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  1. hylianbeast

    SKYWARD SWORD FOR $19.99?!

    I learned the other day that Best Buy is selling Skyward Sword for $19.99. For anyone who hasn't bought the game yet, like myself, THIS IS THE TIME TO BUY!! $20 is a much better deal than $60 at GameStop. I'll probably pick up the game at the end of the month.
  2. hylianbeast

    Xbox 360 Cloud Explanation

    So some of the new features in the cloud is the ability to download your profile on any console without a flash drive. The thing is, I've been able to download my profile without a flash drive anyway all the time. The other is that you'll be able to get your game progress anyway. The only thing...
  3. hylianbeast

    Nintendo Does Something New for Once.

    So I went to my subscription box on YouTube, and I saw this video from IGN. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=DriXVThNDtk This is 100% true. It's some cross-over between Pokemon and some Japanese series. All I can say is...WHAT?! I've wanted Nintendo to do something new...
  4. hylianbeast

    Worst Pokemon Memory...

    Think of a time where you just wanted to destroy your pokemon game for whatever reason even if it's just sad. Mine: Never finding a way out of Lilycove city in Emerald. I always thought you had to win four ribbons in any contest category. So my wailmer had to suffer from my raging as it only...
  5. hylianbeast

    Best Fan-made MMORPG?

    As many of you may know, there are several fan-made Pokemon MMORPGs. They aren't endorsed by Nintendo, but they have the basics that a good MMORPG would need. I've wanted to start playing one but the problem is, THERE ARE SO MANY?! So if you guys could tell me your favorite and why, I would...
  6. hylianbeast

    Tech Help IPhone Degrading Help!

    About two weeks ago I jail-broke my iPhone 3GS. I decided to upgrade it to IOS 5 to see if it can still be jail-broken. It can't. Now I can't restore my phone, AND I can't bring it back to 4.3.2! Whenever I do, the software I'm supposed to use, Fix-Restore, it doesn't load correctly. Can...
  7. hylianbeast

    Is Ghirahim an Ancestor to Vaati? 0-o

    I couldn't help to notice that the main villain Ghirahim looks a little like another villain, Vaati. Could this mean that he is an ancestor to Vaati? Or is it just his design?
  8. hylianbeast

    Psi's Role in the Game

    Ok, so we know that Link will have a sidekick in the game named Psi. I'm guessing she will have the same role like Navi, Tatl, Midna, Zelda, and the fairy from PH. But do YOU think she'll have a differenet role. And what about her origins? I think she's just the spirit of the Skyward Sword or...
  9. hylianbeast

    No More Friend Codes!

    I love Nintendo to death, but they really stink in the online gaming department! One of the biggest rrasons why is because of the friend codes. There's one for every game, so it can become hard to remember them all. Also, it doesn't make much sense to have Wi-Fi for a hime console if it's made...
  10. hylianbeast

    BIA Recruiting Search

    Greetings programs! I am HylianBeast. Sergent and member of Brothers In Arms, or BIA. We are a Xbox Live gaming clan aimed specifcly at Halo: Reach. We are looking for some new recruits for the clan. If you want to join, leave your gamertag and I'll try to contact the clan leader. Here are some...
  11. hylianbeast

    Dragon Ball Z Fans Unite!!

    One of the best anime of all time without a doubt is dragon ball z! If you are a fan, leave a comment about it and name your favorite character from a dragon ball game. My favorite character would have to be Majin Vageta from dragon ball radging blast 2.
  12. hylianbeast

    Ura Zelda

    Nintendo had the n64 disc drive whuch was supposed to have things not thought of for gaming systems in the 90s. They had a game that was supposed to come out called Ura Zelda. I guess you could call it sort of an add-on for OoT. (Forgive me if i get my facts wrong.) It was supposed to have two...
  13. hylianbeast

    Another Time Limit?

    Do you think another game with a time limit like in majoras mask would be bad? I say yes cause then you dont have time to admire everything or be abke to take your time with dungeons and side quests.
  14. hylianbeast

    Ocarina of Time Epona As a Kid?

    I doubt this will happen but do you think it would be nice to be able to ride Epona as a kid? I would cause it wouod be easier to get to places.
  15. hylianbeast

    ST Forest Temple is the Deku Tree?

    There's not that much proff to prove this other than it's in the forest area, located deepin what seems to be the lost woods to protect it, and it's a big tree. It could be the remains of the last Great Deku tree.
  16. hylianbeast

    Majora's Mask Save Help.

    I need helpsaving in Majoras Mask.
  17. hylianbeast

    A Link to the Past Gamecube Controller Save Help.

    How do you save with the gamecube controller without dying?
  18. hylianbeast

    New,New,NEW, Timeline

    A thid timeline? Yes. Adult timeline: WW/PH-ST SS-MC-4S-OoT Child:MM-TP-4SA-ALttP/LA-LoZ/AoL-OoA/OoS
  19. hylianbeast

    Super Smash Bros. for DS?

    I am a big fan of Super Smash Brothers. There's been one for all of the Nintendo home consoles since the Nintendo64. But there needs to be one for the DS. Am I right!
  20. hylianbeast

    Main Villians Sidekick?

    ya no how :ganondorf: had Zant as a sidekick and the deamon king had chancallor cole as a sidekick? Would you like to see a sidekick for the main villian? I wouldn't.
  21. hylianbeast

    "The End" Stuck

    When I get to the "The End" screen, it won't let me pass it! It doesn't freeze,it has not been hacked,and I tried pressing and holding A,B,Start,and is the Wii virtual console version. When I pressed "Restart" It didn't save. What happened?!:huh:
  22. hylianbeast

    The Legend of Zelda Scond Quest?

    I heard that when you beat LoZ and AoL it says that a second quest will begin. What are these second quests?:huh:
  23. hylianbeast

    Ocarina of Time OoT Bosses Too Easy?

    I'm nearly done with my OoT 100% run and have had no deaths, (Not even a fairy revival! Just jinxed it!:() and have noticed that the bosses seem to be pretty easy. Is it b/c i have nearly a complete heart collection, my skill, or that the bosses are too easy?
  24. hylianbeast

    Redone:At Last,my Timeline!

    After watching Lancun's timeline on youtube,and reading the comments on my last timeline,I decide to make a new one. But you guys will see something wrong. Child: /WW/PH-ST MC-SS?-4S-4SA-OoT Adult: /MM-TP-WLLttP/LA-LoZ/AoL-OoA/OoS I now have to believe that there are two ganons for this...
  25. hylianbeast

    Ganon Can Be in SS!!!

    I was thinking and I discovered that it is possible to beat Ganon without the mastersword, or even the silver arrows. In the first few zelda games, you use the silver arrows to kill Ganon. It wasn't untill OoT that we discovered that you neede the Mastersword to beat Ganon. But I think you need...
  26. hylianbeast

    Spoiler Two Ganon's?

    Here's what I think, Ganondorf was evil and was possesed by the spirit of Ganon,but Ganondrof had the triforce of power. But in WW, GANONDORF escaped from his prison and left Ganon. Otherwise, he would just transform into Ganon. In Loz, GANON escaped, but Ganondorf died from drowning in WW:). On...
  27. hylianbeast

    At Last, My Timeline!

    Well, here it is. MC,SS?,FS,OoT, Adult:MM,TP,FSA,ALyttP,LA,OoA,OoS/Oos,Ooa Child:WW,PH,LoZ,Aol,ST I think there isn't two ganons, and tell mae if there are any problems.
  28. hylianbeast

    Spoiler What Sex is Sheik?

    According to the OoT manga, Zelda's concsience falls asleep and awakens as a Sheikah boy. He/she appears to Link as tha lone survivor of the Sheikah. (excluding Impa) In the game, Zelda just transforms into Sheik. Although, when you leave the Chamber of Sages after the water temple, Ruto...
  29. hylianbeast

    General Classic Majoras Mask or A Link to the Past?

    Ok, I'm nearly done with my 100% of OoT. Since SS won't be out for a while, i decided to do a 100% of mm or alttp. (Yay!) But i don't know which one to do first! Majoras mask is good, but i don't know if i need to make a new file for the anju kafei sidequest, and the game has sidequests that...
  30. hylianbeast

    Mix in SS?

    Remember in the trailer for SS they had images of Link riding Epona, (TP or OOT) the king of red lions, (WW) Majoras Mask, (MM) and wolf link. (TP) Does this mean that they will have things from each of these games? Or is it just for fun?>.>>.>>.>
  31. hylianbeast

    Spoiler Jabu-Jabu Theory and Ocena King Theory

    Hasn't anyone noticed how in oot when you're an adult you can't find Jabu-Jabu anywhere? I believe that Jabu-Jabu left Hyrule b/c of gannondorf, and created the land we see in PH. He then took the form of Oshus and became the Ocean King. Meanwhile, Jabun and the Windfish are either his...
  32. hylianbeast

    Is the Land in Phantom Hourglass Termina?

    I've been thinking, if the land in Phantom Hourglass isn't Hyrule, could it be Termina or a diferent zelda country? =\
  33. hylianbeast

    My Finale Ion OOT is Ruined!!

    I just beat OOT and when it reached the part where link meets zelda in the past after you beat ganon, it won't fade away!!! I've tried EVERYTHING and it won't work!! Any advice?
  34. hylianbeast

    Fairy Companion in SS?

    I just beat oot and I've noticed just how annoying Navi was! "Hey! Listen!" So, do you think there should be a fairy companion in SS? God I hope not!!:xd:
  35. hylianbeast

    Ocarina of Time Is the Water Temple in Oot Annoying?

    I've heard alot of people say that the water temple in oot is a pain in the butt.I played it, and it's actually not that annoying. Even though I was watching a walkthrough of it. However, switching from the iron boots 2 the kokiri boots is annoying. What do u think?=\
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