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  1. 27ジョーカーソン

    Photoshop the Avy!

    Self explanatory, just download the avatar of the person above you and do whatever the hell you want with it on photoshop. Ready go
  2. 27ジョーカーソン

    Animal Collective Super Thread

    I hope someone else here listens to them. I love them. Soooo much. SO yeah let's talk about them and stuff.
  3. 27ジョーカーソン

    The town of Hyrule, UKA

    EPISODE ONE: AN INTRODUCTION OF SORTS Once upon a time, there was a small town in the United Kingdoms of America (UKA) called Hyrule. Few people were able to live in this town due to the pure strangeness of it's residents. Our story will follow one of these bizzarre creatures, a self-righteous...
  4. 27ジョーカーソン


    i found this awesome new band from chicago, they're really good and everyone should listen to them http://ptcruzr.bandcamp.com/
  5. 27ジョーカーソン

    My thoughts and ideas of the Live action Zelda show

    I decided to make my own thread about this as i have a lot of thoughts about it. First of all i assumed it would based around the world of OoT, as it seems to be the biggest most popular Zelda game in a way. That's what the public really knows, when a lot of people think zelda, they think OoT...
  6. 27ジョーカーソン

    Why the person above you would be arrested

    Here's an idea for a game, if they person above you went to jail, what would it be for?
  7. 27ジョーカーソン

    3DS game suggestions

    So for Christmas i got a 2DS, and the only games i have so far are Mario Kart, OoT, and SSB4, and a bunch of old DS games that all suck. Anywho i have some birthday money and i'm wanting to get some new games for it, i'm just not sure what games i want. I was thinking maybe Kid Icarus: Uprising...
  8. 27ジョーカーソン

    27LeafLeaf's Song request thread

    So i've been lacking inspiration for lyrics recently, so i want you guys to request song topics for me to write about. Yes i will write a song dedicated to you if you wish, just ask ;) haha yeahh. So request away, i'm incredibly bored
  9. 27ジョーカーソン

    Trying to get into metal...

    Recently I've been very interested in metal music, and have been exploring it a bit. I know about a lot of the different genres (as there seems to be a whole lot of metal genres) and i like a lot of it, i just haven't really found a sound that really works with me totally. Any suggestions? I'm...
  10. 27ジョーカーソン

    The real best zelda game

    I've found it guys: http://www.andkon.com/arcade/adventureaction/zelda/
  11. 27ジョーカーソン


    Hey guys, let's talk about emus. Really this can just be a general discussion thread but for now let's talk about the morality of it. Since i myself have no money and my parents don't like us having a bunch of video games, plus the fact that i had to leave all of my video games in storage in...
  12. 27ジョーカーソン

    Tim and Eric

    Anyone else know Tim and Eric? I'm not a huge fan, but they're crazy funny. Some of the weirdest comedy out there, but actually did a lot for comedy behind the scenes. I personally really like Dr. Steve Brule. Anyway if you've heard of them what do you like best and stuff like that.
  13. 27ジョーカーソン


    Been thinking about his a lot recently, so I decided to make a thread about it. I believe a big problem a lot of people have (especially teenagers) is a lack of confidence. In every area. Specifically socially is what I've been thinking about. Maybe it's just me, but I really wish I was more...
  14. 27ジョーカーソン

    Studio Ghibli

    idk if there's already a thread about this, but i didn't see anything so i decided to go ahead and make one. Ok so studio Ghibli was like my childhood, the only anime i ever really saw, and i absolutely loved it. I only even saw like 5 of the films at that time, but it was still like my...
  15. 27ジョーカーソン

    Truth or Dare

    OK so i'm bored and lonely and thought i'd try to make a new version of my favorite game for the forums. Truth or dare babyyyyyy!!! So here's how it works: only when someone else's turn is over, you can ask any specific person on ZD you want truth or dare, that way we only have one person going...
  16. 27ジョーカーソン

    General Art 27Hooray Famitracker Jams

    for those of you that don't know, famitracker is a freeware music tracker program designed to make music compatible with the NES. I simply use it for making 8-bit jams, zelda covers, or even trying to figure out a music idea i have in a quick and easy way. Just so you know a lot of the stuff is...
  17. 27ジョーカーソン

    Books of Your Childhood

    What books were your favorite as a kid? Like what ones really changed you. Made you think. What books did you just read non-stop? For me it was mostly the Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins. Some of the most overlooked books i know. Honestly way better than hunger games. I'm actually quite...
  18. 27ジョーカーソン

    Vinyl Records

    So my brother has been collecting records for years, new and old ones, but i just recently got into it. I feel like a lot of people think they're really old and lame but they're actually not. Even today a bunch of artists still release their music in this beautiful form. Also i feel like a lot...
  19. 27ジョーカーソン

    27Hooray's Avatar and Signature Thread

    hey guys. so i recently learned how to use a gif making/editing software, and using that and Gimp (the photoshop-type software) i've found i can make some pretty funny/goofy/cool stuff. My only current examples are my avatar and siggy, but i'm gonna start wasting my free time on making more. i...
  20. 27ジョーカーソン

    Mounts in the New Game

    Ok so there's probably already a thread on this, but i didn't find one so i thought i might as well make one. Sorry if this is just a repeat of what someone else said. Anyway I was thinking about how weird it was for SS to have a flying mount, so what if they decided to pull something like that...
  21. 27ジョーカーソン

    Zelda Art Drawings by THE 27Hooray!

    Here I shall post the many drawings I shall draw having to do with THE best series ever (THE LEGEND OF ZELDA) Im working on a series of drawings of Link in modern times
  22. 27ジョーカーソン

    General Zelda Your Zelda Story

    Hey everyone :) I was just wondering what your story is, like how Zelda came into your life or whatever. There's gotta be someone with a cool story. Mine's pretty generic I think. When I was about 6 or 7 (I think) my older brother's friend gave us his old N64, along with a bunch of games. One of...
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