I did an article on this. I'd love to hear some thoughts from you guys and elaborate on everyone's ideas. http://www.zeldadungeon.net/2013/06/the-gorons-mechanics-of-life/
  11. Din Akera

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    WARNING! CONTAINS MATURE CONENT! No spoilers that you wouldn't see in the trailer. Okay, so has anyone seen this movie, if so please give me your opinion. Last night Rish and I watched Splice. For anyone who hasn't seen it, go to youtube and watch the trailer cause it is a crazy looking...
  12. Din Akera

    Who Here Collects Stuff?

    I collect 3 things. The first is game systems. I have this dream of one day having one of every console ever. Also, it must be in working condition, I won't buy ones that don't work. I'm doubtful it will ever happen, but hey! A girl can dream right? If anyone knows where I can get a working...
  13. Din Akera

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time: Kokiri Kids

    Hm. I have always chalked this up to game mechanics/hardware. But now that you mention it the Kokiri do seem to sort of fade in and out, while other NPcs tend to pop in and out of view when you get to far away. Perhaps it has to do with rendering and such. I don't want to comment on it to...
  14. Din Akera

    General Zelda The Most Dynamic Duo?

    Wow, off the chat votes for Link and Midna. lol I guess I'm not surprised. I also voted for the duo. I have always perceived the partnerships as a matter of convenience so to speak. The navigator needs a friend and Link needs a navigator. The partnerships are usually rather simple and the...
  15. Din Akera

    Have You Ever Broken A Bone In Your Body?

    My worst bone related injury was to my right hand. I was in Grade 8 and was pushed during gym class, we were playing handball. I put my hand down to catch my fall but didn't get my palm flat. Instead I landed on the tip of my pinky finger. I broke the bone above and below the joint that...
  16. Din Akera

    Taking a Step Backward in Life

    Have you ever felt that you took a step backward in the progression of your life? I have recently been working 4 different teaching related jobs (after graduating form uni) and with the end of the school semester all of them have ended. I have now gone back to waitressing in the summer, as I...
  17. Din Akera

    Friends - Calling Vs Texting

    I much prefer to call. I forget what the stat is, but it is something like only 10% of all communication is the actual words that we are saying. The rest is tone, eye contact, body language, etc. So in know you don't get all of that in calling, but it is way better than texting. I hate...
  18. Din Akera

    General Zelda Cryptids in Zelda

    I find this an interesting question to apply to a fantasy world. What about other things in the world that are not 'normal' or more importantly what qualifies as 'normal' versus a cryptid? THere are all kinds of strange creatures running around. Would common enemies be considered animals and...
  19. Din Akera

    Ocarina of Time Water Temple or Great Bay Temple: Which is More Difficult?

    I would say the Great Bay temple, but my reasons are not really that great. As I said in one of the podcasts, water dungeons are hard because it forces you to think in three dimensions as well as the properties and possibilities of water and water movement. Great Bay did this with the pipes...
  20. Din Akera

    General Zelda Looking It Up Vs. Figuring It Out

    USually I spend hours trying to figure it out. I will at least sleep on it for sure. I have a funny story about that actually. One of the cave side quest block puzzles in TP I couldn't figure out. I literally just ran around pushing the blocks around trying to get the heart piece. i turned...
  21. Din Akera

    Do You Buy New or Used?

    I am not exclusive in my purchasing new or used. My general habit though are based around the amount I want the game. If it is something I really want right when it comes out (Zelda, AC, RE) then I preorder and buy it new. On the other hand if there is something that I just want to try, I...
  22. Din Akera

    Under Appreciated or Obscure Games

    I skimmed the thread to see if anyone mentioned it, I kept hoping but no one did, so I have to raise my voice. Chameleon Twist. Lots of people have heard of it, or played the second one. Very few people I have talked to have actually played the first one. I loved it. When i had my N64 (back...
  23. Din Akera

    Why Do Some People Only Like Gen 1?

    I am definitely one of those people who hasn't played past gen 1. I can tell you that is isn't a snobby thing for me. It is simply that I became so quickly overwhelmed that I gave up. I fell in love with Generation1, I knew every pokemon, attacks, evolutions, the whole bit. I played Red and...
  24. Din Akera

    General Zelda Popular Pairings You Dislike

    Link x Zelda, this flies for all the games I have completed. I am not quiet about the fact that I don't like Zelda's character, at all. I love Link and I hate the idea of him being with a character like her. I'm not sure I can really explain why. Truth is, I dont' really picture Link...
  25. Din Akera

    General Zelda Favorite Link Transformation

    I would pick Wolf Link as well. This is largely due to my own bias and love for dark themes. Twilight Princess was overall a darker game in graphics (as well as plot points) which made the reason for the transformation very dark as well as deep. There was a sense of fear associated with the...
  26. Din Akera

    Gaming Industry Crash: Version 2?

    I really enjoyed the history part. I actually did a research project on the rise and fall of the industry in my final year of my BEd. Mine was a little more general than this, including arcade gaming's influence as well. But I did learn something too, I didn't know about Activision's...
  27. Din Akera

    What Do You Want Right Now?

    Usually I'm not fond of threads like this, but I think this one is growing on me. I'd really like to not be so tired. I want to watch Lord of the Rings, but if I start it now I will be asleep before it even gets going. :(
  28. Din Akera

    Do You Like Your Current Residence?

    I'm on the fence at the moment. I live in my parents basement. Which for my age and my financial status is freaking fantastic. I like my area, it is quiet and very beautiful in all seasons. However, I'm conflicted. I'm starting to get to a point where I really want my own place. Somewhere...
  29. Din Akera

    What Do You Want Right Now?

    This might be a little bit serious for this thread but, I want the job I've applied for. It fits what I need in my life at this moment not only in terms of pay but also time. I have some serious volunteer time commitments that I enjoy so very much. This job will allow me to continue that...
  30. Din Akera

    Connection Between Hyrule and Termina: Lost Woods and Fairies

    Actually, I think it is quite relevant and very related and I'm well aware of which woods you are referring to. I will look for the game quote; they are referred to as The Woods of Mystery. I was simply drawing a comparison between the woods we see in OoT and the ones we see in MM. Forget...
  31. Din Akera

    Majora's Mask Would You Have Preferred a Week?

    I think there is pros and cons to this. Long story short, I'd probably pick no, that I am content with the three days. Let me elaborate. Some of the high points would be that there would be more days for the NPC characters to interact and have places to be. We would get to see even more...
  32. Din Akera

    Connection Between Hyrule and Termina: Lost Woods and Fairies

    Something that I believe is important to this conversation that so many people over look is the name of the woods. If you read the title, the wood in MM that Link starts the game in is called 'The Woods of Mystery' not 'The Lost Woods'. Yes, the music is the same. Yes, there are similarities...
  33. Din Akera

    General Zelda Do You Name Link?

    I have a funny story about this. But first let me answer the question, yes, I name him Link always...except for once. In OoT when you first go to see Zelda in the courtyard she gives you the whole song and dance about her dreams and thinking that she knows you. Specifically though, she has...
  34. Din Akera

    General Zelda Anyone Else Notice This Pattern?

    Yes I have noticed the prequel to the prequel game line up that you are talking about. I think that making prequels is probably easier for Nintendo rather than making sequels. Though, obviously we have some of those too. But think about it. Option A, make a story that follows in line with...
  35. Din Akera

    What is the User Above Most Known For?

    For being the current Keaton Quiz champ. lol
  36. Din Akera

    Should Legend of Zelda Be Remade?

    You realize you are talking about changing huge staples of the series. The game you are describing here doesn't sound like a Zelda game to me. Yeah it might be a fun game but the name Link is about the only think that makes it a Zelda game if you change all these things you have listed. I...
  37. Din Akera

    I Don't Want Hyrule

    I don't have a problem with it. The thing about Hyrule is that it is different in every game that we have visited it. TP's Hyrule is different from OoT's which is different that the original. Yes some of the names of places are similar (Hyrule Field, Castle Town, Kakariko Villiage, etc.) but...
  38. Din Akera

    General Zelda What Type of Transportation Do You Like in the LOZ?

    It honestly depends on what I'm doing in the game. If I'm powering through the dungeons and just trying to get to a certain point in the game or complete the game I would pick warping. If i'm leisurely play and just enjoying my Zelda time then Epona, definitely. If it is my first play through...
  39. Din Akera

    Majora's Mask Freakiest Thing in Majora's Mask

    I think there are a lot of things that are creepy, however the moon takes it for me as 'the most'. I honestly avoid looking up in the game on a consistent basis. Especially once you hit the third day. But I do want to make a case for a more psychologically based 'creepy aspect'. I think...
  40. Din Akera

    Your Video Game Team of 5

    Wow, fantastic question. This is something that I think might change over time for me; each day I might pick 5 different characters. But lets go for today. The best fighting team ever... 1) Link (from Twilight Princess) -> Highly skilled with a sword, quick on his feet, knowledgable/smarts...
  41. Din Akera

    Do You Believe In Surrendering In Online Games?

    I'd like to focus on the second question. I think it really does matter in the situation. I don't want to get overly philosophical but I think there is a huge difference between honor in a video game and honor in the real world. Now, Obviously not very many of us regularly pick fights to the...
  42. Din Akera

    Spider Theme a Continual Must?

    I have noticed something with my recent playing-through of Darksiders; the spider theme in videos games is very abundant. I am curious to know the extent and reasons for this apparent pattern. First of all do you think spiders as a theme for an area/dungeon, as well as enemies and bosses...
  43. Din Akera

    If the Next Game Were to Be Based Off Another Horsemen...

    Obviously I have not played far enough to have learned this yet. Now I understand my confusion. I find it very interesting as to why the series would change the traditional Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse line. I'll have to think about that after I learn more about Fury and Strifle. I think...
  44. Din Akera

    Silitha Appreciation Thread

    I just finished the dungeon and took Silitha's heart. Headed to Samael. But that is beside the point. To the topic at hand! I was very unimpressed by the dungeon. I to felt it was just another spider themed area of an adventure game and in fact had got me thinking about a thread I'd like to...
  45. Din Akera

    Your Most Precious Possession and Why?

    This is hard for me. I would probably want to break this up into several categories on why they are important or precious to me. So: Sentimental value: I have one object from each of my grandparents that have passed that was theirs and reminds me of them. So, the china doll, gasses, and watch...
  46. Din Akera

    How Many is Too Many

    Ventus took the words right out of my mouth. I think it is important to distinguish between dungeons and side-quests/overall gameplay/area getting to each dungeon. But as that has been sufficiently covered, I would focus on a different aspect of the numbers of dungeons; how they are connected...
  47. Din Akera

    WWHD - Waiting for the Familiar

    100% more excited to play a new game versus an old one that has been revamped in terms of graphics. Revamping whole portions of the game (as with OoTMQ) I believe is exciting because something has changed and really become new. But for me personally, upgrading to HD or 3D or smoother edges on...
  48. Din Akera

    If the Next Game Were to Be Based Off Another Horsemen...

    This must be a different interpretation than the one I know. My understanding of the four horsemen was Conquest (sometimes referred to as pestilence), War, Famine, and Death. So I'm interested to know if Fury and Strife are from a different interpretation or lore or...what? But on a side from...
  49. Din Akera

    MM-3DS What Mask Would You Like to Own?

    Bunny hood or Fierce Deity no contest. Now, those might seem fairly opposite, but that's who I am. The bunny hood is not only functional for speed and agility but also cute. So maybe I would actually obtain some level of coordination and look awesome doing it. Yeah people might stare at the...
  50. Din Akera

    Do You Have Any Weird/Unique Talents?

    lol, I can curl my tongue in various strange ways, I can also roll it right over upside down in both directions. I call this one the clover leaf. This is a pic I found on google http://thecreativejunkie.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/curled-tongue-1.jpg But what sets me apart is I don't need...
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