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  1. Curmudgeon

    Test video - Raiden

    testing out the game dvr feature on windows 10 with a classic bullet hell shooter - raiden.
  2. Curmudgeon

    Utility Pokemon

    [Intro] Pokemon is a bit like an iceberg - most of its content lurks beneath the surface and well after defeating the Elite Four. If you're looking to get the most out of your experience, you're going to need some help with collecting items, breeding, and a variety of other tasks. To maximize...
  3. Curmudgeon

    Pikmin 3?

    So I need to cash in on my free game download after buying MK8. I have NSMB U and don't want Wii Party. I'm also not the biggest TWW fan. Is Pikmin 3 any good? I never played the first two.
  4. Curmudgeon

    Curmudgeon's Pokemon Breeding Service

    Can't transfer Pokemon from previous generations due to missing or broken hardware? Getting sad trying to find wild Pokemon with ridiculously low encounter rates? Just have a few spots to fill in your dex? Despair no longer! As a service to the ZD community, I am willing to share the wealth of...
  5. Curmudgeon

    The Cake is [i]not[/i] a Lie

    Portal The Cake Mix! Official licensed!: Amazon.co.uk: Grocery What will you do now that one of your most fundamental assumptions about the universe is no longer valid?
  6. Curmudgeon

    General Art A Day in the Life

    I used to write quite a bit of fiction but it's been years since I produced anything so I knocked out this in a few hours over the last couple days to get back into the swing of things. Enjoy (or don't) A Day in the Life Part 1 August 15th, 2110 Caleb's eyes flipped open, anticipating the...
  7. Curmudgeon

    Adventure of Link Ex Post Facto Game Design: Miyamoto Takes a Different Approach

    Behold, my first ZD thread (be nice) So, as I was stabbing Shadow Link in the face this morning, I got to thinking... What, you don't indulge in introspection while committing digital violence? Whatever. 1986: Shigeru Miyamoto is contemplating his fundamental redesign of the Legend of Zelda...
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