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  1. Linknerd09

    General Art Linknerd's Art

    Hello everyone. I love to draw/doodle art, messing around with colored pencils, pens, etc. I have been recently been drawing digitally, with my iPad mini. I would like to share my art with you guys. Enjoy and comment. Super Mushroom! Have one! Sprites: Sexy Face...
  2. Linknerd09

    What Do You Eat For Breakfast?

    Hello ZD! How are we? Well, we all know Breakfast is important, but what do you eat for Breakfast? Post here on what Breakfast what you eat everyday! Love to hear your Breakfast meals;) If there's a thread like this already exists, you can delete it. Today I ate for Breakfast, is Hot Dogs...
  3. Linknerd09

    General Art Linknerd09's Artwork.

    I've been drawing for 2-3 years. But I still need some improvement. I'm going to post some of my art. I will posts more in the future. For now, enjoy and comment.;) These are my recent ones, only 2. Sorry.
  4. Linknerd09

    Rate the Username

    Hello there, ZD! This thread is about rating the UserNames! Rate the one above you! If there's a thread just like this, feel free to close this if existed! Ok then, let's get rating.
  5. Linknerd09

    Linknerd09's Shop

    Hey it's me! Just wanted to post some of my sigs, avys and userbars. Hope you like them. Enjoy and comment. I'll be more than happy to accept requests:). But I will use another program to make these. Avys: Well, I only have 2 avys. I'll make some more. I promise:) Sigs: I...
  6. Linknerd09

    Ocarina of Time Will LoZ OoT 3DS Still Have the Same Music?

    Will OoT 3DS still have the music? Will they be original or a little but revised? What do u guys think? Post ur opinion here.
  7. Linknerd09

    Was Link Your Imaginary Friend when You Were Little?

    Link was my imagnary friend when I was little. When I wanted to talk to somebody, I talk to link. He still is my imaginary friend. Was link ur imaginary friend when u were little?
  8. Linknerd09

    Favorite Brand of Computer

    Hello there! What's ur favorite brand of computer? My favorite brand of computer is Dell! They have good computers n they work great.:) What's ur favorite brand of computer?:hmm:
  9. Linknerd09

    How Did You Meet Link?

    how did u meet link? I met link in the SNES LoZ ALTTP. That's where I met the hero of LoZ. How did u guys met link?
  10. Linknerd09

    A Link to the Past Fav Boss N Why

    my fav boss from LoZ LTTP was ganon. cuz he was easy to defeat when u get used to it. but ws hard to begin. i like ganon/ganondorf. :) but i also liked the third pendant boss.:D he was sooooo easy. I want to see what u think about the bosses of this game.:nerd:
  11. Linknerd09

    Fav Train and Why?

    Hello there! My fav train from LoZ ST was the Spirit Train. If perfect for link. But that's my opinion. I love the whistle and the music theme to it when u leave the place. And I also the sparkles in the wheels. But I want hear everyone's opinion. What's ur fav train from LoZ ST and why?
  12. Linknerd09

    General Modern Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Boss

    Favortie Boss & Was It Easy? What's your favorite boss? Was is it easy? My favorite boss was the dragon in Fire Temple. His name is Volvagia, but he was pretty easy to defeat. So I want see what you think when you were defeating your choice of Zelda game!:)
  13. Linknerd09

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Fav Music of LoZ OoT?

    We all know the timeless theme of LoZ. Discuss about your fav theme of LoZ OoT. It could be from a temple, boss, boss battles, or place.
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