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  1. Heriod77777

    You Say Rage is Shame.... Its My Drive!

    Hello, I haven't seen any plausible threads like what I was searching for so I made this for my reason. I only read the first little bit of some site..... But when it said rage is shame I frowned in complete disbelief. I was just searching up how do I create rage? Now a lot of you would lol and...
  2. Heriod77777

    Spoiler What Could It Be Like with Miyamoto Doing It....

    Hey I found no thread that said anything on this so I made this. This is old news but, do you think it will be much better for Miyamoto to handle Zelda Wii U himself, or worse? Source of information: Miyamoto wants to personally handle The Legend of Zelda on the Wii U I think there are many...
  3. Heriod77777

    Preording Issues You've Had

    I was happy when I pre-ordered Kid Icarus Uprising. Until I found out today that it wont be here until next wedsday ( I don't care if I can't spell that right.) Do not use Amazon anymore if you have. It is a bunch of jerks that only ship the game you want on the day it comes out. >:( Has anyone...
  4. Heriod77777

    What Kind of Game Would You Make?

    Hey guys, if you worked at Nintendo and had the job of creating a new game ( It can't be from any game series that were already made.) What would it be? I will reveal mine after the few first comments. :)
  5. Heriod77777

    Spoiler Interesting Catch...

    Hey, I was thinking about Midna and stuff. And then I remembered that she is a mere shadow in the light world. But in the ending, she wasn't a shadow and was not a shadow in some scenes in game.
  6. Heriod77777

    Spoiler Have You Played Fossil Fighters?

    Hey, recently I looked at my emails ( A old one.) And remembered from it that there was a new Fossil Fighters Champions game. Has anyone played the first one? Is the second one more fun? :cool:
  7. Heriod77777

    Links Tunic, and the Back Slice is in This Game!

    Hi guys, something I found interesting is this game called Cube World. The creator Wollay said he might change that name, he said Zelda was a game that inspired him to make this game ( Still in development) he is wearing a green tunic in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2LO1n2F25M...
  8. Heriod77777

    Majora's Mask Note to All Users That Want Majoras Mask on 3DS

    Its been a long time since Operation Moonfall started, and we have no confirmation of it happening. All we know is that if Nintendo were to do it, it would be released after Zelda 3DS which has no name or real title yet. Users that reply to threads about Majoras Mask being on 3DS please note...
  9. Heriod77777

    Spoiler The Under Loved Zelda Games

    Hi there, I have noticed lots of criticism at AoL, TP, and not too much talk on ALttP, LA, MC. I haven't played LA or MC yet so I just listed them for the sake of listing them when I never heard discussions on this site of them besides theories. =\ AoL has amazing combat, and challenge. It was...
  10. Heriod77777

    Spoiler Hints on Zelda 3DS

    Go to: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2011/09/11/aonuma-drops-hints-on-zelda-wii-u-and-next-zelda-for-3ds.aspx having it be 3D will mean something. ^^ Hmm.......... all we can do is speculate, thoughts? =\
  11. Heriod77777

    Zelda Isn't a Kid Game and Here's Why....

    The video contains sexual content, so don't watch it if you don't want to. I didn't make this video, this is why Zelda isn't for kids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRnniQfC7-U&feature=g-like&context=G20c7203ALTxH-kAAAAA :lol: I thought Ruto was pretty beast in that one..... :embarrassed:
  12. Heriod77777

    General Modern Why Voice Acting Could Be a Big Deal.

    In the old Zeldas some of the enemies had lines of texts to read that gave them more emotion. Not just final bosses but mini bosses. Heck, they did it for the Phantoms in Phantom Hourglass but never gave the mini bosses of the dungeons lines. I think it would be great to hear the enemies in...
  13. Heriod77777

    Four Swords Is This Game Good or Bad?

    Hi, I was playing Four Swords with my brother and I haven't had that much fun playing it. I bet if it wasn't a Zelda game and was something else it would probably lose sales. I am not trolling or anything but I have had fun when I fought enemies ( there isn't that much to fight.....) Tell me...
  14. Heriod77777

    Majora's Mask Origins on Majora, Fierce Deity and Ikana War!

    Hey guys, I recently posted a theory on ZeldaPedia: http://zelda.wikia.com/wiki/Fierce_Deity#Theories But you can read the same thing here too. Evil Deity to become a God Stone Tower has been theorized to be a resemblance in the game to the Tower of Babel. In old Bible texts there was a story...
  15. Heriod77777

    General Modern Best Ganon Fight

    Which Ganon fight did you love the most in feeling, and difficulty? Did you get mad or stressed out a lot with the OoT Beast Ganon?
  16. Heriod77777

    Spoiler What We Hope to See on Zelda Wii U

    Hello I thought I would share some ideas on Zelda Wii U, and what I expect. You can tell me what you hope for, even make a video if you want. Gameplay SORRY HAVE ISSUES WITH COMPUTER! For gameplay I hope they use more motion controls and that you will needs to make strategies to hit long slices...
  17. Heriod77777

    Top 3 Darkest Zelda Games

    What do you think are the three darkest Zelda games? Mine are: 1. MM 2. TP 3. LA :hmm:
  18. Heriod77777

    Majora's Mask Remake Explains Origins?

    I feel it hard that we will never ever know what truly went on in the past of the Fierce Diety and Majoras Mask, the HMS, the moon and Ikana war. If you could, would you want the remake ( if it happens) of the game to explain the origins and backstory. :nod: I do have a theory, I can only say it...
  19. Heriod77777

    Majora's Mask Children, Coincident? Or Secret?

    The things we never really noticed in Majoras Mask are that it has a certain pattern for kids. Think about it, Skull 'kid' takes Majoras Mask and decides to cause trouble. Later you play hide and seek with the bombers, and help child like monkeys other monkey friend out. The Deku Butler says his...
  20. Heriod77777

    Spoiler I Cant Feel How Good This Game Is......

    Now some of you are gonna hate me but, OoT was not that great for me when I played it truthfully. I'm not sure why its so over rated, its not that great. I dislike some things. 1. The characters: They were strange, we barley knew anything of them. For example Zelda turns into a dude in the AT...
  21. Heriod77777

    A Idea of The Divine Prank

    Hello, i've had a theory recently on about The Divine Prank ;) and wanted to make a video on it. But I forgot what it basicly is a little, I think its when Ganon gets the ToP from the goddesses without telling us why. I could be wrong though, I will only tell you my theory on the video, and if...
  22. Heriod77777

    Did You Get to Vote? What Would It of Been?

    My question is...... did you get to vote for your favorite Zelda game, I didn't, I would of picked Majoras Mask.:P My cousins all like "OH! well thats because your nerds! No average player of Ocarina of Time really cares to go on the internet to find that kind of poll". (WHY DOES HE UNDER RATE...
  23. Heriod77777

    Hardcore or Casual 9 Year Olds?

    If you played OoT, MM, TP, WW, you will understand what games are more epic, and what aren't. So do you hope SS is on the line of difficulty of OoT and MM. I played WII Sports Resort fencing, and it was a little easy. Are you a casual player?:tired: or hardcore player?:D Do you hope SS is...
  24. Heriod77777

    Were We Fooled with Our Timelines?

    I've read that Mr.Miomoto said "The Legend of Zelda is done in its present form", that sounds to me like he meant that Twilight Princess and Wind Waker take part of the present leaving a little chain of 2-3 games afterwards. What i'm getting at, is that Mr.Miomoto and Anouma could of looked at...
  25. Heriod77777

    Top Rated Games for the Holidays

    Now, some people have been talking about Skyward Sword, Assasins Creed 3, Skyrim. Honestly, I think there not that great(not including Skyward Sword) I never played prequals or anything, but some loser on YouTube had the Top 5 games video, and guess where he put Skyward Sword: 5.(forgotten...
  26. Heriod77777

    Twilight Princess Is It a Sequal????? Or Copied Graphics?

    I know they might not of stated, and its sorta wierd putting it after SS and all but, what if ZWU is a sequal to TP. They look very much alike, along with kakariko village. The video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAzSGJfG1RA Sorry if someone all ready posted something like this. But it is so...
  27. Heriod77777

    Heriod77777's New Timeline

    Hey guys, I got a new timeline more clearer. Dont give me too much credit, I found another timeline before this, that is like this. So this is basicly more suported, thats all. SS, Ghirahim tries to bring **********(who ever it is.) back. AT part: Ganon is born in OoT, Link and Zelda sucessfully...
  28. Heriod77777

    Do You Want Darknuts in SS?

    I cant help but feel attached to Darknuts because my first games I had of Zelda have the phantoms. I also really hope they have them in Skyward Sword, I haven't saw any in the trailers.
  29. Heriod77777

    Twilight Princess Transformation Speculation

    If you played Twilight Princess, you make have defeated (what ever her name is.......) in that boss form from looking at the mirror. Now look closely it shows her normal face with black holes where her eyes should be, she swithes faces with the wierd imp face. Just speculation, but don't you...
  30. Heriod77777

    Beedles Ship

    I'm just guessing, but previously we have seen a ship in a trailer, and also Beedle. I think Beedle is running the ship and Link is asked to get rid of the evil. Just a guess, what do you think?
  31. Heriod77777

    Think Its Strange.....

    We all think after PH they find a land for new hyrule, I believe it but look at Anjean and Tetra:huh: yah they look a like, but why?
  32. Heriod77777

    Stupid Question for Timeline

    Does Link go to the Past in ALttP and kill Ganon there? what else? I'm trieing to get the timeline.
  33. Heriod77777

    A Difficult, but Seemingly Debatable Theory

    Hey guys, ihavent replyed for a while, sorry, busy.....anyway, they say the sacred realm turned to the dark realm because Ganon has a evil heart, they never said it could turn into evil beings like Maladass and chole. Your thoughts?
  34. Heriod77777

    Twilight Princess With Out Skills Against a Darknut......

    My favorite enemies are Phantoms, Darknuts, Iron Knuckles. But, how do you kill Darknuts without earning special sword skills? Show me a video please!
  35. Heriod77777

    Beast Zelda

    Ganon can turn in to a beast with a tri force, Link turns in to a Wolf in TP. Theory: There might be a game after SS with Link fighting with a transformed Zelda, your thoughts?
  36. Heriod77777

    This is an Accurate Time Line Theory

    Please leave comments and questions! Theory: Many have time line theories but mine is most accurate. In Oot it splits to two endings, adult, child. First the adult: Ganon is "defeated" link leaves the sacred realm leaving the tri force to Ganon who turns it in to the dark realm.(uh-oh) Agahim...
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