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  1. jstar

    Spoiler Sub-forum

    I have a good idea nay a great idea! about spoilers and I posted it on this thread called “Please stop with the SS spoilers” but I got ninja'd by Xinnamin and she closed the thread so my post never got posted (epic fail >.<) My idea: create a sub forum called "spoilers" That way those who...
  2. jstar

    Loftwings Are Cuccos

    I'm just spitballing here but, Is it possible that the loftwings are Cucco's ancestors? I mean that once they get on ground level they evolve to getting smaller and lose flight because they don't need it anymore. I remember reading something that Nintendo said the Rito Tribe was the evolved...
  3. jstar

    Get a Facebook?

    Hey links and zeldas and ZD members! Im not big on social networking sites, i feel it takes away something from the conversation, and when myspace was big all my friends had one and asked me if I had one, I'd say “no.” i'm glad I didn't have one especialy since it's a bust now. My highschool...
  4. jstar

    Change the Word!

    I not sure what this game is really called in real life. :S Here's the rules. You change the word on top by changing a letter or sound, adding a letter or sound, or taking away a letter or sound. Example: Post 1. bell Post 2. Belt Post 3. Melt Post 4. Malt Post 5. Mall Post 6. Math (ll counts...
  5. jstar

    Zelda Art LOZ: Link of the Shiekahs

    Chapter 1 TAB He examins his surroundings incase an escape route was needed. This was the first time he has ever seen anything fancy, cushioned and painted. Knowing only a life of poverty he stands in "awe" as he just takes in the Sacred Room. He reforms his focus to what he came for, "Eye...
  6. jstar

    How Do You Small Talk?

    HEY!!!! How's the weather <------ [I think that that is one of the stup!de$t small talk in all of history (can't you see the weather yourself? :P).] For me, small talk is the hardest part for me. My question is "How Do You Small Talk?" or what are you're conversations starters. Today I was...
  7. jstar

    Finish the Sentence

    I thought of a game that would be fun!!! We write a sentence halfways and then the next person twists it! (Kind of like corrupt a wish) Rules: Make this as fun as possible ...only to realize I slept walked to a pile of cow manure. Today I was so hungry I ....
  8. jstar

    What Mini-games Would You Like to See in Skyward Sword???

    One of the things that make a Zelda game awesome (at least for me) are the mini-games. I been thinking about some of the mini-games that are perfect with the items they've shown us. (I know there is a similar thread but this is focused on mini-games) Then once Skyward Sword comes out we'll see...
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