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  1. Ventus

    (Spoilers) Save 3,000+ rupees and 30x (Bank Your WEAPONS?!)

    Hey guys whats going on its ya boi blah blah blah Go to Hateno Village starting at Myahm Agana shrine and turn left, theres this pink guy called Bolson. He has a construction company. And he sells you a house for 3k and weapon/shield/bow mounts for 100 rupees each (max of 3 each). So for you...
  2. Ventus

    I'm in love with this games fetch quests

    hello there's a nifty lil video game called dork solz on the market that spawned the absolutely epic GIT LE GUD XD meme. And BOTW as a result is called the Dark Souls of Legend of Zelda. Well, the thing is, BOTW has a lot of side quests that are fetchy in nature (grab me a million luminous...
  3. Ventus

    BOTW's combat problems

    Look the game is cool and all but it has some legitimate issues. 1) lack of enemy diversity leads to samey battles after the first six hrs of playtime 2) no enemy has a "Defense" stat which makes the weapon damage literally a function of subtracting however many hits you can get outta weapon...
  4. Ventus

    [SPOILERS] - The Plot of the Game...

    So did anyone feel disappointed by the plot of the game? Link got ****ed up because of an incompetent false-british and now he has to go back at it all again solo and play cleanup crew. The End. The Champions were an afterthought to Zelda both in story, in gameplay, and probably even at...
  5. Ventus

    Nintendo Switch - IS IT WORTH IT?!

    Hello, is the nintendo switch worth $299USD right now or should I wait. I want your opinions because you hae the Switch and I do not; I don't have a location that will let me demo it so honestly I just want your opinions. Thank you so much, don't forget to like and subscribe.
  6. Ventus

    Favorite Region in BotW

    Whats your favorite region in the game and why. My favorite is Akkala because of the godly scenery when it rains, and also because it houses a really good memory at the Shrine of Power. So tell me what your favorite region is.
  7. Ventus

    After BotW where can the series go?

    I mean the game is pretty much the best entry the 3D zelda (and 2D) ever made as of now. Will Nintendo fall to sequel degradation or what, because I legitimately can't see what they can do differently.
  8. Ventus

    So...what do you think so far?

    Post playtime, results, happenings since the game is officially released to the public. Me? I'm loving the game, it's still a 10/10 even on second playthrough but I'm finding really basic puzzles in shrines to be mind-boggling. I should get some rest. Playtime: 50 hours On new game about 7...
  9. Ventus

    TEMP SPOILERS - vs Calamity Ganon (two beast)

    This marks up my fight against Calamity Ganon. no damage against thunderblight and fireblight. This game is a must play, even just once through. Loveing every second.
  10. Ventus

    TEMP SPOILERS - Gameplay Notes on Hyrule Castle

    Hello, Hyrule Castle is the final dungeon but unlike the four other dungeons, the dungeon itself really is just a high level zone. And because of that, all weapon drops within - chests aside - respawn when you enter and exit. Take note because while the enemies hit hard, if you can dodge...
  11. Ventus

    Breath of the Wild Wii U [EU] v1.0.0- Technical Gripes

    Hello, I have played six hours of BOTW so far and the game is a **** ton of fun, it's literally as if they blended every western RPG ever made with Zelda. But there are massive technical gripes with the Wii U version as of v1.0 Frames Drops, Frame Drops Everywhere The game probably runs at a...
  12. Ventus

    Horizon Zero Dawn - First 17 Minutes in Glorious 4K

    Introducing: the Zelda Killer. Feast your eyes upon Horizon Zero Dawn by epithetic game creaters Gorilla Games in nothing except the most pristine of 4Ks. What are you're thots of HZD? Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe. Video courtesy of IGN.
  13. Ventus

    My problems with modern """games"""

    Yello, My priblems with modern games are as follows: 1) appearance over performance Every single one of these games - even zelda - keeps pushing appearance over performance. Im not a pcuck, I dont masterbate over 60 eff pee ess or whatever, but qhen the image constantly stutters and when the...
  14. Ventus

    My soul is on fire!

    How do you deal with lingering regrets and guilts? My soul is on fire and I can't take the pain away. I'm heading down the wrong way, and it's getting hard to breathe. For ex: I laze it up at my job but still get paid. I come home not giving a **** but at night when I'm all hot and bothered I...
  15. Ventus

    Whats your favorite coffee

    Hello whats your favorite coffe. Mine us MOCHA. Oh my god. Mocha frapp from Starbuckd is my favorute. Runner up goes to brazillian cafè or however they spell ut, u get it from hole foods
  16. Ventus

    Old Games that you find (Re)New Appreciation For

    I'm sure this thread has been done to death but I don't feel like necroing rn its 11PM. So what games do you find renewed appreciation for. Me? Soul Calibur 2 for the GameCube, PS2, and Xbox. I recently am playing this game on my Wii U (yes Wii U, not wii). And... Jesus ****ing Christ this game...
  17. Ventus

    Final Fantasy XV - IS IT WORTH IT

    Hurr le is it worf it XDDD Worth /WHAT/? What I'm asking is, now that the game has undoubtedly gone through some patches would you say the game is in a playable, enjoyable state or is the game still something best enjoyed in cutscenes like Witcher 3?
  18. Ventus

    What bis the texture and taste of pork

    Hello guys, I'm here again with a ****ty thread posted from my mobile. This time what is the taste and texture of pork. I grew up moslem so i never fux wid dat but now I realize that you gotta try a little of most everything in life otherwise you aint gonna have a good QoL and will be an angry...
  19. Ventus

    Why do people eat pink beef (steak)?

    Hello I looked on some [FOOD] forums to get a betters informed position on this but i dont get any eeal science answers.....but to me, pink beef is raw beef and i dont fux wid dat. Who knows whay floats around in a cow lol. But steam apparently is an exception,? I talked to a many pwople and...
  20. Ventus

    Chickens - Fried Verse Grills

    Do you like your chicken grilled or do you like it fried? Baked or snoked? What is you're favorute. Mine naturally is baked....hahaha SYKE! Fried chicken is T H E C H I C K E N. Y'all mugs talkin bout baked chicken, naaaah chicken is best when fried because its delicious and bas exactly the...
  21. Ventus

    Who many energy dranks do you use a month

    Hello I dranks an energy drink pretty much once a workdat, so thats bare minimum 5 dranks a week. Let me trll ya, these moyhafycks is stupid talkin bout Oh look at me i want to but an apple watch but i dont know which one i want XD butch if you want to buy something its because you KNOW ABOUT...
  22. Ventus

    Why is my bunny making noises?

    Hello I have a pet bunny named Speckles and she got really fat recently. No she is not pragent because I don't have a boy bunny only a girl bunny. But I call Speckles over and rub her sides and when I saw she starts beating the ground? I'm sorry but I dont know how to describe what shes doing...
  23. Ventus

    Favorite Gaming Controller

    Hey whats you're favorite gaming controller. Mine is the gamecube/wii controller. Please no bully. The only problen is it has three buttons on the back instead of four and the analogs dont click so sometimes i run into issues with shooters. But aside from that the gamecube/wii controllers is...
  24. Ventus

    Gaming Buzzphrases you Love

    Sup giys your friendly neighborhood gamer here and my favorite buzzphrase in all of gaming is boots on the ground, or BOTG. Haha muh boots XD boobs on le ground XD whats that you said they will camp their asses off like in ghosts and mw3? No no no your wrong i luv muh boots XDDDD So what is...
  25. Ventus

    How many DLC passes do you want

    So we are getting two packs of DLC so far but God knows Nintendo will want to milk BOTW for as much as they can possibly get to recoup the voice acting costs and the huge as **** development costs. also to recoup poor sales on Wii U because to this day I am advocating for loadiine work. But with...
  26. Ventus

    learning how to use your non dominate hands

    Hello Did you ever learned how to use your non dominate hands? I can barely write any manuscript with my right hand, but I am slowly learning to master t he trade. Picking things up with my left hand is also alien to me. It's like half my brain is paralyzed haha, I'm an idiot. So what about you...
  27. Ventus

    whats your favorite branded sweet tea

    sup fam I'm here drinking some dank sizzurp, nah, but for real I'm drinking 「 REDDO DAIAMONUDO」 sweet tea. ****'s OKAY, could use some more sugar. What is your favorite branded sweet tea? Any reccomendations from Red Diamond up? Of
  28. Ventus

    Do you help people v you don't know?

    Something struck me the other day, a women came v to me and said "you know after the arlington super target shooting i found that i don't trust anyone" so with that in mind i made it my resolve to /attempt/ to help strangers out though not with n aivete. So wgat about ?youñ do you help...
  29. Ventus

    driving on a flat tire

    hey guys whats up I have a question about auto stuff.... so, how safe is it to drive 200km on a flat tire at 20kph? I thought for a minute and....well, flatties aren't very good to use at all, but I have to get out of this ****en walmart. thanks for the notes, appreciate
  30. Ventus

    What's the point of hosting a giveaway IYO

    Whats uo homeskillet its ya boi yu comin at ya with some free Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition for Xbox One No but that's the gist of what Ixm getting at here. Whats the point of hosting a giveaway in your opinion? My opinion is that a giveaway is pure altruism while too many of these absolute...
  31. Ventus


    Hello play the For Honor beta and tell me your thoughts on it, PC X1 PS4 less go. The gameplay is rudimentary as fuark but I think it works for what it is. I don't expect Ubisoft to understand good gameplay. I've only played as the peacekeeper so far, I love dual wielding types, bu **** she...
  32. Ventus

    [ZD FORUM] Rupee Transfer Fee?

    Hello, I was managing my finances onsite when I made the thought to do a transfer of four hundred (400) rupees to a certain awesome admin for the purposes of buying a blog. And when I did the transfer, it said I transfered four hundred twenty (420 blaze it) rupees. Is there a hidden fee that...
  33. Ventus

    Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary 3DS Theme

    H Hey guys I went to http://www.my.nintendo.com and did some jazz and downloaded the [ZELDA 30TH ANNIVERSARY] theme and let me make a quick testimony....when I was a little boy, I red this book called Rope Burn. I think the name was. It was about a little boy who had divorced parents (his mom...
  34. Ventus

    "The History of the Royal Family of Hyrule"

    In Switch Presentation Trailer, an oba-chan says "the history of the royal family of Hyrule is also the history of the calamity ganon: a primal evil that has endured over the ages." But the way the line is delivered from the voicework to the type of voice used makes me question what it is the...
  35. Ventus

    Does ANYONE Else Hate The Aftertaste of Coca Cola?

    Hey guys whats going on its ya boi yu comina t ya live with a gameplay video of I HATE COCA COLA?! So I went to the supermarket today after 2 hrs of biking, damn my feets hurt a lot, and I made the grape mistake of buying COCA COLA. Initially it's a good refreshco, even when chilled, but the...
  36. Ventus

    Zelda Breath of the Wild "Guard" Trailer

    Looks like a new "trailer" for BotW dropped today, straight from IGN's clutches. It's not really a trailer so much as it is several clips stitched together with music turned off (and sometimes all SFX removed entirely). extended cuts of some shots we saw in the Switch Presentation Reveal...
  37. Ventus

    Best Headphones for Gaming?

    I was wondering what the best for GAMING for $69 were. Yhanka
  38. Ventus

    How To Save $10 on Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Purchase (NEWEGG ONLY)

    yo what it is lil niggas im here to gibs u a tutorial on how to save ten dolla (ten greenbacks) [of] on a NEWEGG Perchase of Kingdom Hearts 2.8. NA only. So go to newegg dot com and add KH2.8 to the cart. then in your pristine example, ****, I forgot to order some credit or some ****. but...
  39. Ventus

    How to get big on youtube

    hey guys whats going on its ya boi tutorial-man at it again with another tut, so this time here are the steps: 1) Market, market, market Advertise, market, showcase, whatever. Get your stuff out there. stuff it in all corners of the Internet, use Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, anything...
  40. Ventus

    does faster internet speeds affect internet connection quality?

    hello, i'm new to Internet Speeds and Internet Qualities, I am here to ask, does faster internet speeds (for example 50mbps down 5mbps up) affects internet connection quality? in my mind the upload rate is the one that matters most since you have to send information in roder for your screen...
  41. Ventus

    Tips for Used Car Purchase??

    Hello, I am a brand new to the buying used car. I know in this day and age you cannot be naive or else they will fine a way to cheat you. So I am hear to ask for tips on a used car purchase. I have the TYPE of car that I want already lined up, a 4 door sedan (or even a 2 door, but no hatchback...
  42. Ventus


    HOLY ****ING WHOA Nintendo has won 2017 already with just one ****ing game. Zelda, Great Fairy, Gerudo, 2x Zora, and Link herself (male)! WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THESE DESIGNS
  43. Ventus

    MM-3DS Twinmold???

    Hey guys whats going on its ya boi Ventus coming at ya live with a question regarding [GIANT MASKED PIECE OF DOOKIE] Twinmold in the 3DS version. So I finally got to him after a year of playin dis game and following tge ZD guide. Well it says to punch redtwin 10 times to tun but he is seemingly...
  44. Ventus

    Star Ocean: Lack of Integrity and Assured Faithlessness

    SO5 has released in the American and I wanted to know what your thoughts on it were. As for me, I am no digging the gitle so far. The story is standard C list fare, with horrid pacing and a world t hat is truly empty thanks to NPCs not really givings a damn abuot the events that transpire. I...
  45. Ventus

    Last Game You Sold

    We all get fatigued after long sessions of games, and some of us grow tired of certain games. To the point where we sell those games that we're sick of in order to make a quick buck, or recuperate losses. This is fair, and expected. So wh at was the last game that YOU sold, forum dweller, and...
  46. Ventus

    Just be yourself brah ;^)

    Oh snap that face xD Okay so i was in the ZD shoutbox and it hit me to say just be yourself. But what doee that phrase actually mean? I hear that phrase on 90.1 nPr news, i read it on the internet, and people say it everytime i ask for dating advice. What does it mean
  47. Ventus

    Throwing Tantrums To Get Your Way

    sup forum dwellers, So I was buying ink cartridges at Wally World™ for this waste of money HP printer (c309g-m, waste) and I had the displeasure of walking down the customer service aisle. Well as I said it was a displeasure: I heard a dyed blonde soccer ***** yelling at the lady over a price...
  48. Ventus

    losing social skills in this age of technology

    hello, I suppose this is more of a monologue than anything, but I just cannot help it. I have lost a great deal of social skills thanks to my obsession with technology (or, some say dedication, but the meaning is the same.) Rather than pick up a phone or meet in person, I text my friends...
  49. Ventus

    Hyrule Warriors the champion switch feature is a godsend

    holy quacamole family, I just bought Hyrule Warriors Legends (shaved 6.75% off the MSRP too), and am working my way through the campaign. Just beat Faron Woods. And let me say that, graphics and SFX aside, HW3D >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HWHD. Why? Well the Hero Change feature, or whatever it is...
  50. Ventus

    stepping out of life for a bit

    Everyone has tumultuous lives, whether you're poor in a warzone or rich in the highest quality neighborhood. And we all just need a break, even if momentarily. So what do you guys do to take this break from life hat you rightfully deserve? I personally sit down and browse zeldadungeon among...
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