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  1. the_miserable

    General Art Mis's Poems.

    Well. By the prompting of some of my friends and to me great nerves, I am posting some of my poems. I maybe will update this sometimes, there will be no system to this. Just random poems. A slight warning. This are mostly sad and depressing. If you do not like that, ignore this then. Any...
  2. the_miserable

    Favorite Musical?

    I love musicals and plays. So what is your favorite and why?
  3. the_miserable

    The Civil War

    The summer day is hot and sticky even here in Maine. Andrew is waiting in line to sign-up for the Union even though he hates the idea of fighting his best friend.
  4. the_miserable

    The Civil War (SU)

    I am a big American history fan so I think this would be fun. This would take place at the start of the war. I was planning on doing the Union, but don't have a certain unit. I wouldn't mind help with this plot. Name: Gender: (a few woman sunk into the ranks. So If you want to play a girl talk...
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