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  1. Jamie

    Jamie's Art

    hey, I do some art here is Ushio and the Big Dango Family from Clannad here are their Halloween counterparts here is a cow person I made at one point enjoy
  2. Jamie

    Does anyone else do this?

    Does anyone else use a finger other than their thumb(s) to hit the spacebar when they type? I use my right index finger. I've known that I do this, and I've known that it is weird for a long time, but I don't really talk about it in the run of a normal day. Does anyone else here do this?
  3. Jamie

    Game Thread Amalgamation of Anime Atrocities - Traps vs Girls Mafia

    Ara ara~~ welcome to the game, desu!!! Some girls mixed in with a group of cute anime traps! It's your job to weed them out! This game will use the JK9++ setup. As a follow up from Anime Girls Mafia, we will be using similar rules. Here are some general rules: 1. All day periods will be 3...
  4. Jamie

    Sign Ups Amalgamation of Anime Atrocities - Traps vs Girls Mafia

    First there was anime girls mafia. Then there was anime "boys" (girls) mafia, where lots of beautiful traps were introduced. Now the girls and the "boys" are fighting to see who is the prettiest...by lynching the ugliest person every day!!! dun dun dun But the girls are outnumbered, so they...
  5. Jamie

    Mafia Discord

    We've created a new discord chat for all things ZD mafia. We are hoping to one day make it a place where all of the moderators host their mafia chats, graveyard chats, mason chats, etc, so that we can all view them afterwards (or during in some cases), as well as having spectator chats for each...
  6. Jamie

    Rank the Chapters of Bloody Monday Season 2: Pandora no Hako

    40 15 22 54 38 47 3 48 23 58 26 18 11 39 56 19 13 20 24 35 64 51 21 67 29 31 9 7 46 6 14 33 49 2 63 44 27 62 43 55 57 12 17 52 60 4 25 36 61 16 32 41 30 34 5 65 45 10 59 42 8 68 53 50 66 1 28 37 wbu?
  7. Jamie

    What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    Instead of crowding the Game Help thread with what we're doing, I felt it'd be good to make a thread for this. What are you doing right now in BotW? I just beat the Goron dungeon, was an enjoyable and tough experience. Great boss fight.
  8. Jamie

    Is Breath of the Wild the greatest Zelda game ever?

    I am a well known WW fanboy on this forum and for me, my 2nd place Zelda has not really come close. I know I have a signature that orders them arbitrarily but 2-17 can really be switched around for me. But I don't feel this way anymore. Perhaps it's hype, but for me BotW is the best Zelda and...
  9. Jamie

    Don't Scroll Without Typing "Amen"

    Look at this post I saw on my Facebook. Let's deconstruct this a little bit. 1. Facebook has decided to help by giving money? Literally no evidence. 2. Why wouldn't they donate money in more reasonable ways? A like is 2 dollars? What? 3. What the **** would typing "Amen" do? I don't...
  10. Jamie

    Confirmed - It's Possible to Beat the Game Right Away

    http://ca.ign.com/articles/2017/01/30/zelda-breath-of-the-wild-aimpossiblea-to-100-percent-complete-in-a-week-says-producer According to Aonuma in the above IGN article and the enclosed video, you can complete Breath of the Wild and defeat the final boss almost right away. I thought this entire...
  11. Jamie

    Car Wars

    Does anyone else who browses social media see these car wars? Theres no official term for it but I always see people arguing Ford vs Chevy or Honda vs whatever. I don't ****ing get it. Isn't it all roughly the same ****? Especially being from some dumb """"country"""" city (yeah, these city...
  12. Jamie

    You Outdid Yourself, Nintendo

    Wow, what a trailer. I am so excited for this game. 1 and a half months guys, until we can play the game of the century. Trailer below: What a ****ing amazing trailer. I can't wait to get this game!!!
  13. Jamie

    That Trailer Though

    BOTW announced for March 3rd with the most hype trailer I've ever seen in a first party Nintendo game. Zelda crying and screaming sent a chill up my spine and I am officially HYPED! Who #hyped here? What are your thoughts?
  14. Jamie

    Game Thread Anime Girls Mafia - The Kawaii Yakuza

    Ara ara~~~ This is your host, the lovable Jamie-chan!!! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ In a world populated only by cute anime girls, there is an enemy force, the Kawaii Yakuza!!! They are a very dangerous group, so be careful desu! Here are some general rules: 1. All day periods will be 3 days, aside from day 1...
  15. Jamie

    Sign Ups Anime Girls Mafia

    Ohayou gozaimasu (Ohayou gozaimasu means good morning/hello)!!!! My name is Jamie-chan and I'm here to present to you the first ever Anime Girls Mafia. In this game you will sign up to be a cute anime girl. Players Banned from My Game: Storm Now let's let the sign ups begin! 1. Pendio 2. Mido...
  16. Jamie

    What Are Your Major Goals/Dreams?

    Just wondering to all the ZDers out there, what are your major goals/dreams in life? For me, I hate working for other people so my dream is to own a business one day. I've started saving money to start one sooner rather than later, and I can't wait till that day. What about you guys?
  17. Jamie

    Post Your Halloween Costumes

    If this belongs more in Community Area, please move it. With Halloween coming up, I figured I'd make a thread to post our Halloween costumes. Just a description is fine, but even better if you post a picture of the costume, or a picture of you in the costume, etc. Myself, I don't usually...
  18. Jamie

    Feminism in Anime (AnimeFeminist)

    So, I found out today that there is a site called AnimeFeminist (www.animefeminist.com) that recently did an interview with Kotaku. Their goal: to promote feminism in anime. Apparently the panty shots and fan service are extremely "problematic" (still haven't figured out what that means), and...
  19. Jamie


    I thought of this idea on my walk home, and wrote it in like 20 minutes, so I hope this didn't come out too poorly. Thank you in advance for reading and for your critique. Pillars A man was walking down the street one day, looking at all of the interesting shops, trying to find something to...
  20. Jamie

    How do you feel about this emote being added?

    With the suggestion of @RemnantRassilon I resized the old shrugging emote into a much smaller one. Example: Please answer in the poll how you feel about this emote being added in the future :)
  21. Jamie

    Forum Volunteers - Why?

    What is the purpose of this rank? What do they do? From my experiences in the Forum Volunteer chat, it's not like people are appointed with jobs, people still volunteer from within these chats. Is there any reason to believe these same people wouldn't volunteer regardless? Most of the Forum...
  22. Jamie

    Super Smash Mafia 2: Originals vs Clones - Game Thread

    "M-Mr. Sakurai! Th-there's a big problem!" screamed a worker. Masahiro Sakurai turned to face the worker. "What is the issue?" he asked. "W-Well...we've run out of original characters!" the worker exclaimed. "You know what we must do, then, don't you?" questioned Sakurai. "N-No, not that...
  23. Jamie

    Smash Bros Mafia 2 - Originals vs Clones Sign Up

    Note: I have modified the roles and parameters from my previous game, as to not give anyone who played before an unfair advantage This set up will be originals (town) vs clones (mafia) -- ALL characters will be from Smash Bros 4 The game is gonna have some interesting rules, so stay with me...
  24. Jamie

    Early Final Boss

    I'm hearing this being spread around that you can just go to the final boss right off the bat based on something that was said in an interview: But I think this interpretation that you can just waltz right into the boss is incorrect. 1. That would be stupid 2. Ganon isn't even in a physical...
  25. Jamie

    Mafia Appreciation Thread

    As suggested by Sadia, I've decided to create a thread where you can post your appreciation for other mafia players or mods after a game ends. I'll start! @kokirion thanks for creating such a unique and fun game. I really enjoyed it.
  26. Jamie

    E3 Discussion Thread

    Discuss all things E3 here. Bethesda had a great showing yesterday, and today Microsoft, Ubisoft and Sony were all as good as ever. The new Spiderman game looks great and I'm extremely excited about the complete Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2 and Crash Warped remakes. Microsoft's new...
  27. Jamie

    Mafia Game Queue (Normal and Large)

    So, this is basically a copy + paste of john boy's post, so some credit to @Johnny Sooshi for writing his post. This queue is for normal and large Mafia games. If your game is going to be exceptionally large (25+ players), please specify as that could make us rethink coordination with the...
  28. Jamie

    Possible NX controller leak?

    http://www.destructoid.com/are-these-leaked-images-of-the-nintendo-nx-controller--349431.phtml This is one of very many articles covering this possible leak, and as you can see in the article, the image has been confirmed that it could very well be real (as its only fail in a photoshop test...
  29. Jamie

    Excessive Cursing

    So, I think most of us are aware that "excessive cursing" is against the rules in this forum. However, when was the last time it was enforced? I seriously can't recall. And now that there is an optional censor, I really don't see the issue myself. However, Mases was quite upset when I...
  30. Jamie

    What's your favorite plant/flower?

    There are many beautiful things in this world, and vegetation definitely goes under appreciated. For me, my favourite are daphodils! They are very pretty.
  31. Jamie

    PMing Users When You Delete Their Posts

    I've been a member since 2012 and I have not once once EVER been PMed after my post was deleted. Never. When I was a staff member, I remember us addressing this issue, and myself I PMed people after deleting their posts, and we encouraged all staff members to do so, unless it was an obvious...
  32. Jamie

    Can You Wink With Both Eyes (separately)?

    I was talking today with my good**** friend, odd300, and I told him how it's weird that I can raise my left eyebrow independently from my right, but can't raise my right independently separate from my left. Then, he said it's the same for him, but that he also can't wink with his right eye. I...
  33. Jamie

    2016: Huge Year For Gaming

    This is one of the biggest years for gaming in a very long time. Look at the stuff that is coming out, everything from completely unanticipated games to games we've been waiting for for a very long time. Final Fantasy XV, a game that's been in development since 2006, is finally coming out this...
  34. Jamie

    Having your username as your real name

    I've gone by many names in the past: Xyphon Ventus (for about 10 minutes) Repentance Jamie (once at the same time as Repentance, but that's another story) Koolaid Man Etc etc. However, I think out of all of them, Jamie is probably the best choice. Originally, I didn't want this as like most...
  35. Jamie

    Dan Threads

    Do you like Dan's many, many threads? How would ZD be if Dan one day said "shall I make a thread? No, I shan't." Would ZD be finished as we know it? Like, comment, subscribe!
  36. Jamie

    Is ****posting an art?

    As a long time **** poster, I like to think it takes a lot of work to make a good **** post, whether it be silly spam, trolling, etc. That begs the question, is it an art? Is it hard to ****post, or is it just born out of laziness? Do you have any respect for the **** posters on this forum, or...
  37. Jamie

    Super Smash Mafia - Originals vs Clones (Game Thread)

    "M-Mr. Sakurai! Th-there's a big problem!" screamed a worker. Masahiro Sakurai turned to face the worker. "What is the issue?" he asked. "W-Well...we've run out of original characters!" the worker exclaimed. "You know what we must do, then, don't you?" questioned Sakurai. "N-No, not that...
  38. Jamie

    SSB Mafia - Originals vs Clones Sign Up

    Hey everyone, it's time for my second mafia game :) This set up will be originals (town) vs clones (mafia) The game is gonna have some interesting rules, so stay with me here: Every character is assigned two % values -- 1 is a parameter (ex 10-15%), and the other is just one percentage (ex...
  39. Jamie

    Remove my perms

    Locke I know it's really hard to know how to properly demote and promote members because you never did it because kit and I literally did everything (say it again for the people in the back tho) but man this was a real blunder KEK Please remove my perms. Select moderators and delete me as a...
  40. Jamie

    Pokemon Go - Pokemon in real life

    http://www.unilad.co.uk/gaming/pokemon-go-has-been-announced-for-android-iphone-and-it-looks-incredible/ Pokemon Go is a game being released for phones that will allow you to find and catch Pokemon in real life--kind of. The trailer would have you think you are wearing some sort of lenses that...
  41. Jamie

    Calling All Yugioh Friends

    Do any of you guys play Yugioh, particularly on duelingnetwork.com? I'd like to play with you guys! My name is Xyphon505 on it, what are yours? Maybe we can have a tournament. yay
  42. Jamie

    What is objectively the best video game?

    I would have to say, based on the premise that my tastes are objectively better than yours (subjectively), in the most subjectively objective way possible (imo, objectively), that Darksiders 2 Zelda U, although not yet released, is the objectively subjectively, in my SUPREME OPINION (tm)...
  43. Jamie

    Favourite Commercials

    What are your favourite commercials? Can be from any time period. Here are my 3 favourite: This one is an old cereal commercial from some country I don't live in Then this beautiful Sega Genesis commercial and my favourite, inspired by @Dan who I know loves this commercial because he tells...
  44. Jamie

    hu frmed roker radit

    Here we give our poorly put together sentences explaining hu frmed roker radit and how we know this @Lemmy Koopa did cuz she smel like radit poo
  45. Jamie


    Probably the best channel ever. Watch Young Humma and Flint Floss kill the mic. FOUR DINNER DATES, THREE MOVIES, AND ONE PICNIC AND YOU STILL AIN'T READY, HUH? discuss
  46. Jamie

    Musical Instruments?

    Hey, do any of you guys play musical instruments? If so, what instrument? For how long? What songs do you like to play? What are you learning right now? I play the Piano, I've been playing since mid August some time. I love playing all sorts of music, right now my favourite song to play is...
  47. Jamie

    Do you buy a lot of games?

    Do you find that you buy a lot of games? In 2013 I only bought a few but 2014/beginning of 2015 I have bought a lot, especially in the last few months. My PS4, which I only got in November, already has TLOU, Madden 15, Fifa 15, NBA2K15, Destiny, LBP3 and GTAV. I bought Smash Bros. U and Arkham...
  48. Jamie

    Favorite smash character

    mine has to be shrek or Aerosmith
  49. Jamie

    Infraction Policy

    Just going to leave this up for a few weeks to let you guys know some things. On the switch to XenForo, the infraction points transferred poorly and we had to wipe them. So lucky you guys, everyone is on a clean slate. That being said, we decided as soon as we wiped them (I apologize for not...
  50. Jamie

    Missing Features and Usergroups - Suggestions?

    Hey there, there are a few things you might notice are missing. We had a lot of trouble importing the VMs, so I believe all of the ones post April 13, 2013 are gone. We are also working on getting the medals working, some of the medals like the post count one will be handled with trophy points...
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