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  1. Links Brother

    Artstyle In Another Game

    Skyward Swords Artstyle was amazing in my opinion and I was wondering if people thought that the Artstyle should be reused for another Zelda Game or even another game.
  2. Links Brother

    Would You Want Another Mega Man

    I love Mega Man and Is an amazing game. Sadly after Mega Man 64 Capcom abandoned Mega Man. Why!:mad: Mega Man is amazing! At E3 it would make my day if the old retro man put his suit back on for another game. What do you think. Would another Mega Man be good?
  3. Links Brother

    The New IPad

    Are you going to buy the new IPad. For me it's too similar to the IPad 2 to really care.
  4. Links Brother

    The Zelda Cartoon Vs. The Cd-I Games.

    The Zelda Cartoon and the CD-I games are the worst things Zelda has ever known. Some even say they are not real. But this is the big question, which is worse.
  5. Links Brother

    Best Skyward Sword Side Quest

    The title says it all. What is your favirote side quest?
  6. Links Brother

    The Legend of Zelda Online

    What would happen if a Zelda MMORPG was created, would you like it or not? The idea has pro's and con's. Foot a good thing is it could keep getting patches and updates so your Zelda adventure can be never ending. And for big Online fans a players who in joy playing with others it works out too...
  7. Links Brother

    Improving On The Upgrading System

    Skyward Sword brought the item system. This was where you could upgrade your gear to make it better. It was a great idea but some say it could have been improved on. So tell us, would like to see the upgrade system in the next game and how would you improve it.
  8. Links Brother

    Spoiler Midna's Real Form

    At the end of Twilight Princess Midna turns into her true form. I must say I didn't like it one bit. It was more because I was so used to her regular form that I couldn't get used to this form. But I hear from a lot of people that they hated the form she turned into. So I just wanted to ask what...
  9. Links Brother

    Skyward Sword and Avatar

    Two nights ago I watched the movie Avatar again. After watching it I see small similar themes. First off people fly on birds and to get your bird you must go through a ceremony. You the bond with the birds. To call you bird you have to make a scream like sound just like whistling in Skyward...
  10. Links Brother

    Ancient Cistern: Like No Water Temple Before

    The Ancient Cistern was the Water dungeon for Skyward Sword. However it was not like any Water dungeon we have ever seen. Instead of swimming through long streams of water and diving down, going under water was something you did not do a lot. Instead you found yourself swinging with a whip and...
  11. Links Brother

    Spoiler Gaepora

    As we all know in Ocarina of Time there was our beloved and annoying Kaepora Gaepora (Owl). In Skyward Sword we had a character called Gaepora who when laughs says "Hoo Hoo" sounds like an owl. Now in Ocarina of Time a Gossip Stone tells you that Kaepora Gaepora is the reincarnation of an...
  12. Links Brother

    Spoiler What Did Zelda Say!?

    During the start of the game when Link and Zelda take off for a ride before the black tornado comes she say "Link, there's something I need to tell you" Before she can tell you the tornado hits and she falls. What did she say!! Most likely she would say something like "I love you Link." but who...
  13. Links Brother

    What Happened to Korp

    Does anyone know where Korp went?
  14. Links Brother

    Spoiler What Did Link Say!? (MAJOR Spoilers)

    At the very end of the game after the credits Zelda says she wants to stay here on the ground. She then asked Link what he will do. He smiles and looks like he's about to say something when it zooms out. NOOO! What was he going to say "I'm staying with you" or "My home is in Skyloft. Goodbye."...
  15. Links Brother

    Lack of Skydiving

    When I heard that Skyward Sword was including Skydiving that's just like from Wii Sports Resort I was super happy. I had bought Wii Sports Resort and had liked it but I found overall the best part was the skydiving. This got me so excited for the uses it could have in a Zelda game. However now...
  16. Links Brother

    Spoiler Gratitude Crystals

    Most Zelda Games have their collectible items. Twilight Princess had it's Poe's souls and golden bugs. Ocarina of Time had it's gold skulltulas. And Skyward Sword has Gratitude Crystals. For those who don't know what it is I will do a quick overview. Batreaux is a monster who lives in a house...
  17. Links Brother

    Skyloft At Night

    Hey guys. If you haven't noticed in Skyloft at night monsters come out. So I have a few things I want to talk about Skyloft at Night 1. Why do these Monsters come only at night and where did they come from? It makes no sense that this peaceful little town that at night monsters come out...
  18. Links Brother

    Skyward Sword Where Do You Find Bird Feathers

    Hi guys. I'm in Skyward Sword for my second run and I wanted to know where to find Bird Feathers to upgrade my Sacred Shield.
  19. Links Brother

    Spoiler Link in the Twilight Realm

    Have any of you wondered why Link doesn't turn into his wolf form when he is in the twilight realm. Why is this?
  20. Links Brother

    How Helpful Was Fi

    Hi everyone, for the past days I've been playing Skyward Sword like crazy. First let me say, ITS AMAZING!! But I didn't like Fi, I found annoying and emotionless. But how helpful was she, she gave you hints and status updates. And sometimes helps you out. Tell me your thoughts? I myself found...
  21. Links Brother

    Link's Adventure

    Hi, it's time for a new game. In this one you must create a story about an adventure Link has. I do have few rules. 1- Each adventure must be a least 20 posts before it's ended. 2- Link must have a goal that will be his goal in the whole thing. 3- Be as funny as you want but don't get out of...
  22. Links Brother

    How Stupid Is The Quote

    Hey guys it's time for a new game. For this one you will say a stupid or random quote and the person below you will rank how stupid it is. EX. Lemons, great for orange juice. Then someone would say something like 7/10 and then say another quote.
  23. Links Brother

    Spoiler Turning Desert into Field

    In some of the more recent trailers we see you in Lanayru Desert slashing switches that make that area turn into a great field. Thoughts?
  24. Links Brother

    What Could Pokemon Take From Zelda?

    A few days ago I created a thread about if Zelda or Pokemon was better. In this thread I am asking what element of Zelda could Pokemon take to make it better?
  25. Links Brother

    What Could Zelda Take From Pokemon?

    A few days ago I created a thread about if Zelda or Pokemon was better. In this thread I am asking you what you think Zelda could take from Pokemon. For me I find that one of my favorite things about Pokemon is choice. However in Zelda you never have a choice that will effect gameplay forever...
  26. Links Brother

    Zelda Fan or Pokemon Fan?

    With the release of Pokemon Dungeon we got a lot of Pokemon fans on the site now. So I thought I might create this poll, are more of a Zelda Fan or a Pokemon Fan?
  27. Links Brother

    Majora's Mask Favorite Majora's Mask Mini Boss

    The title explains it all. What is your favorite Majora's Maks Mini Boss. I myself love Gomess.
  28. Links Brother

    Easter Eggs or Funny Bugs

    I made this poll to find out if what you like better. An Easter Egg meaning some funny thing that Nintendo put in the game. Ex. On the back of the happy mask sellers back back you can see a mask of Mario on it. Or do you rather a funny glitch meaning something that happens that's funny but...
  29. Links Brother

    Spoiler Milk

    This Thread may seem strange but this is all about Milk. Yep all about Milk.... First off let's talk about milk from OoT, By beating Talons mini game he gave a bottle with milk also telling you you could fill it up there for some rupees. Also if you played Epona's song to cows they would give...
  30. Links Brother

    Twilight Princess Any Advice for a Twilight Princess Three Heart Run?

    I am completing my 5th 100% Twilight Princess Run. I am thinking of trying the three heart challenge which mean I will be completing Twilight Princess with only Three hearts for the whole game. So I think in about a month or two I will start but before I want to train. So does anyone have any...
  31. Links Brother

    Operation Moonfall: When Will The Moon Fall?

    Today I'm talking about Operation Moonfall, for people who do not know what Operation Moonfall is then listen up. For Nintendo's relatively new console the 3DS Ocarina of Time 3D which was a remake of the original game. Now being the sequel Majora's Mask on fans list for the 3DS Consle and that...
  32. Links Brother

    Shield Pose in WiiU Game

    For you who have not seen the WiiU Tech Demo it showed us Link fighting a Ghoma like boss. This may or may not be a real trailer for a game but it is almost certain that there will be a Zelda game on the WiiU. Now this was all at the last E3, also at the E3 Nintendo showed off their new console...
  33. Links Brother

    Iron Boot Trouble

    Today I would like to talk about the item known as, Iron Boots. These are mainly used in OoT and TP and WW but I will talk about OoT and TP only today. Iron Boots can be useful and very annoying at the same time. Let's first talk about the iron boots in OoT where it was used for mostly the Water...
  34. Links Brother

    Majora's Mask How Do You Become a Member of the Milk Bar in MM

    I want to go into the milk bar in MM but its members only can you help?
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