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  1. Random Person

    There Are "different" Link's. (further Explanation)

    Yes, the king is a big screw up, but that doesn't make him a liar. He doesn't know everything, but that doesn't prove that what he said was false. People who mess up aren't automatically perpetual liars.
  2. Random Person

    Skyward Sword - Impa and time travel

    Yeah, I'm with others here, this isn't really a paradox. There's no law of physics that says two of the same person can't exist in the same timeline. Shoot, we have twins who share the exact same DNA in real life. Not to mention that at this point, one is older than the other, meaning they're...
  3. Random Person

    There Are "different" Link's. (further Explanation)

    Clearly not all Links came from the one before as the fallen Hero of Time never reproduced. The error with this theory, however, is that it assumes every Link will only have one offspring. Imagine if the Hero of the Sky had 20 children. Then each of those children had 20 children. And so on and...
  4. Random Person

    Best Master Sword 'get scene'

    Not sure if I'd call it the best, but Twilight Princess is definitely my favorite. I'm not sure why, but during that moment it feels much more legendary. This was the only Link for which it wasn't planned for him to get the sword, all he wanted to do was remove the curse. The fact that he...
  5. Random Person

    One man born every 100 years is a myth?

    We can't assume something is false simply because it doesn't make sense in our reality because Hyrule doesn't exist in our reality. If we go by this logic, we must also assume that Deku Scrubs are really people disguised as plants because plants can't talk; or that Farore's wind must be some...
  6. Random Person

    General Zelda Who Was Your First Companion in Zelda?

    Tatl. Hated her. Of course, now that I know what "Personality" is, I can appreciate her for what she is.
  7. Random Person

    The Wind Waker Is It Considered An Old Shame?

    The notion of this thread is based on the concept that the fans do not like Wind Waker which hasn't been the case for a long time. While it's true that WW's release had negative results and it's, numerically speaking, one of the worst selling games in the Zelda series, the overwhelming love that...
  8. Random Person

    General Zelda Most Nostalgic Game (aside OOT)

    My most nostalgic game is Majora's Mask with Minish Cap being very close behind it. MM was my first 3D Zelda and MC was my first 2D Zelda. Both of these games introduced me to the concept of what Zelda games were about and what I was to expect from later games of the series. These are also both...
  9. Random Person

    Game Help How to Play Zelda Games?

    The choice is ultimately up to you but I recommend A Link to the Past and then Ocarina of Time simply because those are the basic building blocks of modern day Zelda games.
  10. Random Person

    MM-3DS Majora's Mask Time Travel Mistake?

    Even if this was a mistake, I must agree with others. The HMS is so mysterious that anything he does won't be considered impossible to his character. This is a moment where suspending disbelief is done correctly in Zelda games. The HMS's mysteriousness adds to his character.
  11. Random Person

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 111!

    Yes, but keep it a side thing. Fishing in Zelda games always feels like something I can do when I want to relax. In both OoT and TP I would go to their respective fishing holes and just relax. I literally would turn the games on just to do that. If fishing becomes a major part of the game, it'll...
  12. Random Person

    Game Help How to Play Zelda Games?

    Zelda takes common sense and applies it to video games. My mistake when I first started playing was thinking "that can't be the answer, it's too obvious" or "that can't be the answer, they wouldn't put that in a game" yet sure enough, I was wrong. If you think something might work, no matter how...
  13. Random Person

    Skyward Sword The Sky, the Equivalent of the Great Sea? I Don't Think So.

    Actually, I think the point of the sea is being missed here. No one was supposed to sale for a long time without doing something unless they wanted to. In between destinations there are islands to explore, enemies to avoid or fight, treasure to gain, platforms and submarines to invade, and other...
  14. Random Person

    Skyward Sword The Sky, the Equivalent of the Great Sea? I Don't Think So.

    Points were said that I agree with. The only point I disagree with is that SS fixed the "traveling problem." Even with those small speed boosts, getting from point A to B is tedious without warp points especially considering the lack of distractions on the way. WW gave you enemies to defeat...
  15. Random Person

    General Zelda How Would You Feel About Financial Gaps Being a Theme in Zelda?

    Really, financial differences is already apparent in Zelda but no one draws attention to it. Wind Waker and TP have shown differences between certain classes and such. This, along with other mature subjects, if focused upon, would push the series away from that innocent adventure atmosphere that...
  16. Random Person

    MM-3DS Saddest Moment in Majora's Mask

    http://randomperson1310.deviantart.com/art/I-m-Sorry-Anju-195917538 This
  17. Random Person

    Ocarina of Time Where Did All Those Redeads Come From?

    People are acting like the G-man is the kind of dude who would just Randomly kill his citizens. Let us recall that this man has the mentality of a king. A dark king, but a king nonetheless. He wants to rule Hyrule, not destroy it. He'll kill those who stand against him along with those who fail...
  18. Random Person

    Skyward Sword Eldin: The Neglected Region

    I must agree with his agreement. A youtuber I watch stated that because of how different Lanayru is from the other two areas, they're convinced the three areas may have been developed separately from each other and I can definitely see that. I believe the other two seem to get more time than...
  19. Random Person

    Ocarina of Time What Happened to Other Ocranino

    I didn't mean to imply that throwing away a gift was mischievous, I simply wanted to point out that Link is not perfect. In both OoT and MM, the latter of which he's supposed to be more mature, he's done things that a "nice guy" wouldn't do. Again, I feel assumptions are being made. While it's...
  20. Random Person

    Ocarina of Time What Happened to Other Ocranino

    Uh, I can't help but feel there's some assumption here. Link helps people, sure, but he's also very mischievous and as a child he didn't always understand complicated subjects. (He had no idea Ruto wanted to marry him and that the Zora Sapphire was something precious from her).
  21. Random Person

    General Modern Motion Controls, What Happened?

    Well, I've come into this convo rather late. I believe it to be a misconception. With simpler games like Wii sports, people saw the potential motion controls could have for games let alone full motion controls (not to mention the constant possibility of virtual reality that everyone is...
  22. Random Person

    General Zelda In What Order Did You Play the Zelda Games? And What Did You Think of Them?

    Majora's Mask Then: OH EM GOODNESS! THIS IS THE BEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED! Now: Whether or not it's the best Zelda game is debatable, but I certainly believe it's the strongest, adding strengths and taking away weaknesses from OoT, and it's not only my favorite Zelda game, but my favorite video...
  23. Random Person

    General Zelda Would You Like to See What Happens to Temples in Between Games?

    If done correctly, it could be fine. Really, Zelda just needs some decent continuity. Fans went gaga when they heard the temple of time song in TP, showing it's connection to OoT's ToT. We don't need a whole game of that, the hate for TP being proof of that, but moments that remind us that the...
  24. Random Person

    Skyward Sword Favorite Skyward Sword Character?

    Groose because... obvious reasons. He has great Personality, standard development (which is above average for Zelda characters), and is legitimately funny. He's so stereotypical bully, but I love stereotypes when they're done well so I applaud Groose and all his Groose-ness (not a word)...
  25. Random Person

    "Professional" Aka "Competitive" Gaming a Waste of Time?

    Was going to post but then this completely stole the words from my mouth.
  26. Random Person

    "Professional" Aka "Competitive" Gaming a Waste of Time?

    The definition of being a professional anything is that you make money doing said activity.
  27. Random Person

    General Zelda Dual Typed Dungeons You Would Like to See

    In a fantasy game, technology is always fascinating because it is the magic of magic games. So no matter what it's mixed with, I see technology being a good idea. One thing I've found fascinating, though others might find tedious, is the before and after effect. A dungeon that must be explored...
  28. Random Person

    "Professional" Aka "Competitive" Gaming a Waste of Time?

    If one believes competitive gaming is a waste of time, they must also believe competitive ANYTHING is a waste of time. Competitive gaming allows for one to test their mental/physical skills against others while providing entertainment for the rest of the world. Most agree that entertainment is a...
  29. Random Person

    Spoiler Fi Could Return, but When?

    Lying seems really out of Fi's character. She has no reason other than manipulation, but the past has shown that when she manipulates Link, she tells him before hand. Fi's job was to tell Link everything he wanted to know. Having her lie seems really left field (just like having her say a...
  30. Random Person

    General Zelda Is Zelda Thought-provoking?

    No. While it does send messages, most are very basic level.
  31. Random Person

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess VIDEO Review

    First of all, you have this in the wrong spot. This would go in the Fan Works section. Anyways, lets look at this video. There are a couple of critiques that could be said, but I first have to wonder who your target audience is. The start of your video can lead some people away. You essentially...
  32. Random Person

    General Zelda Favorite MM Dungeon and Why

    Great Bay Temple. All the temples in MM, imo, have some of the best designs in the series. I'm not exactly sure why I like this one more than the others. It's the most difficult of the four, but I don't think that's why I like it.
  33. Random Person

    General Zelda Do You Like the Fact That Zelda Releases Aren't Annual?

    Annual releases are done because the audience for said games expect changes that can be made within a year. This is why CoD and EA sports games have the reputation for not changing in regards to gameplay. Its hard to believe Zelda can be expected to release yearly without predefining everything...
  34. Random Person

    General Zelda How Evil Should Villains Be?

    I don't really care. As long as its done well, I'm good.
  35. Random Person

    If Zelda MM is Remade, Should It Be Realistic or Cel-shaded?

    What benefit is there of making MM cel shaded? I see none. The cel-shaded games, rightfully so, give the player a lighthearted experience, and their cel-shaded graphics really help to emphasize that. Not to say they can't have serious, dark or scary moments, but the overall experience is...
  36. Random Person

    General Zelda Toon Link in Mario Kart 8!

    This is a very common statement about Mario Kart. We must remember that Donkey Kong is actually a part of the Mario universe. The original Donkey Kong game starred Mario, and they have been in multiple games together since then, thus Donkey Kong and any character from his games can appear in...
  37. Random Person

    General Zelda The Zelda Fandom

    I've never been insulted by the word nerd or geek but dork has always been offensive to me. However, Zeldorks has such a nice ring to it, all my negative feelings for the dork part seem to have vanished.
  38. Random Person

    General Zelda Best Zelda Game

    This one is tough for me. ALttP and OoT are both great examples of what either 2D or 3D Zelda titles should strive for. However, MM took OoT's example and brought a new twist on it. I believe that MM is technically the best Zelda game, however, I know it wasn't nearly as big of a milestone as...
  39. Random Person

    General Zelda Bosses That Depend Only on the Sword to Beat

    I think one on one swordplay is fine, and in some cases more than fine, however I don't think its the key factor to boss battles. Some really good bosses have required multiple items. Koloktos, one boss that most can agree is incredibly satisfying, doesn't require the sword for most of, if not...
  40. Random Person

    General Modern Ghirahim for Super Smash Bros.

    I don't really WANT Ghirahim, but I can't really see anything but positives for putting him in the game. I don't expect an Ike clone though, as Ghirahim moves more like Marth. I actually like to see him with his own more diverse move set considering he has his diamonds and skyward strike. His...
  41. Random Person

    General Art Here's a Random Song I Made... LISTEN TO IT!

    So I made a song because... you know... I can. And I'm gonna release it on youtube because that's what we youtubers do. But I thought I'd test it on you guys first. Tell me what you think please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGsp17pzpJw Click here for more Random Person. Help me reach...
  42. Random Person

    General Zelda Symphony of the Goodness.

    I don't really want to see that. It feels like a forced idea. Zelda is old world, so I can't see the reason why this would be put into the game. It completely goes against the mood. If Zelda was set into the future, maybe it would work, even still, implementation is key. The music would still...
  43. Random Person

    Skyward Sword Skyward Sword is the Best Zelda Game of All Time: Agree or Disagree

    Spoonfeeding for puzzle solving games is a lot different from most other games, particularly in the Zelda series because it is known for making the player figure out things they wouldn't have to in most other games. Was there anything that happened in SS that the game did for you, but you felt...
  44. Random Person

    Skyward Sword Skyward Sword is the Best Zelda Game of All Time: Agree or Disagree

    In most cases, spoonfed means someone is doing something for you. (Coming from someone feeding a baby with a spoon because they can't do it for themselves).
  45. Random Person

    Skyward Sword Skyward Sword is the Best Zelda Game of All Time: Agree or Disagree

    ...what? This is the first I've ever seen a comment like this. (And I don't just mean on the forums, I mean in gaming in general) Almost every gamer/reviewer has said the opposite about what makes a good game. You never want to be spoonfed, you want a challenge. I think this lies in, once again...
  46. Random Person

    Spoiler Twilight Princess Final Battle V.Skyward Sword

    I'll go with TP's battle hands down. TP's atmosphere was perfect. The world literally felt like it was about to end if Link did not suceed. The concept of fighting Zelda is a little jaw dropping, and executed well as it incorporates the tennis tradition. The Ganon fight is a great call back to...
  47. Random Person

    Twilight Princess Is That Malon Singing in Hyrule Field(at Night) ?

    I don't think its actually her singing, but I'm pretty sure it was meant to sound like her. TP = OoT sequel so lots of calls back to OoT are made.
  48. Random Person

    Majora's Mask Setting All Things Right One Last Time

    I believe that after Majora is defeated, everything he and/or the Skull Kid set wrong is fixed. The situations effected by the four temples is taken care of because you not only defeat Majora on the moon, but the spirits of the four masks as well. And though it is a time continuity paradox at...
  49. Random Person

    Your Deviant Art ID

    Here you go... http://randomperson1310.deviantart.com/ and since we're doing this, all you ZD-ers should be aware that there is a group for Zelda Dungeon on Deviant Art. http://zeldadungeon.deviantart.com/
  50. Random Person

    General Zelda Instead of Giving Hints to Puzzles, the Puzzle Should Have Been Removed or Replaced

    Yeah... I don't mind debating, in fact I love it, but if you're going to devalue what I have to say, then I've completely lost enjoyment from this.
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